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Something's Happening

Novel By: KP Merriweather

Estellus Airolym's boring life gets turned upside down when she decides to stop playing it safe and try something different...

A short story for Kitaramitsui's contest! View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 9, 2012    Reads: 38    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

Estellus jammed the key into the lock to her apartment door as she fumbled with it in her shaking hands while balancing a large brown paper bag of groceries in one arm and another bag against her hip. Her twisted posture barely kept both bags upright as she fought with the lock, trying to get the key to turn. Once the key clicked and the knob turned, she opened the door with a sharp swing and gravity finally won out on its onslaught on her precarious tower of consumables, causing the bag balanced against her hip that rest against the door crashing to the floor.

Estellus stumbled in, holding the other bag in hand. She blew a hard sigh, distracted by the numerous thoughts that buzzed in her mind as she dumped the other bag on the floor, kicked the remains of the second out the way and shut the door with a bang, leaning against it at her back. Estellus froze when she heard a siren close by and cold sweat broke out on her forehead and the back of her neck. The siren echoed over the rooftops of the low-rent apartments and office complexes, a call in the night she ignored several times before, but this time, she couldn't.

Glancing down at the bulge in her coat pocket, her dangerous cargo felt heavy and suspicious, as if it could glow and indicate she'd stolen it for the entire world to see. Estellus locked her door and quickly made her way across the floor to the kitchenette and plopped into her chair, suddenly feeling drained. Pulling out the stolen item from her pocket, she held it for a moment, noting its weight. The smoothly-shaped case felt heavy in her hand as she placed it gingerly on the table, marveling at the strange technological accessory that she had no idea what it was for.

The double-walled glass clip with a metal enclosure stood upright resting on its rubberized base. The faint light from the streetlamp across the street bathed it in dim yellow-orange hue, giving the liquid inside the clip an eerie green glow. Estellus simply sat there and stared at it, admiring its technical aesthetics as much as considering the madness she had gotten herself into.

She wanted to tell herself that she was going mad due to her intense infatuation with her supervisor. He seemed to send mixed signals, that on one hand he saw her as a friend and other times that he may have something else in mind. The way he touched her shoulder or back, his smile, and the way he looked at her, sometimes staring... it was a bit unsettling but Estellus enjoyed what attention she could garner.

She considered herself plain, not really having many curves save for the small lumps that served as breasts on her almost-flat chest and she had no butt as far as she could see - nearly flat as a board. Estellus was jealous of her younger sister that had a shelf of a rump - one could put a glass on the edge and it wouldn't fall off. Though Estellus did have some hips, it was just barely enough to see that she was female and not an effeminate-appearing man.

Estellus couldn't understand how she had gotten to this point, but she had a hard time coming up with excuses. She grew interested and tried to find clues about his mysterious nature. On the job he had no personal artifacts to go by, not even pictures of his children. Though friendly and always with a smile on his face, Baustar Olus had a strange aura about him, as if he were something different, almost otherly.

Estellus watched his children from time to time when his other job called him in to work late, whatever it was. She worked with him in clerical processing for a database management corporation that handled numerous files for the state security system. It was boring mind-numbing and soul-destroying work, but it paid well.

As for the clip, Estellus found it rummaging through Olus's desk at his home office. Though she was always over at his house to look after the children when it was too late to call the nanny, Estellus peeked and prodded through anything that wasn't nailed down in the house only to come up with empty; until a few hours ago. The clip had fallen out of a drawer and hit her feet neatly on the ground. Ignoring her instincts to put it back, Estellus had a momentary thought to just toss it out, but she pushed the ideas aside and prayed Olus wouldn't miss it as she pocketed it and straightened his office to make it appear she hadn't been there. Moments later her telephone rang and Estellus stiffened. The ring pierced the air until her answering machine turned on.

"It's me, Herr Olus," a deep voice rumbled on the other end of the line. "We need to talk privately right away, Fraulein Ariolym. This matter is sehr wichtig." Estellus gulped hard.

