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Nerdy, Dirty, and Curvy.

Novel By: lostlover

The beginning of how some wild teenagers live their life. Just read it. View table of contents...


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I had just finished getting ready when I heard two short beeps out my window. I silently slipped out as if anyone would miss me and ran to Courtney's jeep. They had the door open for a clean get away.

Her and Emilee's shirts glowed in the dark just like mine. The neon is nothing compared to our bodypaint. ( We went crazy with it once and decorated Courtney's pretty, little, white jeep with it. As soon as her grandpa figured it out, he made us wash it. We saw an oppurtunityto make money, so we sold tickets to the local guys to watch us get wet in *neon* bikinis. We do little things like that for attention, but we don't act too slutty.)

We still had to get Paige before we went to the Neon Hideout. I know it sounds redundant: how can you hide if everything is neon? Just because we call it a hideout doesn't mean we're hiding. More like, daring you to see us. ( You're going to read the word neon some many times, it won't look like a word.) The Neon Hideout is more like a club. It's set up in an old factory that we had hot guys put *neon* grafitti all over the inside. It looks... festive. People smoke weed and drink beer there all the time. The supply closets were big enough to fit mattresses in and be used for privacy. And we have street fights every other weekend. I've slept here atleast a hundred times.

We do make sure that no one is raped and we have those 'candy dishes' filled with condoms. Before my brother took over, the one in charge thought rape whistles would be a good idea. It was okay I guess, until someone started to doing Katy Perry songs on them. We don't let anyone older than twenty-one in, and that's only because we need someone for our 'control substances'.

I'm in charge now because my brother, James, was in charge before he went and got himself arrested. I started the neon trend. Ya'll are lucky Twilight came out, or it would be glitter.

When we got to Paige's house we started throwing rocks at her bedroom window (we were sober enough not to throw them at her mom's window... this time.). We she got in, Courtney raced off to the brightest spot in town.

Paige started going on about Kevin, which got Emilee to gush of Trey, which distracted Courtney enough for her to complain about Luke's new hair cut and almost ran over a squirrel. We started driving again after we told Emilee fifteen times it didn't need mouth to mouth. I rolled my eyes and studied the the butterfly I painted on the inside of my wrist. We all have boyfriends, but I'm breaking up with mine tonight.

Matt isn't a controlling idiot. He is THE controlling idiot. He gets really violent, really easy; he's just lucky he hasn't hit me yet. He doesn't like any of my friends, he doesn't like me talking to my friends. When my friends who are girls call, it's totally a guy I'm screwing according to him. He expects me to spend every single second with him.

Of the four in the car, I'm the only one that can and will fight. I don't anymore because no one will fight me, besides James. I'm the reason there's no more snitches. No one wanted to piss me off after they saw what happned to the guy who told on my brother for drugs. I think he's still in the hospital, either that or in hiding. I like to stay in my weight class though.

We pulled up behind the warehouse and parked next to a littl, blue car.


Ava is my brother's ex-girlfriend. She thinks she should be in charge instead of me because she was dating him when he was arrested. She's one of those people that prefer glitter. I think that she had something to do with James's arrest. He didn't think so, but they broke up anyway. He should be getting out in three months.

As soon as we were inside all the stress lifted off of us. We let random bands play here sometimes. We don't pay them, but a lot of people give them a few bucks. We always have plenty of beer and Trey had made himself usefulbyborrowing someone's cable (It's funny to watch them watch Hannah Montanna when they're wasted). I couple people even play cards in the corner when the band isn't good enough for the girls to flash.

I left the group before they left me. I walked off to the street fight zone. Matt was in the middle of a fight. I stood by and watched. Part of me wanted to yell out that we were over so he would get his *ss whooped. I didn't feel like adding injury to insult.

The other got K.O.ed and Matt caught my eye and put up one finger. Just one more fight. I rolled my eyes, and then they rolled right back to the next contestant. He had black hair and brown eyes. He was atleast six foot and was definitely latino. His hands were wrapped like he was a professional fighter. He's so next on my 'hit list'.

When the fight started the new guy didn't stop, but each jab was perfectly placed. Not even a minute later Matt was on the ground and I might have had a smile on my face. Matt remembered I was there and lifted himself to his feet. You can't control a strong woman from the floor. He wiped the blood from his lip and walked over to me, putting his arm around me. Not a single punch had landed on the new guy.

We walked for a bit like that until we were where no one could see us. Then I removed his arm and spun him around. He tried to kiss me, but I stopped him. I needed to play this safe.

"I think you and me are better when we're not together," I said slowly.

"What do you mean?" he asked arching an eyebrow.

I breathed out and said calmly, "I think we should see other people."

"Why do you think that?" he asked in a scary-whiney voice (if that's possible).

"Because you keep trying to control me, and-" and he wouldn't let me finish. He grabbed control of my mouth from around the bottom of my chin.

"You're mine and it's gonna stay that way," he growled. He took both my hands in one of his, and moved the other hand to the back of my hair yanking me down to my knees. I imagiened he would have put himself inside of me. I would have bitten him.

But instead he flew back dragging me with him by my hair. Whoever had punched him stepped on his hand until he released my hair. Matt was about to say something, but my savior, the new guy, kicked him in the ribs. The pansy blacked out.

"Are you okay?" I just stared at him. "Okay, I think you're going through shock. Let's go some where you can lay down."

