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One nights carelessnes...

Novel By: maystar

Cindy and Jody go out to a club to get over a bad relationship. View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 2, 2011    Reads: 61    Comments: 2    Likes: 4   

Sometimes I get so annoyed at Cindy. She is everything that I am not and I love her as my friend and all that but when I am around her I feel worse about myself. I'm like where both 16 and doing our last GCSE's and preparing for college and all that and she thinks it is time to relax and all that; she's like all playful. Basically she's an air head, but people like her for that. She get all A's and A* with ease and to me an A* would be a luxury even though I study for hours. One thing about Cindy is that she always tags along with her boyfriend. It's as if she's not complete without him.
I was in my room revising and then Cindy came in crying. She came into my bead tearful. I was waiting for her to lift her head so I started to talk to her and make sense out of why she was crying" Cindy is everything okay?" I asked sympathetically. She did not respond she just continued crying. Then I lifted up her head and brought it onto my lap. Then I started to braid her long blonde hair.
She eventually lifted her head up. Her mascara had spread and she was still sobbing. It took me a few minutes to ask a question because I could see she was trying to stop crying. To be honest part of me enjoyed her misery because she was never like this but on some level I actually felt sorry for her. I had been such a bad friend and she was always there for me when I had my ups and downs.
"What is wrong," blurted out.
"He broke up with me," She whispered.
"Pardon," What she had said was so quite that I had to ask her to repeat.
"He broke up with me. Kyle broke up with me. I'm like who does he think he is? He said that I was too clingy and that I needed to move on. Screw him!"
"Who does he think he is, you too clingy he is obviously mad," I said that to make her feel better but she is real clingy to him and I wouldn't blame him." Hey let's go out... shopping maybe. We've got study leave and I've got £1000 in my bank account. Why not? It would take your minds of things. He has messed you up. Forget him. How about you get a rebound. You will make him crazy with jealousy and he would regret dumping you," I said persuasively.
"Yeah actually. And between you and me. I know this great night club. It's over 18's and it's far from this dump so no teacher can bust us. We would pass as 18 easily." I had persuaded her.
So we went shopping and then we went to the night club. I thought that I had succeeded in getting Cindy happy. In fact there she was chatting up this next guy. She wore a silver dress and pink leg warmers. I sat by the bar watching intensively over her. Then the man by the bar asked, "What would you like? It's an open bar. The chap over there." He pointed" Is having a stag do." I was surprised. I thought that I only got in by chance and that I didn't look over 18. Well I thought to myself like Cindy has told lots of times I do need to lighten up, and I've been put in a lot of pressure because of tests. What is the harm? One drink can't harm. So I replied eventually "Yeah, I'd have vodka, Gin? Whatever there is," I took a cup and I downed it. After wards I took another...


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