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The Life and Times of Arnold Stevens

Novel By: Mack

A average geek gets unexpectadley tossed into a world of bullies drugs and high school drama. View table of contents...



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I searched for a breath as so many thoughts rushed through my mind. The sturdy muscular hands holding me in my current positions prevented me from moving no lest than an inch. I was starting to panic under the constant pressure of the whirlpool of water against my pale skin. I thanked god as the two men that were holding me down finally released me. I struggled to get a breath and regain my balance as I sat their motionless.

I could hear a loud booming voice below above me. "That's what you get for messing with me, Arnold, you moron!" I could feel the anger rise in me like a kettle ready to whistle. Since when was accidentally bumping into someone considered messing with someone?! I heard the squeaking of sneakers fade away as I sat up and regained my composure. Another swirly? That has to be the second one this week! I thought as I searched thoroughly for my glasses. Once I felt the touch of cold metal against my skin I picked up my specs and adjusted them on my face. Those stupid neanderthals would get whats coming to them one day. I walked out of the stall, slamming the door as hard as I could against its hinges. I looked at myself in the mirror. "Look at mister handsome, I like the new look! Very… stylish?" I ran my fingers through my damp hair. I reached for a paper towel and dried my hair as best as I could before the break ended. It wasn't going so well as the paper towels were ripping under the slightest pressure. I could hear the faint sound of a bell echoing throughout the bathroom as I took one last reassuring look in the mirror. It wasn't so bad, it's not much worse that last week… no one would care anyway. I walked out of the bathroom and pushed the door open. I soon winced when I looked at my damp digital watch strapped firmly on my wrist. Oh god, Mr. Williams was going to kill me! He could stand anything but tardiness! I opened my locker quickly and grabbed my notebook. I rushed throughout the halls fast enough to save time but slow enough not to be criticized by the teachers. I opened the door to the classroom slowly, as if there was some sort of monster on the other side. Well, close enough. "Mr. Stevens! How nice it is to join us so… late?" I was crying on the inside when I heard the timber in Mr. Williams's voice,�I didn't need reference to a clock to see how really late�I was. "Sorry, sir… I…well…" I searched for an excuse. It would be nice to tell that I was being tortured by tweedle dee and tweedle dumb over here, but I really wasn't in the mood to another trip in the girl's room… again. "I lost track of time…" I sighed and thought about what I just said "Good going dummy, like that dumb excuse was going to get him a pass out of a tardy slip". "Well Mr. Stevens maybe its about time you go a watch" I looked down at my watch. I lips parted then they immediately closed. Like that was going to help. "Take a seat Arnold". I walked down the classroom and sat down on my assigned seat. The suddenly…*FART* I looked down. A whoopee cushion… classic. "Stevens do I need to teach you how to control your bladder also? Simmer down!" I glanced to my left and saw Reese, my tormentor. He gave the most sadistic smile I've ever seen, and turned to face the front of the class. I swore under my breath as I removed the deflated cushion from under my behind. Ahh, how I wanted to shove it down Resse's throat right now. Class went amazingly slow that day and I almost fell asleep, if it wasn't for the spitball that hit me from who knows where...I stepped out of my class and made it to my locker. French class? Great… that's all I needed right now. I felt a tap on my shoulder. I glanced to my left expecting to see Reese when I met eyes with Tony Travera, my best bud in the whole school. "Tony… Tell me you have time to spend with me this lunch?" I looked at him sadly and glanced to the left, "or are you to busy hanging out with your 'peeps or whatever you call them?" I looked at him frustrated. Tony was much more popular than I was, but he still liked me anyways. "Don't worry Arnie, I can always make time for you!" He ruffled his hand through my unruly hair. "Ok, stop now!" I slapped his hand away. "Wow, looks like 'somebody' woke up on the wrong side of the bed today!" He looked at me confused. "Have you ever had a swirly before? Ya, the feeling of drowning in spinning water kinda ruins my mood" I said in a sarcastic tone. "Ok, fine then Mr. Grump ill hang out with you, don't worry" He wrapped his arm around me