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The Side Effects of Being Eccentic

By: kleptocat

Page 1, Four teenagers struggle with their individual problems, there love lives, and the fact that they now live in a mental hospital.

When you walk down a street filled with strangers they might only give you one look, you might never be thought of again. Split second judgments will be made, maybe based off your eyeliner or clothing or lack of clothing. Maybe by the way you walk, or the expression playing across your face. But as much as your parents or teachers or anyone tells you ‘not to judge a book by its cover’ and ‘get to know people before you judge’, you always make a first judgment from the moment you see them. You might not even consciously do it. It spans from crossing a dimly lit street when you get nervous by the dangerous man on the same side of the street as you to the word ‘slut’ popping up in your head when you see a girl who seems to have forgotten to buy an entire skirt with a few pounds of makeup on. But maybe ‘getting to know someone before you judge’ wouldn’t always work out. I mean people might think I’m a normal teenager if they saw me as a stranger on a street, but if they got to know me… let’s just say ‘I’m currently residing in a nut house’ might not go down well.

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