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Lost in the Shadows


Chapter 3,

“Aaron? That you?” called Claudia, as she rushed to apply last minute make-up.
“Yeah babe, it’s me,” he called back.
Idiot. He thought to himself. As if he actually cared how her face looked.
“Hey you!” she cooed as she bounced down the stairs.
“So, what are we doing tonight?”
“Well, I thought we’d go see a movie.” Aaron replied.
“Ok, sounds fun.”
They got into Aaron’s car, and before long they were at the cinema.
“You know,” began Claudia. “Indi still hasn’t called. It’s been nearly two days and she hasn’t even replied to one of my texts.”
Aaron sighed. Indi wasn’t going to reply. Her and her scheming, but very clever, mind were now out of the picture. But Claudia didn’t know that.
“I’m sure she’s just busy or sick or something. Stop stressing.”
“Ok.” She replied, still down and upset.
“Anyway, it’s my turn to pick a movie.” Aaron told her as they approached the ticket counter.
“I was thinking of this new thriller, is that ok with you?”
“Sure, fine.”
Once they were in the movie, Claudia instantly began to zone out. Thrillers weren’t really her thing, but she had to go with what Aaron wanted. She knew how lucky she was that Aaron was dating her. Being two years older, he could have any girl he wanted; but he chose her. She still couldn’t believe a measly 16 year old like her had a guy like him.
The movie was over quickly and Aaron drove Claudia home.
“Well, I’ll see you tomorrow baby.” He said, leaning in to kiss her.
It was a quick and short kiss, but to Claudia it meant the world.
“See you,” she replied.
Aaron drove off, and was soon driving like a maniac. He pulled into a local club and joined his mates in their “party room”
“Hey! Aaron! Dude.” He was greeted by Paul.
“Do you want a joint or a beer?”
“Um… both of course!” He laughed at the stupidity of Paul’s question.
“Coming up!”
Aaron was done with both in a matter of minutes and he moved onto the next few. The last thing he remembered was shoving his tongue down some random chicks’ throat.

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