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WereCat Fic-Working Title

Novel By: Phasered

It's a story told by different points of view by a different characters and their lives. Difficulties along their paths and one major problem Cloven their estrange lost member. Read and find out how things work out for this quirky cast of characters. WARNING: There might be some sexual content and even M/M.(In later chapters)
PS: I view this as an anime with non japanese names.
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Talon and Rowan

We are always on the move and last century we lived in all over in France moving all over. Then the turn of the recent centaury we lived in the UK for a while until now we are moving back to America where me and Rowan are from. Rowan and I are twins when we were born we were connected but we were lucky because we each had our own limbs and could support ourselves. We were connected at the upper arm and we have the scars to prove it. Most conjoint twins don't turn out as lucky as we were. Rowan and I are very close we aren't that far from each other. We can read each other's minds and have our own private conversation.

It was his idea to write in this journal of our thoughts and events that happen to us. He said and I quote "You are good at writing brother a lot better than the rubbish I write." He doesn't write rubbish he just as good after all we are alike minds. We keep almost everything the same accept for what we ware. He likes to dress with a lot of black and I every now and then like to wear the blue jeans and t-shirt. I love boots and I ware them most of the time but Rowan likes his 'vans' and he wearers them every day. We have matching ones but we don't wear them at the same time. But on special occasions we have to dress the same or similar. Because it's part of our clan they think it's 'cute' . They figure if we look a lot alike write on same hand have the same deep blue eyes that it a must when we have special meetings or occasions we must. Row and I don't like it at all. We already look the same what more do they want from us.

Now, lest get back to the matter of us moving we have to move back to America suddenly because our enemy Cloven and his minions came we had no warning and he had killed a lot of us. Us? We are Werecats any were fill in the blank are all together as one. Cloven he is how shall I say this mad he had a wife Zinnia whom left him for a werewolf which our leader Jean Louis or Father if you're one of the lucky ones to call him Jean. Jean Louis approved of the mix of wareanimal. He recently took up a new philosophy. "We are suffocated in prejudice and it takes up too much energy." Thus madden Cloven and he turned against us. Yes he is or I shall say was one of us. One of our rules is to NEVER go against your own kind. Ever since then Cloven became our arch enemy besides the werehunters. Which become less and less each century? Cloven took with him 20 of our kind and one of them was our good friend Tara. Even if it was only a few of our huge clan it still made in impact.

Row and I will miss Tara she was a great friend and maybe sometime I'll tell you about her. The only good thing about it is that Row and I are going home. Whenever we move someplace else we leave a few behind to watch things over but from the UK we all left there and we had only one stay behind but his or her name isn't told to us. We will be getting to see our grandfather Remy! We miss him a lot. We written to him telling him we will be coming home. Once were in America well only stay a few hours and we are moving to a different location. Jean is thinking of New York or someplace not that far from Philadelphia. Who knows with him I might be somewhere in the middle of the states.

I Talon need his cat nap I'll write again in this journal. I haven't even written enough about me yet. Yes, and more about Rowan. - July 20th 2008


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