Very Important - that was a very poor sign. She hardly had her supervisor call her, let alone needing to talk about something very important. Olus said something else that was drowned out by the thudding of her heart in her ears. It was rare that he had to talk to her about something important, but when he started dropping his native German, Estellus knew she was in some kind of trouble.

Olus rarely angered, but when he did, he only swore in German. She shuddered, recalling the time he took her out to dinner to discuss her latest promotion and some random young man tried to talk lewdly to her. Estellus felt shock and awe when Olus punched the guy hard in the guts that left him crying on the floor. She didn't know what Olus said in return, but she knew it wasn't a mere warning. Olus quickly blushed and apologized to her, saying he hated when men mistreated nice women. That incident seared into her mind, as if her unconscious wanted to keep it as a warning.

Estellus left the table and approached the answering machine to play back the message. Olus wanted to meet her at a lounge in Uptown. She sucked in a thin breath. Uptown? Lounge? Why? Estellus felt faint immediately, not sure why and uneasy that he'd ask her to go to someplace that intimate. However, there would be other people as witnesses if he snapped and tried to stab her eyes out. Estellus chuckled, shook her head and headed for her bedroom to change. Her imagination would be the death of her.

Estellus couldn't recall when the sirens had started as she opened her stuffed closet full of stacks of clothing that oozed out. Her rush back to the apartment after Olus's return was a blur of pure adrenalin and paranoia and the first thing she remembered between now and then that the siren was going off in the distance. She thought of maybe calling the police and turning it in, but then she'd get in trouble for stealing. Maybe the sirens were police looking for her because Olus knew she had stolen the accursed thing and it wouldn't be long before they knocked on her door to haul her away.

Estellus drifted back into the kitchenette and stared into the acrylic window on the side of the long slender clip, watching the mesmerizing glow of the liquid inside. The thought of having it in her apartment made her heart race. Without warning and with much of the same push of willpower she used when grabbing the thing in the first place, Estellus reached over and took the clip, searching for a decent hiding place. Tucking it in the overhead cabinet behind the cornmeal, she pushed it into the far back and closed the door shut, blowing a sigh of relief. She felt her stomach rumble a bit and headed to the refrigerator to open the door and peered inside. Nothing but flour, spoiled milk, hard bread and some spotted meat. Then she remembered - grocery shopping!

Estellus groaned and shut the door then leaned against it. Her legs felt weak and she slid to the floor, suddenly sapped of energy. She had to push all thoughts of that mysterious clip out of her mind and do something else for a while, something normal and sane. Estellus didn't consider herself a criminal, since she was a dull and boring and somewhat normal office jockey, converting vague and contradictory instructions into code for her bosses. She muddled through the day, trying not to gnaw her fingernails down to the bone until she had freedom for the weekend.

Estellus wasn't particularly outgoing, even making a point of maintaining a polite and regular exterior, even in the company of her more wilder coworkers that she had to drive home several times for partying way too hard. That reminded her - it was Friday and it was the day she usually went out.

Getting up with a lot of effort, Estellus concentrated on picking up her fallen groceries. She felt tense as she put the food away, still enamored with the package now in her cabinet. The adrenaline was not going to let her relax any time soon, so she headed for her bathroom to switch on the hot water from the tap in order to cool off. Peeling off her coat, Estellus chucked it on the bed and pulled out of her crumpled white polo shirt and knee-length skirt. She toed off her thigh-high stockings and stomped for the shower, standing under the hot spray that jettisoned from the head.

Stepping out the shower, Estellus switched on her television and headed for her closet to search for something worth wearing. The television broadcasted an erotic film about a man wrapped and held by an alien with numerous tentacles and a woman wearing not much else other than spiked stiletto shoes and waving a whip, shouting at how bad he was and how he was going to get punished by her mutant pet. Estellus chuckled to herself. She watched pornographic films, not to get hot and bothered from it, but to hear the cheesy lines and bad acting from unnatural dialog, as well as enjoying the horribly weak storylines.

