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This is just something as the author; this is my first try at a novel and I know it is everywhere but that's how I write now here is my introduction/summary.
I was in an 'accident' I have no idea what it was just that I am remembering piece by piece by piece. As soon as I remember this it doesn't leave my mind.
~He caught me; he held me like you would hold someone if you thought you were losing them. He stabbed me. The sharp knife slicing through my stomach, like the first time you cut through a cake; slow, painful and oh ever so smoothly. Now I couldn’t breathe, I felt my stomach and there was blood everywhere. I started to run again. View table of contents...



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Getting back to normal life after 'the accident'

I was in hospital for a really long time. I stopped counting days as it was just too long. My doctors told my parents that I was able to go home and if my parents thought I was able to I could go back to school. My parents were worried for my mental state as I had forgotten all that had happened in the few months before my accident but eventually they said I could go back to school.

I was at school for the first time in what it felt like ages. Because I had forgotten the whole of the year 2012 so my sister, Ella, walked around with me for a while.Whilst I was walking around I heard people saying stuff like, "I thought she was dead," "What is she doing back here." I had no idea who was saying all this and to tell you the truth I didn't care, they could think what they wanted, I have survived my accident and no one was expecting that so I'm happy.

Ella walked up to two girls; one looked a lot like Ella but with different type of hair and the other girl was blonde and she was wearing glasses. I could see them talking but I had no idea what they were saying.

Ella walked over and she said, "The two girls over here were good friends of yours and one of them is in most of your cla..." She stopped; we were standing directly in front of them. Ella introduced me; the girl that looked like Ella was named Isabella and the blonde girl with glasses was named Mia. They were lovely girls but it seemed as if there was more to them then I thought. As the day went on I was doing alright but I have had numerous looks and it was as if everyone was scared of me. I thought I would have had more friends than just two.

As it was Tuesday I was told that I had Woodworks and that Mia did not have it with me. With this she introduced me to someone that I knew and that was in my Woodworks class. Her name was Aria; she was so beautiful and so very kind. She cared about me and I didn't even know who she was. Before we went inside she introduced me to her boyfriend.

"This is Brandon, he is my boyfriend."

"Nice to meet you Charlotte..." He said as I drifted off.


"Take your dress off NOW, Charlotte!"


"NNNOOOO!!!"I ran away and they both gave chase. The teacher understood my situation and he called Brandon but not Aria. He thought I was just upset and that Aria would be able to cheer me up. I decided to stop; I was around the block that I have had science in earlier. She was looking at me in a funny way as i she was trying to ask me what is wrong without saying it. I looked away.

"What's wrong?" Aria asked.

"NOTHING!" I answered with a stubborn voice.

"Whatever you know, never ever speak of it. OK?" she replied. I walked back to class and sat outside. Aria went inside and the teacher came out and kneeled next to me.

"What's wrong Charlotte?"

"Nothing, I just got frightened."

"Ok, that's fine. Just come in when you are ready." He walked away. All of a sudden I heard a bell; it wasn't a normal bell. The teachers were rushing and shutting doors. My teacher came out.

"You have to come inside; it's a lock down." I knew what that was and how serious it was. I went to the back desk in the very corner and sat under the desk. I was watching Brandon and Aria. They were staring back.

'BANG!' Now I was scared; the door had fallen and all the girls screamed. I had no idea what was going on, I was too scared to look up. I was no longer looking at Brandon, I was watching the feet of the intruder. The teacher got up. Another loud bang but this time it was the unpleasant sound of a gun. The teacher was on the floor and his head was right next to me. The gunman looked at me. I looked at him and back at the teacher. I took off my jumper without the gunman seeing. I slowly placed the jumper on the teachers wound and applied pressure. I knew what to do as my mother was a nurse and she had shared many stories with me. The teacher looked at me and smiled. As I was looking after the teacher the students were slowly sneaking out of the classroom. It was the teacher, a boy, the gunman and I in the room. The kids outside kept on trying to get the boy to go outside.

"Get out of here and get help." He made his way over to me as the gunman was going through the cupboards.

He whispered in my ear, "Its ok, I going to get you out of here and you will not even have a scratch." I felt something for him as we looked into each other's eyes. Then he kissed me.


"Ok, I will kiss you if you promise me something, Ethan." I said to him.

"Ok, what's the promise?"

"No matter what happens, even if we break up you will always look after me and I don't just mean with guys I mean if I am ever in danger you have to help me."

"Okay." We kissed.


We were looking into each other's eyes and again I was about to say something when he stood up. I know that he was about to get the atentioon if the intruder. I pulled him down. He looked at me as if to say why did you do that? I told him to apply pressure to the teachers wound. I stood up.

"Hey!" The man turned to me. He fired.

"NNNOOO!!" The boy screamed. I fell back but I could not quite feel it.

"I'm ok." I whispered to the teacher and the boy. I crawled very slowly to the gunman and stood. I took the gun from the desk where he had put it and I staggered towards the other side of the room. He hadn't noticed; he was trying to find something

"BANG!" The power of the shot blew me off my feet. Blood everywhere and the blood wasn't on him!! I was staring at my chest and lights out…


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