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Leaving today Gone tomorrow

Novel By: Nora Yang Hitatori

A young teenage girl named Lucy Wales an 8th grader soon to be 9th grader, is surprised of the things she is seeing and learning at the end of the last year of middle school. Not knowing what to do or how to tell people. Lucy's best friend Aurora, a beautiful young girl, skinny and tall, starts turning away, but there's something more dramatic going to happen to the two friends fading apart. That only one of their friend and worst enemy knows of that out come of the ending results of this seen. View table of contents...



Submitted:Feb 6, 2014    Reads: 14    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   


I stair at the letter that's in my hand and I stair at her locker. It's already the last week of school and I know I have to say goodbye. She won't even notice if I was gone because she'll be to busy being with her new best friend. She doesn't say hi to me anymore, doesn't talk to me, we don't hang out and she never invited me to her new place. I stand there with tears welling up and ready to roll down my cheeks. Why did this have to happen so soon and why did she have to drift away from me because I'm moving. I know I'll stay in contact with her and I am friends with her on Imvu, Facebook, Myyearbook, Gaia Online, and a whole bunch more. She says she can't live without a computer and she'll know that I will be on to. There is no way that our friendship will last any longer and I have to give her this letter. I walk toward her locker and make sure nobody is in the hall, everybody is watching the movie in the high school. I do her combo and her locker pops open. I quickly and quietly put the letter in the spot where she'll see it.

Three days passed and two days left of school and she still hasn't talked to me. I wonder if she ever got the letter and today is cleaning our lockers out to. Maybe our friendship wasn't post to happen, maybe I wasn't post to be here after all…….

I looked down hall watching her cleaning her locker, no letter seen and then she left. I quickly walked to her locker and it was empity, spotless. I was confused not knowing what to do, I haven't seen her touch the letter or even taken it out... I heard the bell ranged and slowly walked back to my locker grabbing my backpack and notebooks, noticing a letter in my locker. I picked it up, flipping it over, seeing my name written in fancy hand writing. I opened it up reading the letter, not believing what I was reading...


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