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Continious let downs

By: maystar

Page 1, Lauren feels her dad doesnt care about her

I had stared at the window all day. He hadn't turned up like he had promosed. It was soo unfair, bring stuck in a kids home. They would all laugh at me an those who didn't teased because I had faith that my dad would come for me. At bdinner people stared as I entered. They whispered stuff to eachother and then when I sat down it was quite.

"Hi Lauren." Mary said to break the silence." Are you okay? I was just wondering. You don't look okay." I gave her a fake smile. Lauren was nice but too notice. If you replied her with stuff like yess and no she'll make you elaborate. I scoffed the few chips infront of me and ran to my room. I began to cry, as I thought about my mum. I held the only photo I had of her. There was a knock.
"Are you okay?" it was Mary again.
"Yes." I replied.
"Where you crying?" She asked. "Let me in."
I slowly went to open the door and shut it behind her.
"What's the matter?" She put her hand round me.
"It's just well... it's moving too fast. No one cares about me."
" I do." Mary was quick to say.
"I know that. My dad doesn't. He has this new wife and a kid to come that he will look after and care for, but look at me, Poor Lauren stuck in a stupid childrens home. I already came second best when Mandy arrived and now there's a baby? Soon he'll have another family and forget all about me."
"I'm sure he care's may he just need a bit of time, that's all."
"Time?" I screamed, "He doesn't have time for me his own daughter. I'm not jealous. My mum died and the only one who gives a bull is me."
"What about family? Your mum's family? Where are they?"
"They live here but I don't know where."
"Well You'll have a little sister or brother soon, and they'll be yours."
"No. It'll be her's;
that dad stealing... Arrgh!!"
She hugged me.
"How about you find them. I'll help you."
"I don't want any family.I'm fine here."
"No your not." Then Mary look at my photo." That's preety. Your mum. "
"Yeah." I smiled.
"And she'll what you to be happy right?"
"Yeah." I answed.
"So how about we run awy. Let's find them."
I laughed but I thought about it.

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