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Poorly Written Just Read.3

Novel By: kaftr8drk

I dislike the way i left u off,cant seem to find which direction to take so let me think. View table of contents...


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There's good and bad in this world, at his parents funeral. No one asked where Daddy was, they just assumed.
His two aunts offered there condolences and the occasional "May god be with you".
Martin didn't have no reasons to have god with him. His mom prayed everyday for his father to stop beating her,god didn't answer.
Martin on the other hand only wished for death.
And such he received,so he stopped having anything remotely close to faith.

His luck however was different, his mother had a sizeable life insurance policy in his Name. Which he was surprised to learn,but due to the fact it was suicide he was unable to receive the money.

Somehow a year later he received a letter stating there was a mistake with his mother's death certificate.

Apparently They marked her death as murder and not suicide,a check was sent the following week. Martin didn't feel the need to call anyone about mistakes it was a sizable amount and returns where not a question he wanted ask.
Would you?

With no other siblings to comfort him he quickly found company at the end of the bottle.

It was one of these nights that he was chasing that Special lady, he was about twenty or so a fake ID with the looks of a man and money in his pocket Bartenders rarely asked questions.

It was a typical Tuesday night, slow ending nothing on the agenda to do, TV did't have anything remotely interesting watch.

The fruit punch he was drinking didn't do much for his thirst. He needed something stronger.

And with that thought in head his mind was made up. He was going to Jameson's a local bar he normally would visit on nights like these.

Putting on some cream slacks a long sleeve light blue shirt and a pair of Jordan's.
Martin knew that his Jordan's where not what he should be wearing but he didn't own a single pair of dress shoes. So Jordan's are his favorite shoes,so that was his normal.

Arriving at Manhattan star,his favorite bar. He found the place when he was about seventeen and he promise himself at twenty one he would visit, for his birthday.

But on to happy times, inside the bar was decently put together it had the most unique touch, The inside theme was that of a Train station ,or Police station Martin wasn't quite sure but they served, liquor so who cares what it looked like he thought.

Going to the bar, he greeted the bartender,ordered a shot of tequila and drank it the moment the glass hit his hands. He cursed his dead Father for cursing him with such an addiction,"You know what Gimme a Double shot Tequila".

Martin mood was sour,No friends to drink with no girlfriend or wife to go home too.
What has his life become.

Leaving the Bar, he sat as close to the jukebox as possible,no one ever used it from what he knew.
Looking around Martin noticed,A gentleman in a soft grey suit black shoes and a red tie was seated on the far left side. He was looking in the direction of the Restroom. Martin look around he saw no one else he was curious and suspicious as to why this guy was sitting staring at the bathroom door,So he waited.

The bathroom door swung open,the light showed the dark lit bar and out she walked,Heels red in color that must be at least four inches long , Skin tight black jeans,a soft lavender top,he could see her nipples where hard.
Martin was in Lust.

Her head turned to look in his direction quickly he looked the other way.
The gentleman in his soft grey suit appeared to be trying to get her attention, she ignored his gestures.

Glancing back to her, he realized she was walking to his table. Immediately his palms, because sweaty, his heart raced.
Martin didn't understand why he felt so intimidated outside,of his mother he rarely got the chance to speak to women.
Preparing his mental for what was about to come he waited.

"Maybe she a hooker" he thought.
"No she can't be she too sexy to be some hooker".
"And besides they don't visit this bar".

He was about to say "Hi",when She walked right pass his table and stopped at the Jukebox.
Martin eyes followed her every move
With her left hand on top of the jukebox she bends over ever so slightly her curves where marvelous.
His eyes would not leave her body.
His lust grew.

"Hey" she said looking at him.
"Do you happen to have a quarter, So I can use this machine"?

" Umm I don't know let me check"
Quickly cool calm and collect Martin checked his pockets
"Please dear, god let there be a quarter in my pocket". He prayed

Finding his prize he handed her his gift.
"Your such a sweetheart". She said taking the quarter out of his hands.

Martin took note on how soft her hand were, his heart race increased what if she thought his palms were sweaty.

50 cents "In DA Club" broke the silence.

"I fucking love this song, and fifty he so fine, I just want be his slut"! She yelled out.

"You should be my slut." Mr. Grey suit yelled in return.

Giving him the finger she turned back to Martin, and sat down next to him.
"So Mr. Ah "
"Martin" he finished.
"So Mr.Martin what bring you here tonight"?
"I often come here to have a drink"
Raising her eye brows in disbelief
" With mother fucking Jordan's on"? She asked.
Martin face drained.
"Hah" she laughed
" I'm just messing with you relax".

Martin was in love.

Mr. Grey suit got up and headed to the Bathroom.

"Hey" she whispered leaning closer to him.
"Yes" he answered leaning closer as well.
If she kissed him he was going to have a Heart attack.

Have you ever robbed anyone?

"Well"? "I'm talking you".
"I Never thought about it". Why?

Well you see "him " said nodding in Mr.grey suit direction.
" You going rob him"? Martin asked.

"I haven't thought that far yet". She said flashing him her cutest smile,with your help I bet we can"

Martin didn't respond he was feeling the effect of the tequila shots.

"Hello" she was waving her arm at him.
"You there, you look lost" what on you mind she asked, watching as Mr.grey suit returned to his seat.
He leaned closer to her and whispered
"Yeah I'm here,just thinking, how we should do it". "Cause he don't. look dangerous but you never know,you know."
She looked at him and her laughter filled the air,for that moment Martin felt as if he was on cloud nine.
"Look at you, your blushing, so cute,but I have a plan. She said switching back to the business, at hand.
"It real simple really, I distract him you knock him out and I grab his shit,Easy money".

As if on cue, Mr. Grey suit got up and headed back to the bathroom, "ok when he come's back out we doing this,don't chicken out on me ok".

Martin was terrified, he'd just met this woman, and she cajoled him into robbing some guy he didn't even know!

The bathroom door swung open. Having some trouble keeping his balance while trying to fix his zipper.
"Perfect" Martin heard her saying in a low breath.

"You want me to help you with that"? She asked Mr. Grey suit.

O haha, you ready to be my slut,I knew that faggot can't fuck you like I can. He said loud enough so Martin could hear.

Martin watched in awe as she started to rub on his crouch,back and forth her hands went after a few minutes her hands rested on zipper.

Turning to Martin and flashing him a smile,pulling Mr.grey suit by the zipper she lead him through the back door.

Martin felt something in his chest,it wasn't the familiar fast pace beating of his heart it was just something he felt and he wasn't quite sure how to express it.
Even bartender was looking at Martin and smiling, as if he knew some secret that Martin didn't know.

The liquor had taken effect on Martin at this time and he felt it, that warm loose feeling, he love it.

Leaving his seat he head to the door where she exited. Come to think of it he did't even know her name!

He was going to change that a making a silent promise to himself.Getting to the door he peeped out side.

She was standing in from of him,jerking his cock Mr. Grey suit head was leant back looking up at the sky,all in pleasure.
From where he stood he could hear their conversation.

"Suck my cock whore,it ain't going suck it self".

"I will daddy,I want you to last when I start my mouth, my pussy can't waiting to take you in".

You want to fuck my ass to daddy.

"Not tonight baby I know that an extra 50$".

Martin was furious Mr.grey Suit was treating his love as a whore. Regardless of the fact that he just met her he was sure she felt the same way he was sure of it.

Closing the door slowly behind him,he found him self in déjà vu again,he finally found his purpose in life.

Seeing a lonely bottle of Svedka Vodka he picked it up and rushed back to the exit. Before he opened the door he took a large gulp and step out into the alley way.


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