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Novel By: Lobelia89

Tags: Other, Love

I got this idea form the tv show flight 29 down with corbin bleu. i love him so much i was like what would it be like on and island with him so i made my own story.

this is my itro to the stroy and so you know its in your pov thoue the story

the story will go you Jamie your best friend sarah and a few kids from school corbin, Bam his gril friend missy, jacab, kyle and his on and off gril jen who is very smart, you all are geeting ready to go on a school trip to wild. you were going to camp take lots of pics and have lots of foun you didt like camping all that much but you loved taking pics and you werer going with your bbf and you kind of had a thing for corbin but you never talked to him that much other then a hi whats going on talk so maybe this could be the chanch of a life time. and sarah had a thing of jacab

hope you injoy

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YOUR POV: You and Sarah were at school talking about what all stuff you were taking on the trip you were going to be gone a week not counting the day you whent up and the day coming back.

"ok sarah im getting snacks, sleeping bags."

"and im getting more snacks tents."

"and we need to get wrom closes, sncks."

"o ya there having that dance there on the last day so we have to have something sweet Jamie,."

"true that o did we say snacks yet." you both laffed you can never have to many snacks on a trip.

you saw corbin and jacob walking by

"hey guy ready for the trip??"

"ya." Corbin sayed. "you guys??"

"hell ya." you both sayed."

"cool." he said with a smile that mad you smile." well see you lades around."


"man Jamie that jacob is fine."

"so is Corbin."

"just think in 3 days its going to be ys and them. on a plane then camping and having fun."

"ya sarah and it would be socool if they ask us to the dance."

"ya lets just hope the have some sweet music."

3 days latter you all were in front of a cadder plane that held 10 people the other 10 people that were going were on a differnt plane. you all go tyou stuff on the plane

"damn grils" bam saide go enoff shit??"

"never. you both said."

"when you go on a long trip its nice to have to much stuff." sarah said bam just rolled his eyes.

you and sarah said good by to your mom well you mom is arahs mom couse your so close and she lives with you so ya shes both your moms.

you got on the plane and took off. you and sarah were lisaing to music bam and missy were making out so were kyle and jen and corbin and jacob were talking. you couldnt noties but notice how dark it looked our your window. you told sarah you would be right back you got up and whne t to talke to the pilit.

Corbin POV.

"Jacob this trip is goiing to be sweet."

"i know not only are we going to have fun but were might get to ask you know who out fanaly."

"I know." you looked over to see Jamie was talking to the pailet then the plane stared to sake "SHit what the hell???"

the pilet yeeld for everyone to sit down and bukell up.


you ran back to your set

"Jamie??" sarah sied "are we??'



you grab sarahs hand and you looked at heres then you felt some one els grab your hand you looked to see it was corbin. you looked around you head the piled on the rideo trying to get someone he kept saying flight 44 going down going down. then al of a sudden you felt the plane jurk and your head hi the set and you blacked out.


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