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Find Him! Get Justice!

Novel By: jmw95

It is about a girl named Jade Spirit! she was Raped! and she is trying to live with it but can't because the guy that did it got away with it! View table of contents...



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What Happen!

Where am I? How did I get here? Why are the police sitting outside of my room? Where is my family? Would they leave me when I need them the most? If they did how could they do that? Why am I being quite? All I have to do is ask what happen? What did happen that would put me in the hospitable?

Five minutes past! A doctor walked into my room! He was looking down at his clipboard! And then said "i see you finally woke up! So how do you fell? How does your..."

I didn't even let him finish "why am I here? Where is my family? Who are you? What do you want with me? Why are the polices siting outside my room?"

"hey, hey, hey just look at me! You where Raped..." he went on with other things but I could not hear him because when he said raped, my life would change forever! Or at lest that is what I thought! "you were hurt really bad! If you don't relax you will hurt yourself worse then what are you are now!"

So I did just as he said! I was trying to think of who would do this to me? Who would want to have sex to the point that he would force someone to! Why did this happen to me? Why can't I remember anything?

"Hi Jade, My name is Katie!" she scared the living daylights out of me! "this is my partner Cody..."

"Hi Katie, Hi Cody!" I didn't even want her to finish what she was saying!

"Jade, we want to talk to you about what happen!" Cody said

"is that okay with you, Jade?" Katie said. Them two seem to be working together to make me fell like I am important and it was not working, because they seemed to only want what I could remember. So I tried to think really hard on what happen... Then she said "if you can't think of anything right now just give us a call!" she hands me a peace of paper that has her cell number and Cody's cell number. "here is my cell and Cody's call is on there! So give us a call when you can remember anything. That will helps up get the guy that did this to you! Okay?"

"okay. I will do that!" I had no clue what in the world she wanted me to do it was like I was the only one that can tell them what happen that night! Was I the only one that could tell?

They where gone as quick as they came in to my room!

Why did they want to know everything that happen that night! Why was it I was the one that they wanted it from? If I go get him how will that end? So I called the Katie up and ask her "if I could talk to her and Cody about what happen that night!"

"Yes! We will be right there! Okay?"

"Okay" And hung up the phone! Five minutes pasted I was starting to read a book when they where here! I sat the book down at the table in my room and sat down at the same table my book was at and asked them! "Do you want something to drink or eat?"

"no thank you" They both said

"So you want to know what happen that night..."

"yes we do!" Katie said

"well get out a pen and paper if you want to get it all down!" and Katie had gotten out a peace of paper and Cody had the pen! Wow they work really good together! "Ready?"

"We are ready when you are ready!"

"okay" I started to tell what happen!"I was walking home from my job at best buy. it is about 30 minutes away from my house when you are walking! My boss wanted to give me a ride home because it was dark outside. I wanted to walk because that would be the last time I walk that way because I am moving out of my house to a new one down the street for My work. He understood how I was felling about all of this!" I stopped for a minute. "Well I got on my way to my house. I past my best friends house. I stopped and looked up at her room, and seen her and her boyfriend up in her room! They where sitting a her desk looking at something on the computer I guess, he bent down a kissed her on the lips, she tried to stand but fell and he stopped her from hitting the ground, they started to make-up and move closer to her bed! But when they got close to her bed she pulled away. He looked a little sad but knew what was on her mind!" trying not to get in to much dealt on what they were doing! Witch was really nothing because they would never do anything as long as she did not have a wedding ring on! "then back on my way home. I notices there was a man under the light at the end of Community road. Sense I did not know who he was I crossed the street and keep going. He was about six feet tall, he had jet black hair, and was really skinny. it looked like he had a six-pack but I could not tell. I turned on to Water Works road. He moved closer to me. So I started to run because I got scared and I also thought he was going to take me away and I would never be able to see my family or friends again. He was faster then me, a lot faster then me! As he grabbed me and pulled me in to a house I was screaming as loud as I could it seemed like one could heir me! Thinking no one haired me scared me more then anything I could think of! I tried so heard to get away but he was also stronger then me! The house looked like there was no one living in that house for some time or it was his house! If you want I can show you the house? The first thing that he did was tie my hands and feet to the bed in the room on the first floor he tried to get me to go upstairs with him and I would not go up, I tried again to get away but I could not get away. The first thing that came off of me was my shirt, then my bra came off. Then he started to suck on my boobs, I tried to get him off of me but my hands where to tied to tight. Then he was trying to get my pants off, I started to scream and he hit me really hard, I started to cry because it hurt really bad, he got my pants off then he took me underwear off." I started to cry and they did not make me talk anymore unless I need to! They left and let me cry it out. I was not ready to talk about it like I thought I was.


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