A sudden and sharp rap on her door startled her and Estellus let out a yelp and whirled around, only to trip on the area rug near her bed and strike the floor with a crash. She cried out again and the hard rapping continued, as well as muffled shouting. Estellus quickly sprang to her feet and grabbed a towel to wrap about her body and rushed for the front door.

"Are you okay in there?" a voice called on the other side.

"I'm fine," Estellus called back, suddenly feeling nauseous. "Just hold on!" Estellus gulped for breath and tried to steady her breathing as her hands shook and her skin grew cold. It was the police, she just knew it was the police and they were going to take her away, towel and all! She blew a shaky sigh and opened the door and surely enough, she found herself being stared down by two officers, one male and the other female. Estellus felt herself shrink from their hard gazes and her heart pound hard in her ears. "How can I help you?" she asked weakly and gave a faint smile. The male officer raised an eyebrow and glanced to his partner before looking back at Estellus.

"Evening, Ma'am," the officer said. "I'm Officer Kenrik and this is Officer Blackthorne." Estellus nodded. "Are you aware that there has been a major drug bust in the area and there are some gangsters on the loose?" Estellus blinked slowly, not answering. "Ma'am...?"

"Hrm?" Estellus shook her head and nervously glanced at the massively built man and his athletic partner. Suddenly aware of her cowering stance, Estellus attempted to lean against the doorframe in a more natural manner.

"Well, I'm sure you've heard the sirens for the last half-hour," Blackthorne replied. "We're currently checking to make sure no one in the surrounding area has seen any suspicious activity to suggest that the gangsters are hiding here."

"Oh, er, well...."

"Do you have anything suspicious that you would like to report, Ma'am?" Kenrik asked.

"No, nothing suspicious," Estellus answered quickly. "Nothing at all!" She ran a hand through her wet hair, trying to appear nonchalant.

"Well --" Blackthorne immediately cut Kenrik off.

"Ma'am, are you aware that you're acting suspiciously?" she accused.

"What?" Estellus's voice failed her, rising into a scared squeak. She quickly cleared her throat. "No, it's just..."

"I'm afraid we're going have to ask to come in," Blackthorne said sternly, her demeanor becoming more authoritarian than Kenrik's.

"No!" Estellus cried. "I'm mean, there's just... it's not..." She could only manage to stutter and stare, wild-eyed at the two officers standing in front of her. She looked to Kenrik, hoping for a hint of salvation, but his expression was stone cold. Automatically without thought, Estellus instinctively moved to close the door. In doing so, Officer Kenrik placed his hand against the wood, firmly pressing against Estellus's feeble attempts. Blackthorne reached for her radio and a sudden clatter came from within the apartment, followed by a screech.

"Oh my god!" a voice hoarsely screamed. "It's fucking me in my brain!"

"Take that like the dog you are!" another voice shouted, followed by a loud crack of the whip. "Pound him like a jackhammer, my pet!"

Estellus's eyes went wide, as well as Kenrik's. She felt her face flush hot and shrunk back even more and Kenrik pushed his way through, holding open the door for Blackthorne that stepped in, hand over the hilt of her holster. Behind Estellus, the terrible dialogue played out as well as a sucking squelching noise that repeated behind it. Estellus quickly turned away as she held a hand to her face, tying to hide her shame and embarrassment.

Blackthorne coughed and cleared her throat as she backed out the door.

"Well," Kenrik murmured as he also backed away. "We'll just be leaving then." He stepped out and gently closed the door for Estellus. She heard them walk next door before knocking, continuing their duties. Estellus hurried for her bedroom and shut off the television, then locked herself in the bathroom. She sat behind the door, curling up into a ball of sheer mortifying embarrassment and rocked, holding her knees tightly against her chest.

