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Story From The Booksians: Story Two

Novel By: PsychoticThrillers

Tags: Unknown

At the moment, this is just basic information and rules for how to do it. Once the story is formed, I will put in a summary. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Apr 2, 2012    Reads: 45    Comments: 11    Likes: 1   

This page holds the rules and information. Story is on chapter two

EmoLullaby, peoplehateme101, DrewDaggers, unoticedchloeee, JollyGreenGir

Order: EmoLullaby, peoplehateme101, DrewDaggers, JollyGreenGir,unoticedchloeee,

This is; the Story From The Booksians Two.

Here, any author will submit a paragragh to help create a short story that can be any size, in this case, usually long.

Anyone can join on this at any time even when the story is started, just read up on the story to get caught up because your paragragh will NOT be allowed if you have false facts that involve incidents from earlier in the book. We don't want to confuse the readers that will be reading this story. Also, the authors that are going to do this project will be placed in an ordr where each author will have his or her own turn to go and create a paragraph. The story CAN BE about ANYTHING. There are no limits. However, the genre of the story cannot change in the middle of the story. Example being a high school romance with some drama, you can't change it over to a psychotic horror. uuuuhhh..... here, this one is a better example, a no fantasy and strict reality sotry cannot turn into a fantasy world filled with vampires and fairies unless the plot was set up for it. the first few paragraphs form the story and decide what genre it is. the first round of people get to form it. after the first round, it can't be changed.

The rules of this are simple,
1) No matter what, an author cannot influence ideas onto another author that is writing there paragraph
2) Can't get mad because an author decided to do something that another author didn't want to happen
3) All paragraghs submitted have to go along with the story
4) A paragraph must be submitted within a span of two days or you will be skipped and the next person will go, this is so we can be continuous with the story and not have it drag on forever

5) Paragraphs can't be half a page long and if you have a conversation in it, then the conversation can't be super long. You can stop at mid conversation if you want. this leaves room for the next author to help create decisions that the person could make.

This is created to get minds going on the creative side as other author ideas come into the head and duel your own. This is also made for authors to get to know other authors and for booksians to see the different styles of writing from everyone.

How you submit your story: By posting it on my profile in a comment or on the sory (here) in a comment.

Example of how it will be like (example taken from the first story; You don't need to know what happened that day) :Part one:

Ian Dawn

The night came in quickly as if GOD had reach over on his bedside table and switched off the sun. Cold and fog now started layering in towards the cabin as if in slow motion, and the five unsuspecting holiday makers inside had no idea what was going to happen next. Dave a car salesman sat next to the log fire stoking the dry cedar with twigs and leaves to start the solid burn and push back the seeping cold from outside. Lucy a hairdresser and Dave's girlfriend was looking reading "Who" magazine finding out if Kim K's marriage is all over or not. The other three still unpacking as the first jolt hit the timer construction.




the whole cabin shook and Lucy screamed as she fell to the floor.

Part two:


Screams could be heard from the other rooms. Joel came running out from one of the back bedrooms, brown eyes wide with shock and fear. The whole cabin groaned as if it would at any moment fall apart from the shocks. He fought to stay on his feet as the floor tilted and heaved, trying to throw him around. The light flickered off and on, the wall hangings crashed to the floor as the walls rolled with the force of the shakes.

Part three:


Joel blacked out for a minute or two, awakening a dim, flickering light and a low rumble as the room swayed roughly from side to side. There was a searing pain in Joel's left leg, and he groaned as he tried to bend it. His whole body was covered in cuts from rubble that had fallen from the ceiling. He could see Dave buried under a pile of bricks and wood, only the top half of him visible.Lucy was screaming, attempting to drag him out by the arm. Dave was swinging in and out of consciousness, moaning. The left side of his face was covered in blood, the right pale.Joel pushed himself up, gasping at the pain as he shifted his weight onto his broken leg. He limped as quickly as he could over to Lucy, constantly being thrown off balance as the room rocked back and forth.Joel felt sick, and could taste blood at the back of his throat.

"Joel, for God's sake help me!" Lucy screamed, her cheeks streaked with tears. He bent down, grabbing Dave's other arm and tugging with all his strength.

End of example.

Have fun :)


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