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The Lost Wolf cub

Novel By: lanchava

Snowflame the pale grey wolf cub's pack is murdered by the hated Howlers, a strong band of wolves sworn on destroying all who disobeyed them. Snowflame hides in the mountain to discover that two male wolves are also running from the danger. They befriend each other and set out to avenge their packs. View table of contents...



Submitted:Mar 30, 2009    Reads: 102    Comments: 6    Likes: 3   

The trees rustled in the cool breeze as a pack of wolves slept soundly in a small meadow surrounded by the tall and graceful trees. The fierce sun bet down on the wolves, basking them with its delicious rays.

Five young cubs were just stirring from their siesta, and were sniffing the ground dully. They were bored.

One young female cub with a pale grey pelt and ice blue eyes, rolled around in the damp grass and growled with pleasure. Her siblings followed suit, and soon all of the were covered in grass.

The young female studied her brothers from the corner of her bright eyes. Her younger brother, Frostpool, had a thoughtful muzzle and was a very pale grey, even paler than her own. His sharp, ice blue eyes twinkled with delight as he rolled around with glee. She growled in amusement and turned her attention to the oldest of the cubs, Kai, a bold male with a good sense of humour. His dark grey fur was streake with white, and his green eyes took after the alpha male's.

Kai suddenly stopped rolling around and stood up warily, scenting the air. The female, sensing danger, snarled cautiously as she too got to her feet. She copied her brother, and snarled fiercely. There was the disctint smell of wolf, but it was not a familiar wolf. It was an intruder.

" Kai, what is it?" nervously growled Frostpool, tail in between his legs. He was the omega of the cubs, and was not very brave.

Kai glanced in fright at his sister, then said, " Snowflame, tell mamma and pappa!"

Snowflame glared at him, then reluctantly trotted over towards the alpha male and female. They were snoozing next to each other, and Snowflame was uncertain how to wake them.

Suddenly there was a warm body pressed against her right flank, and she turned, snarling. She sighed as it was only Varloc, her third oldest brother. His bright, golden eyes shown with fear, but his voice was clear and strong, almost like their father, Grell. Varloc nuzzled his sister before carefully lowering himself closer to his perfectly grey father, before howling loudly.

A flurry of birds screeched and flew out of the trees, landing nearby. The pack awoke with a start, and the alpha male snarled, raising his hackles, angry to be disturbed from his nap. His eyes narrowed as he spotted his two cubs, standing nervously next to him.

" What?" he snarled bitterly, lowering his hackles, his eyes stil wary. Beside him, the alpha female got to her feet and trudged towards the other members of the pack, her white tail raised. Grell's eyes followed his mate as she started talking to Della, the proud female Beta of the pack. The male Beta, a brave, black wolf named Orion, padded quietly over towards them.

Snowflame pointed her muzzle towards the trees on the other side of the meadow, where Kai was heading towards with Frostpool and her other brother, Amagao, who had the same coloured pelt as his father. Snowflame snarled as she hurried desperately towards them, trying to get there in time...

Grell realised too late that his cubs were in danger. He scented the clear air and snarled furiously as the scent of wolf reached him. He could only smell one, though. He beckoned for Orion, and they overtook Snowflame as they bounded with a furious energy towards the intruder.

Kai and Amagao were just peering into the trees, with Frostpool hanging back, when there was a scurry of sound and an old wolf came tumbling out of the trees and landed flat on the wet ground. Kai pulled back, his small hackles raised. Amagao and Frostpool bolted in fright, and Snowflame and Varloc met them.

Orion raised his black tail fiercely into the air, and sneered at the newcomer. It was an old female, and she had a greying muzzle and sad, wise eyes. She gazed unblinking at Orion, who stopped sneering at her and growled in amazement.

" Grell, Tarkah, Della, Trak, its my mother!" he blinked several times, then wondered why he hadn't recognised her smell. He carefully lay down next to her and cuddled up to the old she-wolf.

Grell turned to Tarkah, and her snow white pelt shimmered as she ran over. She glanced knowingly at Grell, who nodded sadly. Orion's tail was raised in delight, and he snuggled even closer to her.

The female looked up and stared boldly into Tarkah's eyes. " Tarkah, my daughter, are you not happy to see your dear old mother?"

Tarkah raised her hackles and snarled furiously. " You are not my mother! My mother died from the teeth and claws of the Howlers!" The whole pack froze, confused. Orion glared at his sister, and then at the intruder, and put two and two together.

Snowflame and Frostpool huddled up to Della, who whispered soothing words to them to calm their nerves. Kai, Amagao and Varloc stared almost mockingly at the old female, and the Omega of the pack, Trak, nervously hung back behind Della, his red tinged tail low.

Tarkah looked and Grell, and he nodded. " Children, Della, Trak, follow me." He turned around and trotted towards the far side of the meadow, his proud head staring boldly ahead, his grass green eyes searching for any other sign of wolves. Snowflame purposely waited until Frostpool, Della and Varloc had passed before turning to Amagao and Kai in disbelief. They sighed wearily, and Kai glanced angrily at the intruder.

" She didn't even ask permission to enter our pack's boundaries." snarled Amagao fiercely, his cunning eyes blazing. Snowflame nodded, and wagged her tail.

Kai rolled his eyes and turned to his little sister, and poked her with his muzzle. " You're the catcher!" and they hurried after the others.

Tarkah and Orion circled the faemme as she boldly lay there, her sharp eyes following them. Tarkah snarled, " Who are you?"

" I am your mother's sister. I am here to warn you of an oncoming danger. The Howlers are coming!"


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