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Km2's Monthly Challenges and Contests

Novel By: Km2

This is my first attempt at doing competitions, so I hope all goes well and everything turns out alright. Hoping these ones get a good response and everyone has fun writing some fun and entertaining pieces. If things go well, I'll continue to come up with other fun challenges, or competitions, every month or so. Hope everyone that can, will attempt some. Enjoy! View table of contents...


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June's M&M Challenge Contest Winners

Thanks to everyone that has participated, it was a great contest to judge. I thoroughly enjoyed reading and processing all the pieces entered. Now, onto the prizes.

First the Hidden Bonus Points revealed. Who obtained them and how they did it.

+15 Bonus Points- was awarded to whoever made their piece take place modern day. Apparently I should of chosen the opposite, lol, cause this one this month was basically a gimme. There were only two people who didn't get this bonus. QTTA7777, R A B Bradbury, Malaxter, rsjakovac, Rose Burg, Rebecca1994 and KathyLiD were to seven obtain these points.

+20 Bonus Points- was awarded to whoever used two or more extras from the four columns of chosen extra choices, two columns of character extras and two columns of location extras. At least what used to be four columns. I'm getting really tired of Booksie and their bullcrap, it's almost starting to discourage me from doing contests all together. This is like the fourth time it has happened and I messaged them multiple times with no response yet. I know they probably have bigger fish to fry right now, but I am still very upset about the whole thing. If it happens to the next contest, especially before it is over to enter, I'm going to go off and blow my gasket. Now back to the bonus points, cause I know that's what all of you really care about, lol. These super large, and super difficult bonus points were obtained by two people this month. They were awarded to Mrs. Bradbury and Malaxter. Who both used nearly all of them, lol, I think Malaxter actually did. And you need to get out of my head, madam, people are going to think I'm sending you insider information or something about what the bonuses are, hehe. Just kidding. She's really just that good folks! Give her a round of applause. :o) I'll have to try to think of something really good for the ones in next month's. ;)

Now to award all the +10 points, given out once all entries have been accepted, for best use of mystery/mythology, best characters, best storyline and best ending.

+10 for best use of Mystery or Mythology, goes to: silver 84 with his piece, The Church From Hell

Perhaps him doing a novel this month for the Mystery Challenge gave him a slight advantage. For his entry was so full of mystery it was busting at the seams with it. So many unanswered questions. Why was James' partner in a rush to get off the phone when she was the one who called him asking for help? What was this mysterious cloaked figure they followed into the abondoned church? Then what were all these mutilated rotted bodies that were tied to all the hospital beds? What were they being used for, who was behind it, what the heck is going on here? Then how are they going to sneak their way into the mansion, now that finally arrived there, to see what's up with Ginger? Granted since this is a novel he may answer some of these in later chapters, but for this contest only the first three were used. I think it helped him out a bit, the switching of chapters, especailly since he's so good at cliffhangers, it gave him multiple chances to use them. They fit so perfectly in the mystery genre. Go check out his novel as he updates it, if anyone reading this is interested in finding out the answers to some or all of these questions. You will not be disappointed, I promise you that.

+10 for best characters, goes to: Rebecca1994 with her piece, Breaking Free

Mason Jones

Rash Rivers



+10 for best storyline, goes to: KathyLiD with their piece, A Child's Mind

A single occupant in a single bed lies strapped to it, from all the things that "it's" done, turning "it" into the monster "it" is now. A murderer.

Shivering from the sight of "it", Detective Matthews enters the room, to hopefully get some answers to the crimes committed.

Stepping into the room, the detective walked to the window staring out of it, ignoring all the questions and comments coming from the bed at first. Finally telling him his name, as their eyes locked, unable to turn away.

Almost hypnotizing Detective Matthews.

The monster in the bed grinned; almost glowing.

Almost beautifully.

Shaking his head, and shaking it off, as he pulled up a chair sitting next to the child killer.

A shiver went down his spine as he thought about all the others before him, unable to face this "thing". The reason they sent him.

Quickly glancing to make sure the killer's hands were still strapped down. That's when he noticed the same bright green nail polish on them, the same as his own daughter had been wearing.

"Do you remember that night?" Matthews asked.

"Oh yes," with glee; a smile forming that the detective refused to look at.

"Tell me!"

In a hushed tone the killer told him, "The cries, the hands... I remember everything.

"Are you sure, Detective? You look a little... green.

"Do you want to hear how he screamed... pleaded with me not to slit her throat?

