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All for one girl

Novel By: Jossie

Car mechanic Graham Reed has lived a sheltered life working for his parents and living rent free in a flat which they own. But his life is turned upside down when he witnesses a young girl being thrown from a car after having been brutally beaten.
Sucked into a life of misery and heartache, Graham devotes his life to trying to save one girl from a life of misery, But will Casey predictions be right, and will she really die young. View table of contents...


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Chapter 1
Graham sat gazing across the dunes towards the sea. He'd left his friends back in town enjoying themselves unable to stand the loud music and claustrophobic atmosphere of the small club any longer.
As he watched the waves crash against the shore he debating what to do next. If he went back to the club it would be endless hours of discomfort. With him sitting there feeling like a spare part, not his idea of fun. However if he went home he knew he would get it in the neck from Martin the next day, for being a bore. He wasn't sure why he had even agreed to come tonight. Clubbing had never been his thing and after being dumped by Jessica he was hardly in a party mood.
Three years together and she had just thrown their relationship away as if it was worthless. They'd been engaged for god's sake and it wasn't as if she had shown any signs of being unhappy in fact quite the opposite she'd been blooming for months. Then suddenly without warning he had come home to find a note saying that she had gone to London and had no intention of coming back. They were over. It had been six months now but it still hurt as if it had been yesterday.
Getting up Graham turned and gazed towards the lights of the town. He just didn't see the point anymore in getting drunk and doing stupid things. He'd never been that big a drinker anyway.
He watched a car speeding towards the beach car park, another boy racer with nothing better to do, no doubt. But as Graham watched it became clear that this was no boy racer.The car was an old, red, Ford Escort and as it reached the public toilets it slammed on the breaks and jolted to a halt.
Graham watched amazed as the passenger door was pushed open and someone was shoved out onto the wet tarmac before the car sped off again tires screeching as it was spun around the tight bend and up the hill.
Acting on instinct Graham sprinted down the dunes, slipping and sliding on the wet sand as he raced towards the car park. Slowing to a walk as he approached the figure that lay unmoving on the tarmac he realised with shock that it was a young teenage girl. She was laid on her side with her blood soaked back towards him seemingly unaware of him gazing down at her with concern.
Watching her closely in search of signs of life Graham carefully moved around her pausing as he gazed down at her swollen battered face.
"Are you ok?" he asked. Instantly feeling like an idiot. Of course she wasn't ok she'd just been thrown from a car and clearly a lot worse from the look of her.
"Aha," the girl replied almost inaudibly and then to his amazement she started trying to push herself up into a sitting position.
Graham quickly offered her his hand which she took willingly, and once she was safely sitting up she gazed at him her eyes large deep pools of blue, that had the same affect on Graham as a young puppy's would on most woman.
"Can you help me up?" she asked.
"I'm not sure you should move too much. You've been badly hurt you need to go to hospital." He said reaching in his pocket for his mobile.
"No!" The girl cried. "No I'm fine I just had a fight that's all please don't call anyone." She cried struggling now to get up by herself but merely falling forward onto her knees.
"Your really badly hurt if you try and move you might do serious damage to yourself." He said, as she tried to crawl across the car park, to a nearby car. Unable to watch any longer Graham swept her up into his arms. She was incredibly light and very thin, dangerously so in Grahams opinion. Her eye's where awash with fear and at first Graham thought that she was afraid because he had picked her up.
"Please don't call anyone." She pleaded again as he carried her across to a low wall where she would be able to sit.
"I know you're just trying to help but I'm ok really. I just need to lay down that's all. Just for a minute or two then I'll be ok. Honestly I will." She pleaded, her eyes closing with exhaustion as she spoke. Then her head began to sway and her arms slid from around his neck as she passed out.
