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Prince of the Plains

Novel By: LunarEclipse

Amiri has always wanted an adventure. He wanted to be other places besides always inside the herd. As the humans begin to hunt Quaggas more they come for Amiri's herd. They run but there is only one survior. As he struggles to stay alive he makes many friends and gets a mother he would never expect. Would you be able to love someone who saved you,even if they were the very thing that tried to kill you?

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Notes~ok just so you know I am going to post these in two entries at a time maybe more depending on length. I already almost have the next to entries finished and I write a lot so this should be finished within a few months.

~June 15, 1869~
I looked around at the herd which surrounded us. Mother stood not too far away grazing, as did the rest of the concerned mothers. The foals seemed happier than normal for what reason I did not know. All I knew was that I was getting more and more annoyed. The herd hadn't let us escape the center for two days and I wanted to explore. "Amiri, come here son." Mom called and I snorted. I trotted over to her and she looked up quickly. "Stick with me from now until I tell you." She said and went back to eating. "What! But I don't want to mom! Being in the center is boring enough!" I complained. "You will stay here and that is final!" She huffed and that was the end of that. What I didn't know was the reason she had was something I could not counter.

~June 20, 1869~

Five days later I found out why the herd was so vigilant. Humans had been sighted nearby, watching, waiting for the perfect moment. That morning when my eyes opened I was greeted by yelling made by something I did not know. I looked up to see a human pull out a shiny thing. This shiny thing flashed and there was a loud noise. After a moment one of the other's dropped. "We got ourselves a Quagga!" The human yelled. This set off a chain reaction and soon there was the mixture of hoof beats and bangs. Many of the herd fell as we ran but mother would not allow me to turn back to look. She urged me on telling me things like "We will come back for them later." or "There is no time!" We ran and bangs began to fade. Then I heard another bang and my mother fell. The aim had been terrible and had hit her back, but she definitely could not move. "Mother!" I yelled. "Go Amiri, GO!" She yelled as the humans raced towards them. "But mother!" I cried but I knew I had to leave. I took one last look at her and then raced off. It was silent. The only thing that could be heard was the sound of my hoof beats. Those too eventually were muffled. Then a loud bang broke the silence. When I turned my head my face must have filled with horror. There far behind, the humans carried the dead body of my mother. Where she had laid the ground was red. Tears stung my eyes as I turned away and ran. I wouldn't stop running and I wouldn't look back.


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