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Famous. The Life I Have.

Novel By: ninjaNIGHT

Ella is a fourteen year old star. She's an actress and has everything a teenager would want. Except what she wants is different from everybody else. She tells her story of what fame and fortune is really like and what reality is. Cliche has a new meaning for Ella. With ups and downs, nothing can stop her from getting what she wants. A real life. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Oct 10, 2009    Reads: 259    Comments: 20    Likes: 4   

A/N Ok I AMgoing to finish this book before I start any others. If you haven't noticed I have a tendancy to start alot books and not finish them :S I also tried to delete some but booksie is being mean and won't delete them :D IWILLFINISHTHISBOOK:D ^.^

Chapter 1

Ugh, another day of filming. Don't get me wrong I love acting, but with my co-stars I just want this movie over and done with. I walked over to the set with a fake smile plastered on my face, I'm an actress its what I do, no-one can see what beneath the surface, it would ruin me.

I walked with a skip in my step over to the cast and crew greeting everyone with smiles. Did I get any in return? No, and they call me a diva.

I'm the lead female role in the new movie Don't Look Back, it's a cliche'd love story with the girl (me) leaving and her 'one true love' following her. I would never have auditioned for this role if my agent didn't force me too do it. Now all the females in the cast hate me and keep sending death glares in my direction. It's not like I can't handle it 'cause I can, but it just gets so annoying especially when I kiss the lead male role, and a jackass, Samuel Wonderson. Yes I know, Wonderson? Seriously he's an egotisic jackass who thinks every girl loves him.

I roll my eyes as I read what scene we're shooting today. Another kissing scene, seriously I swear thats all we ever do. Sam see's me roll my eyes and scowl at the script.

"Whats wrong Ella? Can't handlemy awesome kissing skills? Don't feel bad not everyone is as good as me." he says smiling the million dollar smile, every girl drools over. I wanna vomit.

See what I mean? Egotistic jackass for sure. I loathe him so much it's not funny.

But the show must go on and off I go to another day of torture.


"I said not to follow me Leon."

"I could never do that Susie, I love you too much."

We looked deeply into each others eyes and kiss.

I seriously want to vomit right here and now.

"And thats a wrap!" the director calls. Thank god!

I quickly scurry over to my dressing room get out of this ridculous pink skirt and polo white shirt with matching tennis shoes and get changed into red skinny jeans, purple converses, Bring me the Horizon band T-Shirt and a white hoodie. So much better.

I walk out with make-up on and my snake bites in. (Of course there not real, I'd be killed if they were.) Everyone stares at me once again. This happens everyday when I finish shooting. I roll my eyes and raise one eyebrow, daring them to make a comment. I'm not one to just roll over if someone bad mouths me. With my bubbily personality and smart ass comments I managed to get many roles for T.V shows and movies.

Apparently directors like people who make smart ass comments, personally if I was them I would of kicked me out a long time ago, but oh well.

I walked over to my mum, who was standing next to my beat up old bug. I get it when I learn to drive and I can't wait. I give her a hug and hop in.

"Have a good day?" my mum asks. I'm lucky that my mum still loves me for me and not because I'm famous, it makes me feel normal again.

"Yeah it was alright, but mum I seriously don't like doing this movie. My co-stars are really mean and hate me, and I have to kiss the egotistic jackass." I know that I seem whiny but if you were in my situation and had someone able to listen to your problems you'd do the same.

"Don't worry sweetpea, your strong and I'll always be here if you need me. Hey look on the bright side, when this movie comes out you'll be the one on posters and billboards and signing everyones photo's, will your co-stars be able to do that? I didn't think so. As for the 'egotistic jackass' just laugh at him and walk away muttering things like weirdo, he'll never say things like that again, I'm sure of it." I laughed my mum always knew how to cheer me up.

I stared out the car window as we were driving back home. As I was looking at nothing in particular my phone vibrated signalling a new text message. I dug it out of my pocket and read the message.

OMG! Is this Ella Forton? My names Stacy and I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN! Text back!! xx

Sigh. There all my biggest fans aren't they. Sometimes I just wish people would just stop with all this crap and let me have a normal life, but I did make this choice so I have to suck it up and move on.

I texted back.

Sorry no this isn't. But if you do get her number let me know! That would be AWESOME!

Hey no-one said you couldn't mess with their heads and lie. Seriously why would you actually say you were them? It would just be pandumonium (sp?)

I got a text back.

No-way! I'm her biggest fan! If she wanted to meet any body it would be me, so back off!

I sigh at her stupidity, and turn my phone off. People can't just treat me like a normal person and like me for who I am can they.

Right now what I wish for the most is too have a non famous friend who likes me for who I am. Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever get that wish.


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