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The easy life or so it seemed

Novel By: Jorgiesgirl

The adult life of Annalisa and Shane View table of contents...



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My eyes open quickly to hear my alarm going off. I quickly turned it off and decided to just lay there for a few minutes. I looked at the clock and it read 5:00 am. it's the start of the day for me, just like any other day. I felt a little movement on the bed and saw Shane rolling over closer to me. I smiled to myself. I feel; so lucky to have someone like Shane to wake up to in the morning. A little smile always comes to my face when I think of all the stuff Shane and I have done. I believe the love she and I share has gotten stronger over the years we have been together. Today is marks the 17 years since we started out. We have been married for 7 years now on this day also. I gently pick up the photo that is on my nightstand next to my bed. The picture has Shane and I with our three beautiful boys. When I think about it now, my life is totally different from what we had planned but I gotta say it's better than what we had planned. Our little family is going to welcome a new member to the family. A little girl, Connie Marie, I gently put my hand on my swollen little stomach and think to myself 'Everything is going great. Nothing could change how I feel right now'.

I put the picture frame down and try my hardest to get up without waking up Shane as I get up. I go on my morning check-up on the boys. The first room I come to is the twins' bedroom, Nicky and Alex, just to find them on the floor in the middle of the room holding each other as they sleep. I couldn't help but smile at the cute Kodak moment as my aunt would say. I gently close the door and go to the next room. I open the door to find Joey, our eldest son, on his bed reading by the light of his lamp. He smiled ever so big when I did open the door. That smile blew me away like it always did when he was younger. People used to say that when Joey smiled he would be able to charm everybody he met even when he first met them because of how big it was. And it's so true. He gently whispered to me, "Do you want me to go down stairs and help you?" I just shook my head yes. He got up and followed me down stairs and helped me prep to make breakfast.

"Mom?" Joey starts and then pauses. I look at him and say, "What is it? Is something wrong?" He gently shakes his head and says, "Nothing is wrong I just wanted to ask you something." I turn and start mixing the batter for the pancakes as I say, "Go ahead, I'm all ears baby." There was silence for about five minutes or so and so I turned to look at him and he had that look on his face like he was trying to think of a way to put what he wanted to say in words, he got that from me. Finally he asked, "How did you know Mama Shane was the one you were going to spend your life with? I mean what made her stand out, what made her different from all the other girls you knew and saw on an everyday basis?"

I turned back around and looked at Joey and said, "The way I knew she was the one was the way she put herself out there. She wasn't afraid to be who she was and she was ashamed of it. And every time I would see her or when I was around her I would get this funny feeling in my stomach, I never knew what it was until I actually sat down and thought about it. If I was feeling down seeing her smile would brighten my day right away and I loved how thoughtful she was. She read me like an open book, if I was feeling sad and told other people I was okay, she wouldn't believe it. She just knew that I wasn't okay. And she wouldn't leave me alone until I told her." Joey got the biggest smile on his face. And asked, "What did you do about it?" I said to him, "Well I tried to be with her but it turned for the worse, but I never gave up even after we broke up the first time. I just tried to hide what I was feeling for her and just show my friendship side to her." His look got very puzzled. As he asked," then what happened?" I smiled and laughed and said as I picked up a picture of Shane and I with a couple of friends at Riverpark, " We became really good friends and became inseparable the whole time."

His expression got big as he asked, "How long were you guys together before you guys you know?"

I just looked at him and even though I knew perfectly what he was talking about I asked, "No I don't know. What do you mean?"

Of the course of the morning Joey helped with the morning chores, make breakfast and we talked throughout it all. About 10 am the twins came down the stairs together, holding hands and smiling. I walked over the stairs and took both of them in my arms and kissed their heads. They both just burst out in giggles. So far out the three kids Shane and I had Nicky and Alex were the only ones we had by natural childbearing. We adopted Joey when he was 7 months old and he has been with us ever since.

He was now ten and just experiencing liking his first girl. He denies right now liking her but when he talks about her to me I can see it in his eyes that he likes her. I keep wondering when he's going to admit that he likes that girl, so I patiently wait. I won't be long now.


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