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It Goes On And On

Novel By: nenao

Frost is quite the trouble maker and is not very advanced when it comes to her powers. The wolves of her pack disrepect her and treat her like an omega. Most of her life Frost does the same routine day after day until something happens... View table of contents...


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"My name is Coal," explained the black male as Frost and Mason enter his den. Everytime he blinked gave Mason shivers (which he doesn't get very often) because his scars would move with his eye.

"I'm... er.. Mason" Mason said, trying to avoid Coal's dark brown, half blind eyes. He could already feel Frost's soft blue eyes brightened with exitement.

"My name's-" She started.

"Frost?" finished Coal.

"How do you know her name?" said Mason shocked. Is he a spy? Which pack does he belong to?

"I used to be a close friend of Alpha Claw. He explained to me that in the pictures you would come."

Frost tilted her head and the glow in her eyes started fading away. "What pictures?"

"Well, surely you read paw?" Coal asked with a voice between confusion and a this-is-very-obvious tone.

"I'm afraid not, sir." sighed Frost.

"Paw, you see, is an ancient way animals used to comunicate with eachother. They use pictures of what's on their minds to say in the message. For example," he added, noticing Mason's 'I am lost' look. "Look at these pictures on the wall..."

With a flick of his stumpy tail he pointed to a rocky wall showing pictures of all kinds. He could see a female with pups and a male behind a rabbit.

"It is very easy to read," barked Coal. "As you can see, the pictures up there show that while the mother is taking care of the pups the male is hunting. In other words, the area is taking by a pack or wolf family."

"But wouldn't writing paw be hard? We don't have the advantages of drawing something in paw." Frost pointed out. Clever thinking, thought Mason.

"That is why we use these-" A small flickering sound came from somewhere until something dark yet very clear came into veiw.

"These are paw pixies. They aren't actual pixies, I assure you, but they can fly and act like one. Their main purpose is to serve their lives as writers for animals with disavantages of writing paw." Coal explained. "Just say what you want them to draw."

"Okay, let's see..." mumbled Frost. "A wolf killing a silver and white she wolf with emerald green eyes." Her gaze rested on Mason's fur and his fur bristled at her request.

Instantly the pixie started to draw on the wall. A strong yet shadowy wolf made him look mysterious. On his paws a puddle of blood and beside him to the right, a silver and white she wolf with green eyes. Or, as the Pack Of White Snow likes to call her; Stream.


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