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I got away!

Novel By: jmw95

her mom died when she was six years old and dad remarried at age ten and her step mom has a girl from the last marige View table of contents...



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I Got Away!

In the time that it took the authorities to find the bodies pretty much everyone had already Known about the killings. The people of Dillion, Kentucky had no clue of why the killings happened in their small town. Everyone in Dillion thought I was dead and that was how it needed to stay. It needed to be like to keep the ones I love alive and safe from the serial killer that I got away from. I fought to stay alive and I got a way out right before he was going to kill me. I couldn't go back for fear if he know that I was alive that he would kill my family and they are more important to me then it is that people know I am alive. By the way my name is Mia O'Conner. I am 17 years old my birthday is today. I want to tell you my story of how I ended up here. Also how I got in the situation that I am in.

I told you that I would tell you my story so lets start from the beginning. I was born on September 17th, 1994. My mother and father were happily married when my mom fell ill she died on my 6th birthday. I haven't celebrated my birthday up till a year ago. When I met the love of my life Brian. So four years after my mother died my father remarried. He married Tami Street; she had one daughter from her previous marriage. My step sister Jasmine Street.

When my step mom and step sister moved in everything changed between me and my dad. I was now the third most important to him. He gave up on me. He put his new wife and his new daughter before the one he was related to by blood. That was the second worst day of my life. So after I realized that he no longer cared about me or what I did I stopped caring what he said about me. I ate my meals alone in my room. I got straight a's in school. I was the best

In everything that I did, but he still didn't care. When I went into high school I meet new friends who didn't judge me or cared if I was the best in everything I did. It was a relief to not have to be perfect. High school was great then it got better when I got my license. I was free to go and come as I pleased. When school started back up I was ready for the New Year. My first day back I was a new me and I loved it. A month into to classes I met this really cute boy named Brian Toretto. We started going out. Then we become more then friends. I finally felt like it was like to be cared about again. Brian and I had been seeing each other for seven months now when I moved in with him. That was the only time since my dad remarried that he was actually concerned about me and what I was doing with my life. He tried to stop me from moving in with Brian at every step of the process. When I was all packed and about to load up the moving van he put on his finally. He put on his dad suit and told me to my face that I was not going to move out of this house. I told him to his face that "you can't stop me you haven't cared about me since I was ten. I have been by myself for long enough now to not let you have a say or try to stop me because Brian makes me feel better this house is killing me from the inside out I need to get out of this house all it is a place filled with bad memories that I cant forget unless I leave. So I am leaving dad and not coming back. I have some final things to say to you dad. Dad I don't love you anymore, second you are not my dad you haven't been my dad since I was ten. There is one last thing I have to say to you Damon Archibald "you can go to hell" Bye dad.


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