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The price of a ticket to stardom

Novel By: maystar


This story is about four best friends who want to become stars. They each give each other nicknames to do with their hair colour. One day they see a poster and it is for an audition to become stars. Their band enters and the judges feedback that they only want one of them. They allow her to take it solo, but it gets to her head a little too much.
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We were all best friends. We had so many things in common. We all believe in horoscopes, and love songs by The Beetles, Adele and Coldplay. We all like tattoos, and love puzzles, but one thing we are so eager on, was our enthusiasm in becoming stars. We are all in this band, and have nicknames. I am called Saffron, but only by my friends. My real name is Sapphire, which means blue. Some people like my mum calls me Saffy; Saffron means yellow. My hair is long, and it is a yellowish blonde colour. We call Myra, cookie. She looks like a cookie, actually. Her skin is light, like the cookie dough, and her hair is the colour of chocolate chips. Daphne; we call her amber. Her hair is an orangey-ginger, but ginger would have sound like a mean stereotype, and lastly Felicity is called Cherry. Her hair is a reddish-pinkish colour and it is dark. Her hair is short and it reaches her neck. Cherry suits her more than Felicity.

An unwritten rule for us is one for all, and all for one. We are the four musketeers. We are like sisters. The bond is so tight.

Today we walked home with Amber. We usually catch the bus, but Amber lost her oyster. We past a park whilst we were walking.
"Let's go in." Cherry suggested.
I looked at her uncertainly. "Allow it." I said.
"But it will be fun." Cookie defended.
I looked at Amber. That is what we did. If ever we had a decision and one of us didn't want to go ahead with it, we would look at the person who said nothing.
"Let's go."She says.
"Cause." I agree.

We go inside the park. It had a large swing that rotated in many ways. We all ran towards it, but I got there first. Amber sat beside me.

"I beg you two push. I'll push for you to later."
"Okay." Cherry and Cookie agrees in unison.
"I promise myself I won't scream," I whisper to myself.
Amber looks at me laughing. "Honestly, Saffron. Why say that? You started screaming on the tea cups."
"I was young then." I say.
"You were thirteen and it was in the summer holidays, a couple of weeks ago" She reminds me.
"Well I've grown since then." I say.
"We'll push fast then, and rotate." Cookie laughs.
My face goes pale and stiffens. "Of course," I say inhaling a deep breath in. I hold on the rope tightly. They start to push and a close my eyes. I could feel my head spinning. I thought to myself, is this how you feel if you take drugs? I could feel my mouth opening, and suddenly, I heard myself screaming. Cherry and Cookie stopped and Amber got off.

Cherry and Cookie get on to the swing and me and Amber get off. I begin to push and then let go of the handle. The swing is going high. Cherry swings her feet as well. Amber advances towards her leg and snatches her shoes. She then runs taking her bag.
"Come." She says to me.
I follow her, but before I could get that far, Cherry's feet hit my face, and I was on the grass, trying to get up. She stops the swing and comes of, as well as Cookie.
"Thanks," I say sarcastically.
"Welcome," She says. She goes to chase Amber. Cookie helps me up. I dust the grass of my trousers.

"Let's go." I declare. I take my bag, and Cookie follows.

Cherry finally catches up to Amber, who has lost her breath, and we start heading down the road towards the route to Amber's house.
"Wait," I say after five minutes. I am outside a shop. The rest are behind me, so they catch up.
"I want to go in." I say.
"No." Amber says." I need to go home."
"I haven't got any money." Cherry says.
We all turn to Cookie.

"Well we did go to the park," She starts, "So it's only fair that we go to the shop." She turns to me. "Saffron. You won't take long will you?"
"I won't" I say.

We all go into the shop.
Amber stands by the window reading ads. I bought a pack of skilltles, a Dairy milk chocolate bar and four ice pops. I give one to Amber.

"Yellow. Just like you like." I say, but she doesn't seem to be paying much attention.
I look at the ad she is reading and call Cookie and Cherry to look. It is an ad for a TV competition; only bigger and better that X factor.


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