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Novel By: MinkusBGrey

Minkus Bobby Greson is a boy that sees no wonders in the life that he is living but when a punk rocker from another side of the tracks enters his life well he begins to have a whole new perspective. View table of contents...



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When you are a child there are so many things that are unknown to you like bacteria going through the air. As a child all you really see is a bunch of tall people surrounding you like mountain tops and these people are your family and your friends. But friendship and family is something you know nothing about at a young age. All you know is that being such a tiny thing makes you cute and sneezing and burping and crawling around on a dirty floor is some kind of adventure but when you get older and realise the world is not really a safe zone, things become less unknown and more unwelcoming. My name is Minkus, Minkus Bobby Greson and I am one of many to find out what life is truly like when leaving out those front doors.

Middle school going into highschool, if you couldn't handle this then you might as well drop out. Honestly I should have just dropped out because I really couldn't take it. All the separation just all these social cliques and more things I can't even think of at this very moment.. Right about now I was just feeling severely depressed and telling my mother wouldn't help me. She had her own problems to worry about. My father was no longer living. He'd died last year of a heart attack. I don't think anyone could've seen that one coming but after that I knew death did exist. Beside my father I never had anyone to talk to and I have two older brothers that would try to tell me things but it never got through to me. Truthfully writing in my journal was like another world for me. It was like writing to an anonymous person without receiving a letter back in return. It was as if writing how I felt down would really change something but it didn't, I would have to worry about that same problem tomorrow.

I only have two friends. Wesley and Jinx well his real name is Yule Radcliff but we never called him that because with him things just did not go so right, in fact things always seemed to go wrong but not worse than I. But with every set of friends, well you have some good times and bad times. I honestly didn't think I would have still befriended them going into my 9th grade school year of high school. Things do change you know. See Wesley now was more of the sporty kind but before we entered high school, he wasn't that so much. Actually he was pretty pudgy and not so tall. His whole family was sort of on the big side, he was the oldest out of three. In middle school, they used to call him double chin and Mr. two stomachs because he was overweight and ate so much, so he vowed before high school that he was going to change and no one was ever going to call him that again and boy did he not lie about that one. Once he entered high school, he became the kind of guy that could just fit in anywhere. He became more arrogant and more immature and even more stomach than he had been before. Then theres Jinx well as I was saying to you before, his name fits him well but there was something about jinx that he wasn't showing to the naked eye. To me everyone thought of him as this clumsy, disoriented guy because he would come to school with his shirt on backwards. In truth he literally did everything backwards and sometimes I think he did it purposely just to get a rise out of people but who knows. I thought he might have been a bit on the slow side for a second but he was a grade A genius when it came to test. Einstein maybe, he seemed intellectual fit but surely did not look it. He wore glasses with thick black frames and wore jeans that fit him just right and shirts that clung to his chest. Honestly he just dressed like every other dimwit in the school, he always had been the one to follow trends, I never noticed until now. He looked like a normal guy but just happened to be born with a real brain and funny thing is some girls really have a thing for guys with a brain.

Oh almost forgot myself, yeah I'm nothing spectacular just an ordinary kid who blended in with the crowd. If anything I'd call myself a wallflower. I was always there but just never really seen by girls, guys, any living thing, I was invisible. I have blue eyes and light brown curly hair but I think my eye color changes during seasons. I was pale, almost the whitest in my class. I am about 5'5 ½ in height. There again almost the shortest of the guys in my grade. Ugh I just felt so invisible. It was like nothing out of the normal ever happened in my life. Even my friend jinx was having a better time than me, he was always running around playing detective while I was too scared to do anything. At that point I would have rather been picked on everyday of my life than have been unseen but then again be careful for what you ask for because you just might get it.

Actually sometimes I would get sought after by the quote on quote jocks of the school and wesley was always there to see it. Can you believe the guy never stepped up once to say stop this? He just pretended like he didn't see it. Sometimes he would act like he didn't know me. I would wave to him in the hallways, he would just turn his head. It would be a worse reaction if his new friends were there. He'd do some kind of face at me and say " what, you can't be talking to me" and laugh and it would start a chain reaction for his friends to laugh but afterward he come to me and apologize saying, I didn't mean anything by it. Now that I think about, every day that went by our friendship was dissolving. Maybe Wesley was being to in denial about the situation because he didn't want to be a target or lose his precious crowd that he really didn't have a hold on like he think he did.

So I'm a junior now and today is just another school day. One more year and I am out of this place. Which is what every kid would say if they were me or at least in my situation that is. Maybe once I leave, I can have some kind of experience because everything here just seems so generic and seriously programmed or so I thought until this day.