After her shame quelled somewhat, Estellus realized the complex had grown quiet and the police had left. She had to get out of there, away from the place and gather her senses. Getting up, Estellus quickly searched for an outfit to throw on. After going through several articles, she settled on one and stared at her reflection in the mirror. Estellus sighed, resigning herself to another night of hell, though on this night it was a bit different: hell dealing with her supervisor from her job of all people! Usually if she weren't looking after his son and daughter and getting teased for always putting the diapers on wrong the next day, she'd be cruising at the bar, hoping someone would notice her.

Estellus always aimed to change that fact and yet she continually failed. She ran the brush through her shoulder-length sandy brown hair one final time and struck a pose, admiring her emerald green spaghetti-strapped mini-dress that hugged every curve, dip, and hollow of her body. The dress matched her flats and her eyes, bringing out the pale freckles that slightly dotted her cheeks and arms. Grabbing for the pale pink lipstick, Estellus put it on and sighed again. This was as good as her appearance was going to get.

The lounge was boring at best; with the only thing of interest was the music - catchy pop tunes in another language Estellus couldn't quite place. The various drunks that filtered in gave repeated offers which she continually turned down, slightly creeped out and flattered at the same time. After nursing the same drink for an hour - a non-alcoholic one after all - Estellus gave up waiting on Olus and left the now-crowded bar, heading for the door. As she reached for the exit, she accidentally bumped into someone entering.

"I'm sorry," she murmured.

"Es ist in Ordnung," a deep hearty voice replied. "It's fine." Estellus looked up and her breath caught in her throat. Olus smiled faintly as he towered over her, his dark brown hair slicked back into a short que. His violet eyes were behind crimson-tinted sunglasses and he wore a dark navy pinstripe suit with an opened-collar dark blue shirt, revealing a silver chain around his neck.

"What took you so long?" Estellus asked. Olus took her gently by the arm and propelled her away from the doorway they blocked, leading her to the bar.

"Seven and seven for me," he told the tender as she approached. "And what would you like to have?"

"Shirley Temple," Estellus replied and sat on the cushioned stool next to Olus that leaned against the counter.

"Not much of a drinker, hm?" Olus asked.

"I like to keep my head clear," Estellus answered.

"Do you tend to get in trouble like the others in Division E-7?" Estellus giggled and they received their drinks. So he knew about her crazy coworker's antics.

"No, I'm usually the designated driver." Estellus shrugged her shoulders. "It's become habit, I suppose."

"Well, have a drink on me, ja?"

"What about my car?" Estellus protested. "I don't want to leave it here!"

"It'll be safe," Olus promised.

"Well, I don't know what I want..."

"What do you like?"

"Something fruity I suppose?"

"Malibu and cola please," Olus called to the tender. Moments later, Estellus received an amber-colored drink in a frosted highball glass and she sipped it with the straw stuck in, surprised at how the mix of cola and coconut liqueur rum mixed well together.

"You look very pretty tonight," Olus murmured and took a long drink of his gin and lemon-lime soda, giving her a long look from head to toe. Estellus blushed and withdrew the straw and threw back the rest of her drink.

"Erm, thanks I suppose..." Olus raised an eyebrow, somewhat baffled.

"Are you not used to compliments?"

"So why did you invite me out?" Estellus blurted and set down her glass. Olus's faint smile widened.

"I like you a lot," Olus said. "I'd like for us to get to know each other better." Estellus felt as if she were floating in her skull. About time, a man that gave a damn about her and wasn't drunk enough to make himself think she was pretty! He was sober and he meant it! Estellus started giggling, embarrassed and happy all at once.

"What would you like to know?" she asked once she calmed. She picked up her glass, noticing it had more liquor in it.

"I know a great deal about you," Olus said, with a strange glint in his eyes.

"What?" Estellus shuddered and pushed her drink away. Olus let out a hearty laugh.

"What's with that look?" He pinched her cheek. "You are too cute!"

"Er, if you say so..." Estellus didn't know what to make of this man as she rubbed her face and finished her drink. Olus finished his glass and quickly righted his stance, taking Estellus by the arm and pulling her close.

