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Lost in the Shadows

Novel By: JAW

this story is about a teenaged girl who gets lost in a forest. its my first story im putting up here, so feedback would be great. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 10, 2009    Reads: 70    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   

I sat down on Aimee and Zeke's couch. They were staring at me; I shifted my weight uncomfortably.
"So… Indiana"
"Indi." I interrupted. "Call me Indi."
"OK… so Indi. Can you tell us what happened?" asked Zeke.
"Yeah. But it's a long story."
"We've got time."
"Well. It all started a few months ago when my best friend Claudia began dating this guy Aaron. He's 2 years older than her. She was so excited that he was going out with her. She was happy all the time. And, I was happy for her too. At the time. But then, I got to know him. He was always rude to me. Not in an obvious way, but in subtle ways. He'd ignore me or interrupt�me. And I just thought that he didn't really like me that much.
One day, after they had been going out for about a month, I walked past his car and it was lined with beer bottle and cigarettes. When I questioned him about it, he just denied it. He said that his friends had been in there the night before and that he hadn't had a chance to clean it up yet. But I saw him with alcohol and drugs again and again. He'd be at a night club or even just on the streets. I mentioned it to Claudia once or twice. She just laughed and said; 'Aaron would never do that. He's so sweet and kind. He loves me.'
But… but it got worse. One night I saw him making out with some girl in the park. I confronted him the next day. 'Sure, I made out with her. She was hot.' He, he didn't even try to deny it! And then was when it clicked. They way he was always staring at her breasts. Aaron didn't care about Claudia. He just wanted her for one thing."
I paused, blinking back tears.
"I kept trying to find ways to stop Claudia from hanging out with him. Sleepovers, girls night out, anything really. But he figured it out. He was too smart.
It would have been about 3 days ago. The three of us were hanging out at Claudia's. I didn't want tot be anywhere near him, but if I was there; he couldn't do anything. We were just chilling, eating pizza and drinking lemonade. He must have spiked my drink, because I started to feel funny; all dizzy and lightheaded. He offered to drive me home. I tried to insist I was fine, be Claudia thought it would be better.
Instead of driving me home, he took me to the forest. Before I got out of the car, he blindfolded me. He kept saying that Claudia was all his now, for whatever he wanted.
He left me in the middle of the forest. By the time I got the blindfold off, he was g, g, gone."
I started to sob, though I was determined to finish my story.
"I was in the forest for that night, and then I slept the next day until dusk. I found my way to the river, but I couldn't think straight. I think I passed out. Then, I woke up here."
I stopped, and looked up at Aimee and Zeke. They were speechless, and Aimee was pale. She reached over to hug me.
"Indi, it's going to be ok. I promise."
Zeke reached over, making it a three way hug.
"Yeah." He agreed. "It will be ok."


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