Today wasn't just any old plain school day for me. It was more cloudy in the sky than usual and the back ground color of the clouds were more dark and grey almost as if it were turning night time but the leaves were still changing to the fall color they should've been. In deep thought, on my way to the bus stop where I get on to go to school, I saw this guy with this strange get up. He had some height to him, maybe about 5'8 in height no he was taller than that but then again I'm a pretty short guy remember. Ok so he was somewhat skinny around the waist but he had a lot muscle to him. He could probably take down half the jack asses at my school if they tried to press him. His muscle mass and height might have given him the weight between 160 and 185. He wore these jeans that seemed to be bleached blue with a leather jacket coated with silver stones. His hair stuck up like a rooster, like a windmill sideways colored red. On the back of his jacket it said I breathe anarchy. He wore these boots that seemed similar to what men in the army would have worn on their feet, combat boots and the boots it had different sayings in white ink, things about being isolated, being a pariah, having individuality, rejections, many sayings revolving around the four. I said to myself who is this guy and where'd he come from. In my neighborhood, you'd never see anything like this. He was definitely at of place. He was walking across the street, ending up stopping at the corner where jinx and I usually meet up to walk to school.

As I was walking to the corner I held my head down not trying to look at this guy. He looked like a tough person but he was also pretty young looking to, possibly close to my age but just a few years older. Maybe 19 or 22. But I did not want to draw attention to myself, So when I got to the corner I stood a little bit further off the edge, I stood there wearing a pair of black and white vans and blown out jeans that were ripped at the knee and a regular white t-shirt that was too loose on me. I don't know if I said this before but I am kind of a scrawny dude, so nothing really fits me. I stood there waiting for jinx but he never showed and I was going to be late not that I cared but with this guy next to me I did today.

As I was about to walk across the street to head on to school I see the guy going into his pocket, I flinched a little and realised he had pulled out a cigarette. He looks at me as he puts his cigarette into his mouth and saids "Hey little man you gotta light?" Once again I just stood there not knowing what to do. I was in the middle of the street at this point. I just froze. I didn't notice that standing there in the street a car was coming in my direction but this unknown guy just comes running at me and pushes me out of the way. I thought we were both going to get killed, but the car ended up swerving and hitting a stop sign. I couldn't really see what was going on because when he pushed me I landed on the ground face first. By the time I turned around to thank him which I didn't have the guts to do, he was gone but I was curious to know who he was. I was honestly hoping to run into him again but not so soon.

I was too afraid to head off to school. I was kind of shaken up because I just had a near death experience, so I turned around and headed for home. As I started to head for him, to drizzle rain a bit so I started to speed up so I wouldn't get wet. When I turned on the corner of my block there was a guy limping, holding the side of his chest. I couldn't see at first clearly because this guy had his coat over him. But then I realized how familiar that jacket looked. The words " I breath anarchy" written on the back. It was that guy, the same guy who was standing at the corner, asking for a lighter to his cigarette. Maybe during that car crash he must have gotten hurt. I thought to myself should I see if hes alright or should I hold my head down and keep walking. I didn't know this guy. I didn't know what he was capable of doing. As I started to walk with more speed down my block I saw him slowing up and looking in my direction, peeking from under his jacket. I looked up to see if he knew it was me but that proved to be a mistake because now the rain was pouring down harder and a blast of wind came through making me lose my balance. I fell to the ground, into a puddle of water near my neighbors house. I tried to wipe off the dirt that splattered on me and in my face in the process. In doing so I looked up once again to see if he was there, vision blurred but he was nowhere in sight. I felt confused for a second and then I felt someone's hand on my shoulder. I turned around in shock and tried to get up but fell down again. I was now face to face with the guy who in a way saved my life and also scared the living shit out of me at the same time. I had no words for him. I couldn't speak. I just had the greatest look of fear on my face. It was silent for a moment. Then he reached out his hand. I just looked at it and then I stuck my hand out. He grabbed onto me and pulled me up. By now my clothing was soaked and muddy and he was just soaked and hunched over, over on the side in which was injured. We were three houses down. I was deciding to myself once again should I bring him home or just be on my way but as he started to walk, I saw the limp and decided to help him, making him put his arm around my shoulder to let him lean on me.

Now at the front of my doorstep, I fumbled around in my bag for the keys not knowing they were in my pocket. Like I said I was still in shock from what had just happened and I have an injured who again I say saved my life that seems like a force not to be reckoned with leaning against my body, which by the way as making me feel something. While in heavy thought over that, I snapped out of it when I looked in his direction seeing him giving me some kind of look as if he were growing impatient with me. I unlocked the door and walked in after him.


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