and ruffled my hair with his other hand. I adjusted my glasses and looked at him funny "Must you be so happy all the time?" I looked at him unhappily and escaped his wrap around me. "Hey, theres nothing wrong with being friendly!" He looked at me and gave me a nudge, and strolled away whistling. There's got to be something special about that guy that makes him so happy all the time. I shrugged my thoughts away and began my route to to french class. Once I finally reached the classroom, I opened the room and entered. I was about to sit down at my desk, but I stopped and checked for any signs of a whoopee cushion. Figures, cause Reese doesn't take french. I waited around 5 minutes for everyone to fill the classroom. Then Mr. Warner stepped in. This guy always seemed to freak me out! He had pale skin and he was bald, and that smile! His teeth seemed to be sharp and white as snow. I think he might really be a vampire! Of course I never 'really' thought he was one, just a thought. "Hello class and welcome to french!" he sat down and adjusted his tie. "Now I trust you remember the test we all took last week?" I nodded and simultaneously chewed on my pencil. Damn, that test was hard. Mr. Warner stood up and grabbed a pile of papers from inside his door. He walked alongside the edge of the room, when he walked next to a open window. "Oh, too bright…" he pulled the blinds down, and began distributing the papers. As he worked his way through the class, I could see happy and disgusted faces spread across my classmates. He started to get closer to me but stopped in front of the girl beside me. "Well well, Miss Veronica, maybe you should seek some guidance so you don't end up with another grade like this hmmm?" He strode away and finally reached me. "Congratulations Stevens 100%". Wow that was a surprise! I give myself a pat on the back and relaxed. "Um, excuse me". I felt a tap on my shoulder. "Huh? Oh Veronica!" I could feel the heat rise up to my cheeks faster than ever. I adjusted my glasses and tried to slouch back coolly but I fell off my desk. God! Now she thinks im a klutz! "Oh! Are you all right Arnold! Here." I looked up and she stuck out her hand to help me up. "Oh no, im fine" I picked myself up and dusted my pants. I could hear everybody chuckle, even veronica. I sat down and slouched. "Hey, wait Arnold! I was just wondering, you wouldn't mind if you could help me with my French?" She asked politely. "S-sure here, were having a t-test on verbs next week so you should study chapter 13 and 14" I said as I pointed weakly at her textbook. "And make sure to always check your s-spelling too!" I gave her the best smile I could muster up, and I sat down. "Thanks, Arnold!" She smiled at me. Well that actually went well! Score one for Arnold Stevens! I heard the bell ring and I quickly rushed out of class. Time to find Tony! I grabbed my packed lunch as fast as I could and began to walk towards our meeting spot. We also met outside under the big oak tree. So I walked calmly outside and tried to find him. It was the middle of winter and I was wearing my coat wrapped tightly around my chest. I walked over the tree while rubbing my hands together in a desperate attempt to keep warm. Once I finally arrived, I was surprised to see that no one was there. "That's weird, Tony's almost never missed one of our lunch meetings. I leaned against the tree. I wonder what's going on. I looked around and spotted something interesting on the ground. I could vaguely see footsteps coming towards the tree. They weren't mine because the seemed bigger then my shoe size. I could see the footsteps come towards the tree, and leave after a bit of waiting. What interested me the most was the fact that the foot steps joined another group, and left outside of the school premises. I walked alongside the footsteps. "These are definitely Tony's shoes, but who are these guys?" I asked myself out loud. Tony was probably just hanging out with his friends, figures im not the coolest guy anyway. But, I couldn't shake the feeling that something was out of place. So I finally decided to follow the footsteps just to see what Tony was up to. I walked slowly, carefully following the footsteps. I stopped for a second as I heard the faint sound of laughing in the distance. I started to jog a little, and I eventually reached the source of the laughter. I counted 4 boys standing in a circle laughing away. I couldn't quite make out what they were doing. I walked forward silently, to make sure I didn't disturb the boys. I could see Tony, and he was hanging out with 3 guys who seemed to all be dressed in hoodies. I walked forward, and noticed something surprising, Tony was doing drugs!


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