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Novel By: MinkusBGrey

Name: Morgana Kevin Dexter

Age: 17

Race: African American

Problem: Obsession with vanity and alternative people(that means emo punks scene kids skaters skinheads and goths)

Mission: To make her life more entertaining, less bland and take over others.

Also a connection to Minkus Bobby Greson and Jarid Munich.

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Submitted:Oct 24, 2011    Reads: 25    Comments: 0    Likes: 1   

L.I.N.E, life is not everything. Nothing meant anything to me nothing except this boy that would always sit at the back of the classroom. His name was Haymish, Haymish Dunler. He was an awkward kid out of the bunch. He never ate when it was time to eat and he always slept when it was time to learn. He wore jeans that were tighter than any girls in the school. A frame thinner than a piece of paper. He was a loner, never really hung around to big of a crowd. Those he hung out with seem to of had a similar taste in style. When you looked at him you'd think he was a character out of a manga or an anime, you know one of those japanese cartoons. He was unrealistic. Just imaginary. We had a place in the back of the school, far near the trees and the bushes where you would be out of site called the break point. It was where all the people who didn't fit in, the geeks, the smokers just people that you'd see as weird, outcast would go. I'd see haymish go there with a group of his friends all the time. Just by looking at him I could tell his favorite color was black, black, white, gray, every darker shade of any color. He never talked much to anyone out of his group. Actually he never talked. I was always watching him, watching his every move as if I were about to be tested on who he was. I even took notes at times. Wrote down in my journal the things he wore, the chains that would come down on the side of his pants that were clipped on at an angle. The choker he wore that resembled a neck brace. The rings around his fingers that reminded me of death because they were skulls. The black nail polish that if you got close enough you could tell it was freshly done and the eye liner that made his eyes pop ever more green. To me and no other he was a beautiful piece of art that even the works of Leonardo Da Vinci, creator of the Mona Lisa could never compete with. But to him and his others I was just another human being with a life span waiting to expire until one day that all changed.

Morgana Kevin Dexter, that was the name I was given at birth. It sounds like a sexual transmitted disease I know and that's not all that's wrong with me. I'm African American, about 5 foot 4. Just as dark as they come. I have an eye color that could blend in with the blackness of a color and hair that only goes down half way to my neck, lips that were in same length as my pinky finger, you know the little finger, a nose that seems to almost in golf my whole face in one, and thighs that seem to move in two different directions every step. Yup that was me. Going back to my 9th grade school year, being in a school predominately black and hispanic I would have never thought to see people dressed in black going around wearing t shirts to show their bruises or slit marks that they did to themselves. Going around with their hair sticking up like they've just got out of bed or even covering their faces. The most I saw in that year was a bunch of skaters that everyone kept saying was mexican because they never fully spoke english and they were some what tan. I don't know go figure. Ha that was my worst school year ever because everyone knows as a freshman you get sought after by the seniors. I mean you'd have senior prank day and then senior cut day but for the freshmans it was freshman friday. Yeah that meant the joke was us, the 9th graders. I was smart back then. I sat in the front seat of almost every class. All the well known people or what you would say popular kids always sat in the back making loud noises, moaning or farting what ever could get the teachers attention to stop doing work long enough for it to be next period. (sigh) My life was pretty bland. Honor roll student and all. At school or at home I was geek. Glasses and braces, I read all the time. Watched every kind cartoon or movie you name it. I never really had anyone to hang out with. I never had any kind of motivation to go out. I never really had any where to go. Nothing nothing seem to keep me entertained or occupied. Then 10th grade came around and that was the school year where I was introduced to a new style, high heels but theres a story behind that one. You see there were a group of girls that seemed to be inseparable back when I was in middle school. They literately did everything together. At lunch we would have the popular tables at the far left and the middle were regular kids and far right were the less desirable. That was where I sat. The three girls I was mentioning before sat on the far left. They were seen as the prettiest girls in the school at the time. It still followed them to high school well two of them but anyways going in to high school they all decided to have some kind of mature look but something went wrong. Yeah they seemed like they could not be separated but I was wrong. Where there is popularity there is always jealousy, envy and hate. Oh and there is always someone who is at the top of the crowd or chain, whatever and that some one was lamera courtez. Puerto Rican and black about 5'9, long black hair down to her back, yeah she had what any girl in my school didn't have well if you were black that is. Skipping back to my 10th grade school year, she was the one who started it all. From then on my life was far from bland.


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