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She Died

Novel By: Naan

have you ever thought of what happens after the last heartbeat dies out? after the last breath goes free? and after you close your eyes eternally? I have.

P.S. this is more of a novella but that was not an option. It's not very long I promise View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 10, 2013    Reads: 128    Comments: 34    Likes: 13   

Have you ever wished you were dead? That you could erase your existence? That you had enough courage to jump off of the edge? Well, I have.

Why would anyone want to live like this? Hating themselves, Hating people around them, but politeness forces them to be NICE... I know I didn't want that.

You probably think I'm insane, depressed, suicidal, or just ....realistic.

Well, you're absolutely right.

I always disagreed with that quote "living anyhow is better than not living at all", until...

Well it all started a month ago. It was dark, too dark, until I realized my eyes were closed. I opened them but could hardly see anything. There was this bright light that almost made my eyes bleed. I tried to see where I was then I heard a voice. I couldn't recognize it. That scared me. I WAS scared. I looked around me and saw that everything surrounding me was just... white!

I was in shock. I almost forgot about the voice, and drifted in my thoughts. But I heard it again

"Don't be scared, come with me" it was the most beautiful voice I have ever heard actually.

I closed my eyes, hoping I was just dreaming. But the light was still there. So, I looked harder. At first, my eyes hurt so much that things seemed to be shaking. Then I looked harder, and I realized that the light was nothing but a woman, or at least, the shape of a woman, a beautiful, bright and warm shape of a woman.

"Who are you?" I yelled, starting to freak out.

"Don't be scared" she said again.

"Who are you?" I yelled again
"People call me Derdekea"

"Am I dead?" I seemed to be thinking loudly now.

She didn't response. And that was when I REALLY freaked out

"Don't be silly! I can't be dead. No, no, I'm sure this is just a dream… right?"

Still no answer

"OH MY GOD! This isn't real. I'm too young, and I haven't done anything in my life. What the hell is going on?"

"You have. Let me show you" she said raising her hand towards me.

I felt something pulling me towards her. I was scared, but I did take her hand.


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