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Km2's Monthly Challenges and Contests

Novel By: Km2

This is my first attempt at doing competitions, so I hope all goes well and everything turns out alright. Hoping these ones get a good response and everyone has fun writing some fun and entertaining pieces. If things go well, I'll continue to come up with other fun challenges, or competitions, every month or so. Hope everyone that can, will attempt some. Enjoy! View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 7, 2013    Reads: 77    Comments: 8    Likes: 2   

May's Fantasy Challenge Contest Winners

Thanks to everyone that has participated, it was a great contest to judge. I thoroughly enjoyed reading and processing all the pieces entered. Now, onto the prizes.

First the Hidden Bonus Points revealed. Who obtained them and how they did it.

+15 Bonus Points- was awarded to whoever made either their wizard or dragon the last one in existence. Malaxter and BUnique were the only two to obtain these points.

+20 Bonus Points- was awarded to whoever used all eight of the LOCATION Chosen Extras. The color coded ones. And barring that no one is able to use all eight, then it will be awarded to whoever uses the most of them in their story. This large bonus was awarded to Mrs. Bradbury. Who used five of them in her entry.

Now to award all the +10 points, given out once all entries have been accepted, for best character, best description of a wizard/dragon, best storyline and best ending.

+10 for best description of a wizard/dragon, goes to: silver 84 with his piece, Dragon's Wrath

'It', was in fact a she, and her name was Ferrai. She was the average size for a dragon of her age, about twenty seven feet long and ten tall. The Thesias were a long, low and slender breed, some say that they were the most beautiful dragons to ever have walked the earth. They usually had light blue scales that were so close together that if you were standing but a few feet away you couldn't see any break in them whatsoever. When they moved, their scales flowed like water, and in direct sunlight, the extraordinarilly smooth, polished surfaces reflected light in all spectrums, and it was them, flying across the sky after rainstorms that made rainbows. They had eyes of gold, which seemed to swirl perpetually like a hurricane, and they sang as they flew, a beautiful, enchanting sound. Their faces were long and slender like their bodies, and they had strange delicate blue fins along their heads, back and tails. These were softer to the touch than silk, and highly prized. On the sides of their faces were long blades of bone that could slash through the toughest armor, and their ears, which were dark blue and the same flesh as the fins, could pick up the smallest of sounds in a one mile radius. They could breathe fire at a very young age, an Ferrai wasn't hesitating to do so.

+10 for best characters, goes to: R A B Bradbury with her piece, A Fantastical Tale

Narcissa Aziza the Witch

Everard Blaise the Wizard

Haku the Dragon

+10 for best storyline, goes to: BUnique with their piece, Cynthia the Fifth Ruby Dragon

Cynthia somehow comes to, being dragged through Fommer wood by the shadow men. They arrive at a dark cave, trapping her inside before they vanish into darkness. Battered and shaken she stumbles around in the dark. Then steps on and crushes an old skull, which produces a light that takes human form and speaks to her. Telling her that she, Cynthia, is a dragon, the fifth and last dragon.

The form (Kamirth) tells her that Haol will soon summon her, taking dragon form before she's trapped in the cave forever. Doom impending. He tells her that she must fly to Fommer Village to find and destroy Verath. He who has stolen and cast a spell on the ruby crystal, which he used to steal the villager's shadows to become his minions.

Not long after Kamirth vanishes does Cynthia have a voice come from deep inside of her. "I summon you Cynthia, the ruby crystal has been abused and needs your protection."

At that she writhed on the floor with her skin splitting open. First dragon claws, then legs, then lastly her face split, revealing the new scaly one. Finally her tail and wings coming as she stretches them and takes flight, bursting through the cave roof, headed for Fommer Village and Verath.

Quickly finding and circling, then diving on the fifth time around. Swooping and grabbing the red Verath in her jaws. Soaring high into the air, him making no attempt at struggle. She tore him in two then ravaged his entire body.

Just then she heard a voice again. "Cynthia, you're the most gullible of the five dragons - I must admit."

He tells that it was a rouse, it had been planned for her to eat the fake ruby Verith all along. She swears vengence on him, but just then the curse takes hold.

Defeated she fell from the sky, shedding a single tear, then as she smashed into the ground, into many ruby pieces, the drop splashes upon her marking the last of the dragons.

+10 for best ending, goes to: AirLionHeart with their piece, A Dragon's Day

I feel completely hollow, they've took away the two most important things in my life. I'm all alone. I'll be next I suspect; I start to accept my inevitable fate, until I notice a burning sensation building up deep down inside of me.

Is it anger? Is it sadness? No, it's something else.

The burn starts to move up towards my throat.

It's my fire!

With strength unknown to me before this instance, I strike out at the humans holding me hostage, flinging them off of me easily, like the worthless, insects they are.