"Or how difficult it was to pop his eye from his socket?"

"Tell me where his body is, he belongs to his father!"

The detective started shaking looking into the killers' eyes. It was evidently enjoyed, from the looks of his growing smile and appendage.

"Where's the body?" Matthews growled, jumping up.

"I killed them both and took the boy alive for myself. They were always trying to take him away from me, when he's mine."

Unable to take anymore, the detective doubled over and splattered vomit all over the tile floor.

"You'll never find him," delivered with laughter.

Ignoring the vomit and gathering his papers, he headed for the door. A haunting chuckle following after him.

Walking down the corridor, his ears picking up on some words drifting form a television set. Stopping, Matthews listened to the News reporter.

"I'm standing outside Stanley Asylum where three years ago a boy was admitted for killing his mother and youngest brother. It is not known to this day where the body of the little boy is.

"A detective will soon be coming out after the yearly check-up to find more details on the body's location. I'm hoping I can catch a few words with him... This is Amy Shore."

What was he supposed to say, the eyes of a fifteen-year-old seduced him to the point he couldn't do his job? Or that he had spewed all over the floor?

Shaking his head, again, Matthews backed away in search of the stairs for the back entrance. He could never tell her anything. He was still enraptured by the fifteen-year-old-child monster that laughed gleefully from his prison bed.

+10 for best ending, goes to: silver 84 with their piece, The Church From Hell

"Or maybe we could just check upstairs?" Markos said, pointing up towards the top of the huge staircase. James looked up and saw the dark figure staring down upon them from the second story.

"Hey, you!" He shouted, running toward the staircase. The dark figure fled as James and Markos pounded up the steps. They reached the top of the staircase and looked around for the query. James saw a dark coat flick around a corner to their right and ran toward it, Markos in his wake. They chased him down a long hallway, with broken windows on either side, making the corridor completely exposed to the elements. Their prey darted to his left through a door, and James and Markos were right on his tail. They burst through the door, but stopped short, as if they had hit a wall. This was the smell that James hadn't been able to identify at first, that had grown ever stronger throught the chase. The stench of rotting flesh.

They were in a room that had been redone in white plaster, with small, square windows set evenly into the walls. There were two lines of hospital beds in the small, square room, each with ten beds. Beside these beds were IV's and other medical supplies, including some extremely dark and wicked looking tools, all stained with blood. In each bed, there was a dead body, most of which must have been dead for months, their darkened, blotchy skin was pulled tight across their skeletons, their eyes and mouths had already rotted out, and their internal organs were following closely behind. All were notecably emaciated, evident even after death, and the scars and puncture wounds from the various tools and needles were still in sharp relief. All the bodies were laying on top of their sheets, and different parts of them were in vastly different forms of decay. One body's arms had completely rotted, while one's stomach had rotted so much it had split, the body's organs spilling out onto the bed and floor.

"MARKOS, LET'S GET OUT OF HERE!" James hollered above Markos's screams. Within moments they were back outside of the gates of the old church, still running like hell was right on their heels.


"What do you think all that could have been?" Markos asked after they had slowed to a normal pace, once they had put a lot of distance between them and the hell-house.

"No idea, but there were definitely some pretty monsterous people behind it." James replied. A dark shape heard them talk more about the church that was straight out of a horror film until they and their voices were swallowed up by the fog.

Before long, the mansion loomed eerily out of the fog. It was four stories high, with steeply slanted roofs and intricate stonework of gargoyles, animals and people around the ledges and edges of the roofs. It had tall, narrow windows that were spaced evenly along the sides of the Mansion. The mansion itself was in the shape of a trapezoid, and James and Markos were at the left side of it. It was right on the edge of a cliff that overlooked the ocean, which James and Markos could hear pounding against the rocks hundreds of feet below. The mansion was surrounded by huge trees, mostly weeping willow, whose twisted, knotted trunks and grey leaves, hanging down like the long skeletal fingers of ghosts, plus the damp clamminess of the Scottish highlands, gave the Mansion a dark, evil feel. All of this was enclosed on a huge wrought iron gate, twisted masterfully into shapes that James and Markos couldn't make out.

"Charming placeā€¦"James whispered.

"Y-yeah, ch-charming." Markos stuttered, cowering behind James.

"Well, let's find a way in." James said, walking toward the fence.

Now for the winners! I know that's what you've all been waiting for, hehe.

