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Hard Times for the Smiths (MIMM Challenge) completed

Novel By: mommy3

This isn't a novel just a longer version of a short story. I hope everyone enjoys it. Jennifer Smith and Brian Smith have been trying very hard to become pregnant with their first child. Finally after many years they have found out they are pregnant with their first child. About a couple of months they find out their child is a boy. They are so excited and anxious of the birth of their little baby boy. However problems arise and they are faced with a difficult situation. This is the story I came up with for MIMM challenge for Susan Vallente. The song is He's My Son from Mark Schultz. This is not based on a true story except the disease is real. Here is the link to the song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgZDpqegrgc&feature=related. View table of contents...


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Jennifer and Brian Smith have been together for twenty years and trying to have their first child. The entire time Jennifer never did get pregnant. She was starting to lose hope and was becoming depressed of not being able to get pregnant.

"Why can't we get pregnant? What I am doing wrong?" She cried helplessly to her husband.

"Sweetheart you aren't doing anything wrong. It just takes some time."

"Brian it has been eight years. I have tried every trick in the book to get pregnant nothing has worked."

"Maybe it's something wrong with me. Maybe we should go see a specialist. We should check to see if there is anything wrong with either one of us." He said.

"Brian, that's a great idea. Do you think it will be expensive?"

"Probably, I can always work some extra days at my work to cover the cost. If we have to I will go out and get another job."

She looked at him with tears in her eyes and astonishment that she has such a wonderful and loving husband. She was grateful to him and gave him a great big teddy bear hug to show him how much she appreciated him. She remembered when they first met and was glad she asked him out.

Flashback of the first date

They both have been together since high school and were best friends. They were always tempted to go out with each other, but always thought it would be too weird. Then one day Jennifer asked him if he would go out with her. At first he was going to decline but decided they could try it one time and found out that they were soul mates.

Their first date was special and neither one of them will ever forget it. He took her out to six flags great America. He knew she has never been there and been hinting that she wanted to go. He took her on the slow rides first and then eventually on the faster and more thrilling rides. At first she was scared to death and closed her eyes. He grabbed her hand to calm her down and when he did there was a spark. She opened her eyes and gasped at the feeling. He also looked at her with surprise with what happened.

They finished the ride and were both excited at what was happening. They decided to continue on with the date and see what would occur. She took him on a water ride which he really wasn't too fond of since he had a bad experience with water. She knew about it and wanted him to face his fears but decided to do it with him. They went on the ride and he instantly freaked out but was desperately trying not to show it. She looked up at him and knew he was petrified so she gave him a quick kiss on the cheek however at the same time he turned his head which made them kiss each other on the lips quickly.

"What was that?" she asked.

"I don't know but let's try that again."

He looked at her and slowly turned his head slowly kissing her lips while she gasped. He waited to see if she was going to return the kiss. She timidly kissed him back and that is when she knew she wanted to him to be with her for all of her life.

In about a month they were in a relationship that was very strong. They needed it with all the trials they were going to go through. About five months into the relationship Jennifer found out her mother was diagnosed with cancer and had about four months to live. This came as a shock to her and her family since her mother was considered healthy. In about two months everyone noticed how sick Jennifer's mom really was. Her mother was going to chemotherapy treatment but it looked like the treatment actually made her mom's cancer worse. Her mother was well known and people were saddened by seeing her the way she was. She was a very active PTO mom and ran things smoothly now she couldn't do that anymore. Her mother went to go out to go shopping for Jennifer's birthday since she was turning eighteen and wanted to give her daughter something special. Unfortunately her mother never came home that day. They later found out her mother was driving the car and her mother's heart stopped making her crash into a semi-truck. Everyone was devastated by the news especially Jennifer.

This happened when Jennifer was at school and the police came into the school to tell her the news. Once she heard this she fainted in the dean's office. She ended up hitting her head on the corner of the desk splitting her forehead open. She was rushed to the hospital to get stitches for her head.

Brian was still in school but he did notice there was an ambulance coming to the school and wondered what was going on. He was still looking out the window when he noticed a familiar person on the stretcher and immediately knew it was Jennifer. He jumped out of his seat and asked to be excused to go to the bathroom. The teacher at first wasn't going to let him go but changed his mind and let him go.

Brian ran down the hallway not caring if he would get into trouble and rushed out the doors to the parking lot. He went over to his car and tried to call Jennifer's mom cell to let her know what was going on. He let the phone ring about ten times and realized there was no answer. Weird her mom usually picks up the phone. What is going on? He thought.

Little did Brian know that Jennifer's mother was dead he would soon find out. He was so worried about Jennifer and was wondering what happened to her. Please God just let her be okay. He thought. He was driving quickly towards the hospital when he received a phone call from Jennifer's mom's cell. He answered and was surprised to hear Jennifer's father on the phone instead of her mother. He heard Jennifer's dad's voice and was wondering why there was crying. That's when he was told of the news that her mother died. He was in shock and was getting really concerned about Jennifer now. He told her dad that she was in an ambulance going to the hospital.

"What! Is she okay?" her father said.

"I am not sure. I will let you know as soon as I find out. I am going there right now to find out what is happening. I will call later. Bye."

He hung up the phone and was sure Jennifer was in shock and in pain. He just hoped everything was alright with her and nothing serious was happening. As soon as he arrived he asked the nurse where she was and they told him she was in surgery.

"What! Why is she in surgery? What is going on? Is she going to be alright?"

"Sir I am going to have to ask you to calm down. She is in surgery from a nasty cut on her forehead and will need to get stitches. Nothing serious just a simple procedure that she will have to go through, now please calm down and sit and wait."


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