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Huntress- The First Dance With Death

Novel By: LizLew

Morrigan Artio Llewellyn has never exactly been average. She can runn faster than anyone, she can lift things of extraordinary weights and always knows what's going to happen before it does.
And she's on a mission to save someone who was lost to her. Little does she know that death will follow, one, two, hundreds and thousands. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Aug 28, 2011    Reads: 52    Comments: 11    Likes: 2   


I walk down the road in the dead of night. Leather jacket, black jeans, converse, band t-shirt...take one look at me and you'd think that I was just a normal teenager. I'm 16 but look older, medium height, short red hair, like a flame...the only difference? My eyes were crimson. The exact colour of blood, though they used to be a pale blue. I don't know why or how, they just changed and are now a colour impossible to have. Never seen crimson before? Go slit your wrist. It will be the last thing you ever see if you do it right.
It was the last thing my mum saw anyway. My dad's last sight was the lightning striking the ground.
I remember it as if it were just yesterday. I'm not sure about the who orthe why, I just know the when and where.
When-my fourth birthday.
Where-the kitchen, and despite the number of knives in there, they didn't stand a chance.
I don't know what we had done to deserve that. Yes, we, not them. The fact is, I'm suffering more than they ever did.
My father was slicing up the hunk of meat he had brought form the butchers. All of us planned on having steaks. Nice and bloody. My mother sat on the arm of the sofa, watching me carefully as I petted the python I had had that day. We were an odd family.
I was thinking of what to name him, when my dad stopped slicing and looked at the window, and at the exact same time, my mother had thrown me into a cupboard, snake still around my neck. She moved at a incredible speed. Back then, I'd thought she was magic-I hadn't even seen her move! I blinked and was in a dark space filled with cans of food. Now I just put it down to a twist in the imagination. I was only four, so it was natural of me to twist my thoughts into something more than they were.
There were a couple of cracks in the cupboard. I looked through one, watching the massacre.
It was just like the nightmare I had had the night before. A massive group of people burst in through the door, windows and everywhere else-even the ceiling.
My father hadn't even blinked before his body was sliced as much as the slab of meat he was preparing. An arm here, a leg there, a bloody mess that used to be his insides.
My mother was standing completely still, held from the behind, starring at the remains of him, before they did the same thing to her.
I waited for the group of people to leave. Before they did, however, one of them pulled out a small vial and filled it with my father's remains. Someone did the same with my mother.
Another person said something, and everyone laughed. I couldn't hear what he said, but I would never forget the way every single person looked in that room.
After the group left, I slowly opened the cupboard door. The snake uncoiled from around me for some reason unknown. I was too distracted.
I walked around the quiet, bloody scene. The whole thing lasted about ten minutes, though it felt like forever. The snake had escaped and was slithering away through the window. I let it.
My mind was blank, my mouth and throat dry...until I accidently kicked something round.
My young mind had already guessed what it was, seeming to have matured in too many ways, though I was still reluctant to look.
I tried to walk, but I physically couldn't. My legs refused to move from the spot. I tried again, and ended up sitting with my legs crossed, staring at the head of my father. The eyes were still open, but held no light in them. I knew he was dead and wouldn't except any illusions just to comfort myself. I'm still like that today. I realize that the world is too messed up to save itself, so someone needs to step up and do it for them.
A single tear rolled down my cheeks, and as the memory faded to black, I looked up to the moon for comfort. The tear from the memory was upon my cheek, as it always is when I remember that day.
I fingered the scars in my neck. The whole time I was in the cupboard the snake had been feasting upon my blood without my attention.
After I had placed the head in my arms, I had rubbed my locket with both my parents blood. I still have that locket around my neck.
And then my world turned black. The snakes venom had entered my system. I should have died, but just before the darkness completely took me, I felt my eyes explode and my teeth sharpen. I was changing, but not dying. In fact, I had turned into something beyond death. A Huntress.
And then my eyes shut.
I turned away from the moon and looked out across the river. There was a couple details I needed to find out.
The why, the who and where. Because, even though the destruction had happened in the living room, they had taken something else from me. You see, I have a little brother. Who they took. Some place that will be worse than death and suffering. Some place that may be both.
And I will get him back, even if it's the last thing I ever do.


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