Graham stood there for several minutes unsure what to do. He could feel her breathing steadily her chest raising and falling seemingly without strain which gave him hope that she had suffered no internal damage at least where her lungs were concerned. Sitting on the low wall still holding her in his arms, he took the corner of his jacket and gently wiped away some of the blood. There was a deep cut above her left eye which probably should be stitch her lip was split on the left hand side and it looked as if she had bitten into the bottom lip quite hard. He lifted her head lightly and surveyed the back. Gently pushing aside the golden-brown waves of hair as he searched for any cuts, relieved to find there were none.
As he sat her forward on his lap he slowly eased up her top and closed his eyes to block out the sight of the large deep welts that were oozing blood and run all the way from her neck down and out of site below the waist band of her skirt. This girl had been beaten viciously and clearly whipped as well, then callously dumped in a wet car park on a Friday evening. How anyone could do such a thing to such a young girl, any girl for that matter, was a mystery to Graham and anger, the likes of which Graham had never felt before, cursed through his veins. The anger however was quickly replaced with fear as he heard the rumble of a car heading his way. Getting to his feet quickly, the young girl still unconscious in his arms he rushed towards the public toilets managing to dive inside just as a set of headlights came into view. He was not sure why he was hiding just certain that it was what he should do and as he watched from his hiding place, the same red Escort slowed to a crawl as it passed by Grahams hiding place. He listened intently as the car moved further away and then peering out he saw it sweeping around and slowly creeping back towards the toilets. When he heard the engine stop Graham quickly carried the girl into one of the cubicles and bolting the door, Afraid that he had been spotted.
Soon he heard footsteps outside moving around the toilet block. Then there was a crash, followed by a second and Graham knew that the man was checking the cubicles of the lady's toilets clearly pushing the doors open with force so that they slammed hard against the tiled walls.
"Casey." He heard a gruff voice call. "Come on Casey, come out, come out where ever you are." The voice growled and then there was silence again. Graham remained frozen in the cubicle the young girl draped in his arms as he heard the footsteps coming closer.
As the door behind which Graham was hidden was shoved Graham yelled. "Hay!"Then thinking on his feet he quickly added. "Can't a guy take a crap in peace?"
"Sorry didn't realise there was someone in there." That gruff voice called back and then Graham listened as the footsteps once more receded followed a few minutes later by the sound of an engine starting.
Once the sound of the car had faded into the distance Graham crept out Casey still in his arms checking the coast was clear before quickly headed for the beach. He still wasn't sure what to do, but one thing was clear, it wasn't a good idea to hang around for too long.
The tide was out and so he made quick time, stopping only occasionally to shift Casey into a more comfortable position. As he came out onto Crockletts car park he re-arranged Casey arms to make it look as if she was holding onto his neck. And then picking up the pace he hurried past the pubs beside the golf course and across mare lane, turning down ocean view road. A few minutes later he turned into the small gravel car park and dropped onto the steps that climbed between the two garages to a matching number of flats above. One of which was Grahams home.
After catching his breath he started up the stairs managing to hook the handle of the first door and push his way into the entrance hall where he hurriedly braced Casey against the wall with his body, praying that in her unconscious state, she would not feel any pain. Hurriedly fishing in his pocket for his keys he unlocked his front door and pushing it open he swung Casey back into his arms and carried her inside where he laid her gently on the sofa. He then proceeded to wipe the blood from the wall outside his door before hurrying inside once more and locking himself and Casey safely inside.
Casey lay still unconscious on the sofa, her breathing steady as Graham set about cleaning her wounds. As he worked he checked her arms and legs for breaks, but was certain that her bones if little else were intact. He worked slowly but meticulously avoiding her private areas and disinfecting every cut he found with TCP.
When he was done he silently thanked his mum for her insistence that he keep a well stocked first aid box as without it he would have been screwed.
Then slipping a blanket over Casey he dropped into the small armchair beside the sofa and spent the night reading quietly. Glancing up whenever she stirred. Certain now that at some point unnoticed she had slipped from unconsciousness into a deep sleep.


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