First Place: M or M? Morpheus or Morphine? by Malaxter

Score: 60 pts

+5 for having Banshee

+5 for having Basilisk

+5 for having Boggart

+5 for having Centaur

+5 for having Giant

+5 for having Gnome

+15 for modern day

+20 for super mega bonus

-5 for seven errors


I was almost expecting a sort of Hunter S. Thompson vibe at first with this from his previous statements and warnings about it. And there was a little of that, but not really what I was expecting. Which isn't a bad thing. I even really enjoyed the beginning, even the very beginning where he proposed to find his GF revealing to him that she cheated on him with his brother instead. Too funny!

Then this crazy vixen temptress. Man, was that scene hot and steamy. Even a little erotica coming out in this story. But, it being one of the most popular dreams: the sex dream. It only makes sense.

Then I really loved your description of Morpheus, that was really cool. He was maybe even my favorite in this. Though him dressed as a detective was a little weird, I have to admit, even for a dream. But still funny! And I thought the private eye was hilarious, probably the funniest part of this story. I literally caught myself laughing out loud a few times while reading this story, hehe. When I saw that the face was covered in p**sies and cl*tballs, lol, I almost lost it. Get it, they had eyes' of privates all over their face. The sort of things only possible and imaginable only in dreams.

It was crazy how he kept going from world to world to world. Then finally having to jump into the lava in the volcano. Waking him up again, out of his vicious nightmare. Or did it? Mwah ha ha ha ha ha! Again, really loved this piece, it is so very different from any other entry I've yet to receive. In both contests.

Second Place: Murder and Mystery in Epping Forest by R A B Bradbury

Score: 45 pts

+5 for having Banshee

+5 for having Centaur

+5 for having Giant

+15 for modern day

+20 for super mega bonus

-5 for six errors


I loved this story, too, and your character descriptions are spot-on, as usual. As everyone else had mentioned, especially with the Centaurs. You really hit the nail on the head with them, and their description was beautiful and borderline poetic.

The giants and human characters were done really well, also. I too loved the mix of mystery and mythology you were able to blend, nearly, effortlessly. Very clever madam. There was a strong element of both.

And like BUnique said, this end battle the humans get caught in the middle of is epic. As Mythology is epic. So this is EPIC.

I too loved how he got shipped back to the asylum at the end, and it seems as the police force may be on their way there if they can't convince the chief of the lunacy they witnessed in the forest.

Another really spectacular piece. You really reach for the sky every single time, Mrs. Bradbury. This one had me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

Third Place: If You Go Out In The Woods by Rose Burg

Score: 40 pts

+5 for having Detective

+5 for having Damsel in Distress

+5 for having Convict

+5 for having Murderer

+5 for having Judge

+15 for modern day

-5 for seven errors

Runners up: QTTA7777 Best New Author and Rebecca1994 Best Short Story both came in at 35 pts.

thegiver came in at 30 pts.

rsjakovac, KathyLiD and silver 84 all came in at 25 pts.

Every single contestant should be proud, they all were really marvelous pieces. I absolutely loved them and I really appreciate all the work everyone has put into them. I also would like to point out that silver 84's and KathyLiD's pieces actually were the best overall stories. For they were the only ones to score high in all four of the +10 point catagories. For if this contest didn't have deductions for grammar I'm almost assured that their pieces would have been in the running. And this contest made it very easy, I really didn't have to decide all that much, most of the points you guys all decided. I only had to do the four ten point decisions. So it was great, really making it nice and much more simple for me.

And this month I'll give you guys a little look at my rating system in case anyone was curious how I've done it so far. I rate every entry immediately after reading them in all four catergories. They go from worst to best: Okay, Good, Great, Excellent and Awesome. It's not perfect but, hey, it works for me. This month silver and Kathy were the only two to get straight Awesomes across the board, in fact: the only two to have done that in either contests, out of 23 people and entries. So congratulations guys, either you just were lacking some five point additions, or the errors were eating you alive; or both.

I will be contacting this month's winner, as soon as possible, to let them know their hidden first place prize. If no response is heard within 48 hours, that bonus prize will be passed down unto the second place winner and so forth. Thanks again, everyone who entered this contest. I hope you all enjoyed writing the pieces as much as I did reading them. It was more then I ever could have hoped for. I also wish that you all would join me in next month's competition. Surely I will let everyone know when it is up and available to enter. Thanks again for your time and all your great efforts. -Km2-

Here are the official results, the whole reason for doing these challenges to see which side gets the most votes and is more popular. This month's Challenge Winner is: Mystery!

Mystery Entries: 5

Mythology Entries: 4


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