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Km2's Monthly Challenges and Contests

Novel By: Km2

This is my first attempt at doing competitions, so I hope all goes well and everything turns out alright. Hoping these ones get a good response and everyone has fun writing some fun and entertaining pieces. If things go well, I'll continue to come up with other fun challenges, or competitions, every month or so. Hope everyone that can, will attempt some. Enjoy! View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 7, 2013    Reads: 347    Comments: 66    Likes: 11   

This Contest is now closed! Please don't try to enter! Results should hopefully be up by the 7th. I don't see any reason, as of right now, why they won't be.


Km2's May Fantasy Challenge

Attention fellow Booksians...

This is my first challenge competition, so I hope this goes well and turns out all right. I hope this gets a good response and everyone has fun writing these pieces.

May's contest (my very first comp ever) will be a fantasy challenge. Originally I had wanted to do a Dragon Competition, and still may in the future, but I think this will be more fun for a first one.

The challenge is to write a piece of any type, of any length, and of any rating. Centered around a dragon, or a wizard. Or both, but picking just one for your theme. The 2nd one should be more of a secondary or supporting character in the tale, though.

So, to sum up...


* You must write a NEW piece of any type, length and rating. Only ONE entry per person. Please note, if you choose to do a NOVEL, I will only read the first 1-3 CHAPTERS of it; depending of the length. Sorry for the inconvenience.

* Choose a theme: DRAGON -or- WIZARD (but can contain both in your piece).

* Your piece MUST include, either a dragon or dragons -or- a wizard or wizards (or both) or it will be disqualified.

* Your piece MUST ALSO include at least ONE OR ALL of the following:

-Dragon- -OR- -Wizard-

An egg or dragon pup An apprentice wizard

A dragon's lair A wizard's lair

A village tormented by a dragon A village tormented by a wizard

A dragon life (origin -or- birth) A village saved by a wizard

A dragon death (dying -or- killed) Wizard origin or death (or both)

Takes place in modern day Takes place in modern day

* Your piece MUST include at least ONE OR ALL of these:

Castle Fortress

Dungeon Enchanted Forest

Volcano Cursed Temple

Graveyard Cave or Caverns

Those are the rules and regulations, hopefully not too confusing. However you choose to write your piece is completely up to you. Put in as little or as much as you want, other than it has to be about dragons or wizards.


This will just be for fun. Being that I am terrible with spelling and grammar, it seems only fair. There will be no deductions for incorrect spelling, grammar, structure, composition, etc. Though if your piece is all in one giant paragraph, all blobbed together, it probably will not win. Just a fair warning, hee hee. The piece accumulating the most points will be our winner!!

Points System:

+5 for adding a wizard's apprentice or a dragon egg/pup

+5 for adding a dragon's or a wizard's lair

+5 for adding a village tormented by a dragon

+5 for adding a village tormented by a wizard

+5 for adding a village saved by a wizard

+5 for adding the origin or death of a wizard

+5 for adding the origin or birth of a dragon

+5 for adding the death of dragon

+5 for it taking place in modern day

+10 for best description of a dragon or wizard

+10 for best character

+10 for best storyline

+10 for best ending

+15 .....? Hidden bonus points!!

+20 .....? Hidden bonus points!!!

There will also be two chances at hidden bonus points (borrowing this from BUnique, hope she doesn't mind too much), you find out what they are and how to have gotten them after the contest finishes.

The first one is for +15 bonus points. And it is one that anyone and everyone can almost easily obtain.

The second, really tough to qualify for, will be for +20 points. And this one takes a very special class of writer to be able to acquire said prize. It may even be almost impossible, or highly improbable, to say the least. This one will make you man up. Or woman up, just for all the ladies, hee hee. *winks and smiles* No wimps! No whiners! Better tighten up! Hee hee.

After all entries have been accepted, I will add up all the points and hopefully will have a clear winner. Then I'll message everyone, letting them know once and finally that a winner has been chosen. I hope everything is sounding good, so far.


First Place

1. I will fan you, if you aren't already one of mine.

2. Your name and piece will be promoted on my profile forever under the section: Km2's Monthly Winners.

3. I will write a review on your piece located on the Contest Winner's Page in this novel, which will soon be in chapter 2.

4. I will read the piece that you have chosen as your comment request on your entry form.

5. I will promote a link to your piece on my Facebook page.

6. ??? Also, I've decided to add a bonus prize for 1st place that will be revealed after the contest is closed! :P ;)

Second Place

1. I will fan you, if I haven't already.

2. Your name and piece will be promoted on my profile for one month, until the next contest is up.

3. I will write a review on your piece, located on the Contest Winner's Page, page two in this novel.

4. I will read your comment request that you have chosen in your entry.

Third Place

1. Will fan you, if you aren't one.

2. Will read your comment request.

Entry Process:

* Write a NEW piece obiding by ALL rules and regulations.

* Write a comment below, solidifying your acceptance, containing the entry form that I will explain momentarily.

* ALL pieces wishing to enter must do so by JUNE 1st, any submitted beyond that date will not be accepted.

* You will be messaged on JUNE 7th with your official results and score analysis. You also will be directed to my page to view the Contest Winner's Page in my novel, the second chapter in this. The third chapter will be next month's contest with the fourth chapter being next month's results, and so on. You will also be welcomed to check out the next contest that will then be available at that same time. Have fun with them.

* Also pick ONLY ONE of these catagories, that you will be entering your piece under, and include it in your entry comment.

1. Best Poem

2. Best Short Story

3. Best Novel

4. Best New Author (Must have joined Booksie after Dec. 31 2012)

These are just for fun and all entries will still be up against all the others. There will still be one clear 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners, no matter what category you have chosen. These are solely just for kicks and some bragging rights.

Entry Form:

Category: - the category you are entering under

Name: - pen name and/or real name

Link: - the link to your piece

Summary: - brief summary of your piece or the synopsis at the beginning of it.

Comment Request: - the piece you wish to be read if you win. Note: if you have chosen a novel, I will only read one or two chapters. Depending on the length. Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

Chosen Theme: - Dragon -or- Wizard.

Chosen Extras: - The two manditory detail choices that you have decided upon.

Example Form:

Category: Best Short Story

Name: Km2 (Kenny)

Link: www.booksie.com/fantasy/short_story/km2/riseofthedragons

Summary: This is my story about Dragons. Where they rise to the top of the food chain.

Comment Request: Big Things Come in Small Packages

Chosen Theme: Dragon

Chosen Extras: Takes place in modern day -and- castle

Well that's my first contest, The Fantasy Challenge - filled with dueling dragons and wizards. I know that whatever pieces to be entered are bound to be exceptional. I just hope that I am able to round up some contestants to participate in this. Best wishes to all that do happen to join, and I wish you the best of luck in the contest. I'm already looking forward to reading the different entries that hopefully will come flooding in. Thank you again, ladies and gentlemen.

Author's Note: also with some confusion being brought to my attention, it will be perfectly fine and permitted in this contest to use the female equivalent to a wizard. A witch. Since that so many of my lovely fans are female, probably the majority of participants in this will also be as well. So that seems more than fair. -Km2-

Contest Participants Entered:

R A B Bradbury Sgroi123 Sierra Virgie

Kellerina AirLionHeart FrootLoop246

Lona333 thegiver purplehatgurl2013

Malaxter QTTA7777 Zopyros

silver 84 BUnique

Six entries for Dragon Eight entries for Wizard


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