"Shall we go mein lieber?"

"I guess..."

Estellus felt at a loss once they returned to Olus's house, a dark gothic manor with gray siding and black shutters and doors offset by dark blue trim. Stone gargoyles lined the cobblestone pathway leading up to the screened sun porch. Estellus felt lightheaded and ignored her intuition that tried to tell her something was going to happen. Once Olus opened the door and walked inside, Estellus hung back at the door, afraid to enter. Olus switched on the gaslights, illuminating the dark cherry paneling on the walls, ceiling and floors. She felt slightly claustrophobic with the darkness around her.

"I don't bite," Olus said, grinning. Estellus stepped inside and she gasped when caught in a firm embrace. Olus kissed her deeply with a ferocity she never imagined possible and his large hands caressed her body through the dress, making her moan. Gently lifting her up in his arms, Estellus's shoes fell off her feet as Olus kicked the door shut and carried her up the winding staircase to the second floor.

Carrying her into the master bedroom, Olus shouldered the door, revealing a room in stark crimson and black coloring, with black curtains on the windows and red satin sheeting over a large king-sized bed made of darkly stained oak. As he laid her down on the bed, her dress rode up, revealing orange lace panties.

Olus stepped back as he kicked off his black dress loafers and pulled out of his blazer then stripped off his dark blue shirt from his body, revealing a muscular chest under a downy fur of dark brown hair. Estellus lost all interest in his hairy chest as she watched his hands move to his pants. She watched breathlessly as the dark navy material slide down his thighs and legs, revealing tight-fitting black boxer briefs and trouser socks.

"You look perfect," Estellus said dreamingly. "Like a god." Olus snorted and he pounced on the bed, forcing Estellus let out a yelp in pleasant surprise as he pushed her back by the shoulder and straddled her hips between his knees.

"At last, mien lieber, things will be as they should be," he said softly and kissed her with a boldness she hadn't known he'd possessed. Estellus was too lost in her desire to register his statement. Olus drew away slightly, running his lips down her throat as his hands roamed under her dress and Estellus gasped at the sensations coursing through her body.

A sudden clatter downstairs forced Olus to pause and he sat up, startled.

"Was war das?" he grumbled and pulled away from Estellus. Grabbing a black silk bathrobe with a red dragon stitched on the back behind the door of his room, Olus pulled it over his broad shoulders and stepped out into the hall. When another unnatural sound gave way downstairs, he reached for a bat that leaned against the frame and made his way down the staircase.

Estellus sat up on her elbows, overwhelmed. She had no idea he'd ever taken interest in her, let alone wanting to paw at her and get freaky. Glancing up, she noticed the mirrored ceiling and the wondrous feelings she felt immediately dissipated. Estellus felt chilled and slipped out of bed. Hurrying to the door, she peered out in the dimly lit hall, hearing nothing, then shut the door and hurried to the windows. Pulling the curtain back slightly, Estellus glanced outside to see nothing but darkened street. Leaving the window, she tripped over a chest and bit her fist to keep from cursing in pain.

Glancing nervously back at the door, Estellus opened the chest a crack to see a pale hand with an amethyst ring slip out. She quickly shoved it back in and scampered away, stunned and frightened. Estellus shuddered, not sure if that was real or fake, but she couldn't recall if plastic felt cold like that hand. Turning away in disgust, she made a direct line to the nightstand and opened the drawer, rummaging through it. Estellus paused when she came across a photograph of a naked woman blindfolded, bound, gagged and cut up to pieces. She gasped and quickly swallowed the acrid burning in her throat as she picked up the photo, only to find more pictures of women with the same fate. Brown haired, blond haired, black haired, red haired, and colors in between, they were all very much naked and dead.

Hearing footsteps, Estellus quickly chucked the photos back in the drawer and pushed it shut, then jumped on the bed, lying back and striking a seductive pose as the door opened, revealing Olus holding a tray with two wine glasses of green drink.