I thrust myself upwards, the humans screaming and darting around in all directions full of terror. Rightly so, they should be afraid. They're going to pay for what they've done. I'm going to burn this village to the ground.

I dive down towards the wretched wizard who is still on the floor, unprotected and exhausted from slaughtering my mother. I take in a deep breath and unleash my fury upon him, the blaze feels beautifully hot against my skin, as it lights up the night sky.

The smell of burning flesh stings my nostrils.

Now for the winners! I know that's what you've all been waiting for, hehe.

First Place: A Fantastical Tale by R A B Bradbury

Score: 55 pts

+5 for wizard's lair

+5 for village tormented by wizard

+5 for village saved by wizard

+5 for wizard death

+5 for modern day

+10 for best Characters

+20 for most location themes used


With such wonderful and vivid characters on the page. They really felt alive. Starting with the witch, so evil. I really loved her name and her character. Then your wizard, he was so awesome! Every single thing about him. And he actually almost seemed and reminded me of my character, Faust. Perhaps Everard almost was like his counterpart. Like Narcissa was Everard's, also. Maybe it's just because of the blue and red eyes, I suppose could be, though.

Then I loved the whole end of this story, from when he had left on his journey to find the egg. That really felt like a magical adventure we were going on, as well as this whole story is filled with magic and the wonderful enchanted world you have created around it.

The end of this was my favorite, even though it almost made me cry. I loved when the dragon hatched and became his pet, then grew up and started inadvertently causing destruction. Then he eventually just said f**k it and ate them all instead; priceless.

But I was so sad when he killed Haku. Almost bringing a tear to my eye. Now we are even, I suppose, for me killing off Father Harris. Once again, this did not disappoint. It surpassed way further than any of my wildest expectations for this contest.

I'm so happy that you decided to enter and came up with a piece as brilliant as this in the process. This really was a wonderful story and an incredibly enjoyable read. Your characters are like none other. Really top notch.

Second Place: Cynthia the Fifth Ruby Dragon by BUnique

Score: 45 pts

+5 for dragon's lair

+5 for village tormented by dragon

+5 for dragon birth

+5 for dragon death

+10 for best Storyline

+15 for last dragon in existence


I loved this story! My favorite line in this, to start out, was when she screamed: I must be dreaming, this is bullshit! Too, too funny.

But I really liked how it opened with the shadow men. I really think you could probably turn this into a whole novel. Maybe even just one on the shadow men, alone. It was such a horrifying image picturing her being drug through the woods by these horrendous minions of Varith.

My favorite part in this, though, had to be when she changed into the dragon. Those descriptions were awesome and really painted a perfect picture in one's mind during the transformation. It was so well done it almost made you feel like you were in the cave watching her struggle through it personally.

Then I also loved the twist at the end, with all the trickery and fake ruby, that caused her sudden demise. Falling to her death in a splash and shower of ruby shards and fragments. So beautiful madam. I really did love it. I can't thank you enough for finishing it, from the bottom of my heart, it really means a whole lot.

Third Place: A Dragon's Day by AirLionHeart taking Best New Author

Score: 35 pts

+5 for dragon egg/pup

+5 for dragon's lair

+5 for village tormented by dragon

+5 for dragon birth

+5 for dragon death

+10 for best Ending

Runners up: FrootLoop246 took Best Short Story and Malaxter took Best Poem both with 30 pts.

Kellerina, Sgroi123, QTTA7777, Sierra Virgie all came in at 25 pts.

Lona333, thegiver, purplehatgurl2013, Zopyros and silver 84 all came in at 20 pts.

Every single contestant should be proud, they all were really marvelous pieces. I absolutely loved them and I really appreciate all the work everyone has put into them. I also would like to point out that miss Jessica's piece actually was the best overall story. For she was the only one to score high in all four of the +10 point catagories. There were just one's that squeaked by her every time. For if this contest had deductions for grammar and was without the two hidden bonus points I'm almost assured that her piece would have won First. And this contest made it very easy, I really didn't have to decide all that much, most of the points you guys all decided. I only had to do the four ten point decisions. So it was great really making it nice and much more simple for me.

I will be contacting this month's winner, as soon as possible, to let them know their hidden first place prize. If no response is heard within 48 hours, that bonus prize will be passed down unto the second place winner and so forth. Thanks again, everyone who entered this contest. I hope you all enjoyed writing the pieces as much as I did reading them. It was more then I ever could have hoped for. I also wish that you all would join me in next month's competition. Surely I will let everyone know when it is up and available to enter. Thanks again for your time and all your great efforts. -Km2-

Here are the official results, the whole reason for doing these challenges to see which side gets the most votes and is more popular. This month's Challenge winner is Wizards!

Dragon Entries: 6

Wizard Entries: 8


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