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The whispers

By: maystar

Chapter 1, Lola hers voices


Lola stared off at Yasmin. She was scared. She could see it so clearly, like a vision.

Today would be the day she died and no one could do anything to save her. She could read her like a book. Explore her thoughts; see her future. Well what was left of it. That was her burden. Her special gift. It is as if she could see an expiry date on human. She heard there brain whisper. She could see it so clearly.

"Why me?!" she screamed.

People laughed and teased her. Called her mad. She thought that she was. She wanted to scream. Be isolated. Locked up. Everytime she saw a person- her brain would speak. It would ell her everything she needed to know about a person. Call it physic or what but it was more.

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