"Ah, I see you were nervous about the noise downstairs, ja?" Olus replied, smiling faintly. "I left a window open and my neighbor's katzchen likes to prowl in my kitchen."

"What's that you have there?" Estellus asked nervously. The green drink looked eerily like the liquid in the case she found in his desk.

"Absinthe is all," Olus approached the bed and Estellus sat up. He sat on the edge of the bed and set the tray aside on the nearby nightstand as he held one glass in hand. "Enjoy a drink with me. Let's calm our nerves." Estellus grabbed a glass of the green spirit and peered into it, mesmerized by the green liquid that seemed to give a soft glow. She brought the glass to her lips and took a sip. The drink was oily and tasted bitter, but with an overpoweringly sweet aftertaste. Estellus almost gagged as it slid down her throat. "Taste good, ja?" Olus inquired.

Estellus drank the rest and immediately felt sick, feeling the oily liquor burning through her stomach. Her heart banged in her chest as she realized just then she had no idea of Olus's intentions and if he poisoned the drink to get her into the same position as the women in the photographs. She felt stupid for having stolen that clip of his, stupid for having letting herself get led by Olus's smooth moves and using her desperate nature to manipulate her, and above all else, extremely stupid for drinking the stuff that was probably eating away at her insides now! Estellus put a hand over her mouth. She really had to throw up her guts and get rid of the poison.

Dropping the glass, Estellus left the bed and ran for the master bathroom that was crafted of black and white marble with gold accented trim and dropped to her knees in front of the toilet, overcome with dry heaves. She leaned against the cool porcelain once the first wave passed, feeling nausea building up. Estellus waited and waited, growing dizzy with fear and nervous anticipation, but nothing happened. Worried and confused, she cautiously crawled away from the toilet and sat against the tub as her skin broke out in cold sweat.

"Maybe I'm just over-reacting," Estellus murmured.

Then she began to feel something happening.

An unnatural warmth, fuzzy and strong like alcohol began to pour through her as her mouth and throat went numb where the liquor had touched. Estellus gasped as a rush of pleasure pulsed throughout her body from her core, like a weak orgasm. The pulsing warmth raged through her repeatedly, building with each wave, never once reaching the apex of pointed sensation. She cried out as her back arched violently and her body became consumed with uncontrollable shaking. Estellus fell on her side, moaning and writhing on the cool tiled floor, her body twisting and wracked with convulsions that should have proved painful, but felt pleasurable at the same time. Her eyes were wide and dilated as she gasped raggedy for air, vaguely aware of her surroundings but also not sure what was happening, despite the crossed signals of fear and drugged cheerfulness.

She squirmed on the floor, clutching her sides and moaning in ecstasy. Estellus felt as if her insides were churning and boiling, as if her guts were filled with live eels and she giggled in excitement. Regaining enough composure to sit up, she fell into another fit of giggles when the alien sensations didn't stop.

Olus stepped into the bathroom moments later, holding a belt in hand. Estellus looked up, grinning at him. She noticed he had taken the band out of his hair and his dark brown hair cascaded as wavy curls at his ears. He seemed tall and intimidating wearing the robe and Estellus cocked her head, noticing he was nude underneath, having removed his underwear and socks. She laughed harder at such an absurd idea.

"Guess what?" she asked between giggles.


"I'm completely off my rocker!" Estellus laughed at her predicament and Olus gave a tight smile.

"Nien, mein lieber," he said darkly. "You are high as a kite..." Olus grasped the belt and tightened it in both hands. "And when I'm through with you, you'd feel only pleasure on your way to Holle, no pain at all."

"Why do you do this?"

"Because I hate pretty women," Olus stepped closer and knelt before Estellus. "I could give you many reasons, but it's not worth discussing." Estellus pat at his cheek, feeling the coarse stubble at his jaw.

