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Dark As Shadows

Novel By: nenao

Death will rule and Blood will spill, but rain will wash away the horrors of earth... View table of contents...



Submitted:Apr 15, 2013    Reads: 47    Comments: 3    Likes: 3   

She could see her breath as clear as light in the shadows of death. The cold wrapped around her and a dark forest was surrounding the she-wolf.

Hera is her name. Her fur was a muddy brown with a white underbelly and a darker brown stripe ran from her muzzle to tail tip. Her eyes were the color of heather and her position was awkwardly laying down on the hard, forest floor. Her paws stretched out in front of her and her mouth was open. She was so thin her skeleton was nearly visible under her thick coat.

"Where am I?" She thought. "What am I? Why am I here?" Death has beated her to memory and she felt as if she wasnt alive at all. It felt as if she was the first thing created on earth. Suddenly she could see a picture of her and the beast. His giant claws and breath that smelled of fish entered her body as blood streamed onto the snow, staining it a deadly red.

"Oh," she thought again. "I remember now..."

Those horrid red eyes clouded her mind. Its silky black fur marked it's dark heart. It's face expression marked it's inside demon. Strong front paws and long black claws proved that not even the strongest pack could free the world from it's greed and hatred.

Something clearer moved against the forest of death. Its fur glitering like stars. Another wolf. It was a young male with a grey pelt. Black covered his toes and muzzle. Like his mother's, his eyes were the color of heather.

After what felt like days, Hera found her voice. "My son..."

The male narrowed his eyes, anger and pity flashed inside them and his fur bristled. "Never call me that, You are no mother of mine."

Guilt and saddnes filled the blue pool in Hera's eyes. "I understand that you don't forgive me..."

"No one can ever forgive what you have done!"

Hera didn't know what to say. "If you won't do this for me, do it for your sister. He will sniff her out soon enough. You must do something. Guide her..."

"Your'e just the same," he snapped. "If you havent wandered into his heart your daughter would still be okay and none of this would be happening!"

Hera couldn't move anything but her eyes and muzzle, which was terribly scared. "Please, Stone..."

"For Sara only, never for you," he snarled.

"Thank you..." She whispered.

Stone was gone and she knew he would never come back. Her heart ached for her son and a tear ran down her cheek. She knew what had to be done, for the sake of everyone and everything.

Pain clenched at every part of her weak body. Blood stained her fur as she felt as if she was being crushed. She was growing smaller. Spikes of bone and flesh pokes at her back and her eyes changed from beautifull heather to a blood red. Her teeth became sharper and blood ran down from her mouth to her chin. She felt different. She felt pain yet amazing. Before her last breath, she forsed herself a twisted grin and her eyes were filled with Blood. Her spirit was gone forever.


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