My eyes went wide, and I was finally able to speak. "No, I'm okay. I'm going to go...," (where?), "Can you take me to the stairs?"

I took a deep breath and followed him. When we got to Courtney I stopped him and turned back to her, "Come with us please," in her ear. She turned to Luke and said, "Get our group and meet us in the room." He looked at my face and did as told.

The room isn't opened to everyone, pretty much only me and my people. It's the only room on the second floor.

I was unsteady so he picked me up (that made it a bit worse, so I closed my eyes) with Courtney in the lead.She unlocked it and held it open for us. He set me gently on the bed and leaned against the wall.

I practiced breathing until they came. One look and Emilee asked what happened. I guess the breathing didn't help.

"Matt tried to..." My sentence fell off as it sunk in what was going to happen.

The new boy finished for me. "He tried to hurt her, but I managed to stop him." He looked at me when he said it, but you could tell he didn't want 'Thank yous' like it was a favor. The guys' eyes got big and their nostrils flared as they grasped the meaning of 'hurt'.

These are THE guys who won't let any girl or woman get hurt.

Paige immediately went off using every swear under the sun before she tried to go for the door. Kevin picked her up and calmed her down. Him, Luke, and Trey had this. Trey nodded at the new guy and asked, "Who the hell are you?"

"I'm Daniel. I'm new." Trey stared at him wanting to further interrogate him, but he knew that it could wait.

"Where'd you leave him?" Kevin asked.

"Across the building inside the room with the writing on it," Daniel answered without missing a beat.

Courtney laughed, "Umm... they all have writing on them."

Trey, our master strategist, responded, "Then you'll come with us and show us where." As they started through the door, Trey stopped Kevin saying, "I think it's best if you stay and protect the girls."

Matt is Kevin's cousin. Him protecting us better be an excuse. We can protect ourselves just fine. (Okay, maybe not as well as I thought.)

Daniel looked back.

Kevin came and sat next to Paige on the bad. They both wanted to go.

"I was trying to break up with him like I said I would," I said as Emilee pulled me into one of her big, emotional hugs.

I stared at Paige and Kevin. Kevin had his arms around her, and she had her hands are balled into fists. He moves his hands to her and he rubs them until they open. Just like in the movie. She looked like she was going to run out the door, and he must have known that. She had sandy blonde and blue eyes. She had light freckles across her whole face. He had dark brown hair and eyes. He was trying to grow a beard and mustache. I don't know how she let him kiss her.

Just then the boys busted through the doors. Daniel had Matt thrown over his shoulder, Luke had a bunch of zip ties, and Trey had the biggest smile.

"You can put him down now," Trey told him. Daniel let him fall to the floor with a smirk. When he hit it, he let out a groan. Luke started to tie him up with the zip ties.

"Everyone thinks he's passed out drunk. We figured you wanted to keep it quiet." Trey said quietly to me. I nodded appreciativly.

Courtney took out a sharpie and started writing bad words on his face with Luke over her shoulder admiring the way she wrote 'dumb *ss' on his forehead. Trey pointed out everyone and named them off.

"and Olivia is the chick you rescued." It makes me feel soooooo good about myself to be called a chick. Not. He walked over and sat next to me on the bed. Kevin and Paige had gone and sat on the floor against the wall. Emilee had tackled Trey to the ground as soon as Daniel was out of the way. Courtney was whispering dirty things in Luke's ear. You could tell by the deep red that flooded his cheeks.

"Are you okay now?" he asked.

"Yeah, I guess," I said shrugging it off.

"Why did you go off alone with him?" he asked like it was the stupidest thing in the world.

I glared at him and said, "I was breaking up with him. I didn't need an audience."

"How long were you two together?" he asked.

"Ummm.... three weeks."

"Three weeks and he was already trying to control you?" he asked skeptically.

I gave him a funny look and my cheeks went pink. I could feel them. "You heard that?"

He nodded. I glanced at Matt and got a b!tchy idea.

"I need help with something."

I had him pick Matt up and carry him downstairs. Everybody followed us out of the room; they didn't know our plan. We stepped out and the few that were still awake were too messed up to even look up.

We put him in one of the closets too small for a bed and Daniel cut off the zip ties with a pocket knife. I stripped him of his clothes and carried them outside. I flung them in different directions; there's suppose to be heavy rains tonight. We gave my friends a bunch of different colored sharpies and left after 'midget pen!s' was written on his lower abdomen.

We grabbed a couple bottles of the good stuff and chased each other upstairs locking the door behind us. We stayed up almost all night drinking and talking. I think we talked about everything... I hope not. Mystery is sexy. I remember even telling him about my butterfly.

I know I get a little tr@mpish when I get drunk, but I woke up with my clothes on.

We went downstairs and everyone was gathered around 'Matt's Self Love Closet'. (That was written on the door in Courtney's handwriting. He was begging to be let out. Somebody let him out and a couple people filmed it with their phones.

He was running around naked looking for his clothes with sharpie all over him. Courtney and Luke had their initials on him with 'Nazi Babies' underneath. Everyone says they are going to have the perfect German children because they bothe have blonde hair and blue eyes. Then Matt turned around and we saw in Courtney's perfect handwriting, 'Daniel & Olivia Forever'.

Somebody is gonna get beaten for writing what I was thinking.


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