"Why do you wear those glasses?" she asked and took off the rose-colored sunglasses and put them on, smiling brightly. "Don't I look pretty?" Olus's right eye twitched and his violet eyes darkened as his jaw set.

"Yes you are," he said through gritted teeth. "Very pretty." Olus wrapped the belt around Estellus's neck and pulled tightly. She let out a surprised yelp and grabbed for the leather. Olus turned out and pulled her down as she struggled against him. He squeezed harder and gasped and choked, her face turning red until her vision became spotty and whitened out, then her mind slipped into the void.

A large heavy thudding sound brought Estellus back to reality. The drug still coursed through her veins with each beat of her heart and she felt heavy as if held down with lead weights. She opened her eyes moments later and noticed she was entirely naked, bruised and upside down. Her legs were splayed in the air and her shoulder blades on the floor with her back bent upward against the side of the tub that had clawed feet, forcing her rear and her groin skywards. With her weight bearing down, the hard tile hurt her spine. Estellus giggled at her lewd and ridiculous pose, taking note of one foot shackled to the brass shower curtain rod and the other to the towel rack with her knee curled against her chest while her left wrist tied to the clawed foot of the tub and her right wrist shackled to the base of the sink. Her head spun and wheeled with vertigo, forcing her to an inhuman level of pleasure. Beyond orgasm, beyond ecstasy, Estellus felt her whole body lose cohesion as everything she was suddenly obliterated by a tsunami of white-hot pleasure. She let out a scream, partly in frustration and partly in enjoyment.

"I'm surprised you're awake," Olus said coolly. Estellus looked up to find him sitting across from her on the toilet, running a file over a butcher knife. At his feet rest a black metal lunch box with assorted tools and implements inside.

"What are you doing?" Estellus croaked. Olus glanced over at her, mildly surprised.

"Oh, you're able to speak?" He chuckled darkly. "Well, stand the blissful torture for as long as you can, not that you have any choice." Olus stood, dropping the file onto the floor with a clang. "Surrender and let the pleasures of the flesh engulf you, mein lieber. Find paradise in Holle."

"No!" Estellus yelled and jerked when Olus approached. He swung the blade and Estellus yanked her foot, wrenching free the shower rod, causing it to crash over Olus's head. He staggered back and tripped over the file, falling head over heels on the floor. Estellus quickly worked her foot free from the shower rod, sliding the handcuff over the end. Estellus twisted her body, trying to yank the chains free that held her down. "Why me?" she cried as Olus sat up dazed, then shook his head. He chuckled, noticing rivulets of blood running down his arm where the knife cut him and licked his wound.

"You are mine and I'm not through with you yet!" Estellus struggled with her binds, ignoring the metal that cut into her skin. The towel rack came loose and she kicked Olus that approached in his chest, sending him falling back against the toilet. Yanking her wrist against the cuff that was attached to the tub, part of the link stretched and she screamed when she forcibly yanked her hand through, slicing her skin and breaking her thumb. Olus grunted as he stood and growled when Estellus got on her haunches, panting heavily for breath. He charged forward and Estellus shouldered him in the chest, then grabbed him by the crotch and flipped him back onto the floor. Stomping on his chest, she seethed when the blade cut across her calf. Estellus stepped on his wrist and yanked the knife out of hand, then gave another stomp on his chest for good measure. Olus coughed and turned on his side, wheezing as Estellus ran the knife against her binds that kept her other hand restrained around the sink. Snapping it free, Estellus took off and hurried downstairs. "Get back here!" Olus roared.

Estellus fumbled with the locks on the door and finally slung it open and ran out in the yard.

"Help!" she screamed. A sudden bright light blinded her as she entered the street and she turned, letting out a wail in terror. The car screeched to a stop, its bumpers barely touching Estellus's knees. Estellus staggered back as the car door opened and a young man came out the driver's side.

"Holy shit!" he yelped. Estellus's eyes rolled to the back of her head and her world slipped beneath her grasp. The young man quickly grabbed for her before she fell.


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