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The Life of a Vampire

Novel By: ninjaNIGHT

the life of a vampire, honestly i have no idea whats going too happen so just read on(: View table of contents...


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Submitted:Aug 27, 2009    Reads: 237    Comments: 6    Likes: 2   

Chapter 1 I hate boarding school. But then again I don't. I don't really go to a regular boarding school at alllllll. In fact I'm not your regular everyday person. I'm a vampire. And no I'm like Dracula were I melt or whatever when I see the light. I like the sun actually. I mean I shouldn't be outside during the day but I can't help my self I like it. The only thing that happens when I to out in the sun is I get extrmely exhausted and tired that's it really. I don't go to any regular boarding school - as I was saying - I go to a boarding school in a wholeeeee other relam. I can go back to the human world, and I do when I'm not in school. But I like my relam. There areore then one vampire relam. There are about 3 or 4 I think. I live on the Pale Ones Relam. I know I know stupid name. But the relam is old and hey! My great great great great grand father named it. (like I said it's old.) We learn regular things like math. History- well we learn history of OUR ancestors not your human ones- we take science... We also take anatomy. But we don't learn about the vampire body... We learn about the human body. We learn about it so we know your weak spots. Were the most blood is. And if your the type of person who is a big struggle well we learn how to kill you with one flick of my hand. So try not to struggle please. . . . Here I am in stupid anatomy. I already tool this class last year but they thought I cheated half the semester cause I got such good grades I. Such a hard class so they made me repeat the class. I didn't repeat the year. Just the class. Which sucks for me cause I never cheated I just now what I'm doing. I'm a born hunter. Finally the bell rang and I was one of the firsts put of my seats. I shot out the door. " Lucielle!! " I heard my name being called and saw my best friend Demi calling my name. " Hey." I said letting her cath up to me. Once she caught up she was smiling at me. " What? " I asked confused. " Does my face have something on it? " I said reaching up to my face about to brush off what ever was on my face. She swatted my hand down. " No. Today in computers class I heard we are to going to get a pen pal from another relam! Isn't that exciting! " she squeled. She thought everything was exciting. Oneday the lunch room said they changed the menu due to Health reasons. That was the highlight of her day. " Yeah super exciting! " I said sarcastically. It wasn't that exciting. I mean it's computer class what do you expect.? She pouter at me as we stopped my our lockers. " Well I thinking it's exciting. " she said opening her locker and putting her antomy books away. Demi had to take the class to. Aparantly we BOTH cheated. We got used to it and now we still ace the class. It's not our fault we pay attention and are smart. I put my books in my locker and then headed to computers class. Computers was one of my electives. I chose it cause all the other good classes were taken. Computers wasn't that bad. Kinda boring though. Demi and I walked into class and took our seats. " Okay class for the next semester you will be getting asigned a pen pal. " mr. Crotha said. There was snickers and whispers about they better get someone cute or cool. I rolled my eyes. People at this school our cared about looks and how cool there status has gotten. Not me and Demi we didn't care about looks cause... Well were vampires. All vampires were extremely beautiful and cool. So they were kind of worrying about nothing. " Okay class please settle down and log into your school email. I have sent you all your pen pals email. They have your email and know your there pen pal. Please send them a NICE email telling them you aware they are your pen pal. And from there on you will get to know each other. At the end of the semester you will get to chose wether or not you can keep talking to them. Don't worry these people you are emailing are other students from another relam. Not some pedafiles. I arranged this with another computer teacher from another relam. So quick log in and then email away my friends. " mr Crother was kind of cheesy with the whole my friends comment. He was tryed to hard to be like a teenager. Even though he is waaaaaayyyyyyyy to old for that. Demi had to practical tame herself from squeling with excitement while she logged in. I calmy logged into mine. I saw her email there and added it to my contacts list seeing as I will be emailing her for a while. I sent her an email. Hey I am your new pen pal. That was all I needed to send. Plain and simple. I clipped on her school profile page and saw her school picture. It didn't saw what relam she was from. She was really pretty. My age. With the prettiest eyes ever. " Oooooo you got a good one. " Demi said leaning over my shoulder ooooooooing and aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhing. I looked hers. She got an amzingly HOT guy! " Demi your the one who got the good one. " I said staring at her screen. " No. I wanted a girl. You know to talk about girl stuff with. " she said. " wanna switch." I whispered. "no switching." mr. Crother said looking up from his desk at me. Dang I forgot how sensitive a vampires hearing is. " Sorry we won't." Demi pleaded. I rolled my eyes at him when he looked away. I saw I had an email back. Yeap. I'm your pen pal. Was all it said. I think I just might like her. Like my message hers was short and simple. " Did yours email back? Mine did." I asked Demi. " Hehe. Yeap. He said I'm pretty." she said blushing. I laughed. " I guess you did get a good one. " I said. She nodded and conti he'd emailing him. Mine never emailed back I did email her. What was there to talk about? I could ask her , her name... Then what? There wasn't much I cared about to ask a total stranger. I logged off and pulled a book out to read for the rest of the period.


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