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The fortune change

By: maystar

Chapter 1, Laura thinks she is making the right desicion when she meets a fortune teller and askes Laura if she wants a change of luck, but things go horrible wrong

I wish that I had never seen that tent.


The velvet purple colour of the sheet

I had thought that having things going my way would be absolutely awesome but it turned out to be the ultimate nightmare.

The lady inside the tent spoke funny. She wore a dark violet robe and she had jet black long spiky hair. The hood she wore only revealed a bit of the face. The rest of her face looked black, but I could see distinctively that she had green eyes and a wrinkly face.

There was a glittery ball in front of her, and I stared at it for a while. Then I wondered. Why was I even here? I asked myself.

“You want change Laura.” She said. I was surprised. She knew my name and seems to be she could read my mind. She even knew what I wanted.

“You want things your way.” I thought that she had asked it as a question.

“Yeah,” I whispered. It was like a warning of such. I could feel a cold breeze.

“Say the words. I want change and your wish is my command.”

I hesitated. “Aren’t you a fortune teller?” I asked.

“I am a fortune teller and I can see your fortune is about to change.”

I wasn’t sure but I repeated. “I want change. I want things the way I like for a change.”

She just nodded at me and smiled and did a freaky thing over the ball like some kind of ritual. I stared at what she was doing. I then thought whether I made the right decision.




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