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I woke up in a white room. I didn't know where I was. I didn't know why the masked doctors were so serious. I hated it.
Then when they put me in The Simulator I never knew how much I could miss a white room. View table of contents...


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The needles in my arms hurt. They stung, but I couldn't lift my arms to get them out. I tilted my head up and opened my eyes. There was a bright white light that was shining in my face.

My arms were tied down to a white table as with my legs, "Where am I...?"

I was surprised at how mature I sounded after all I was only seven.

"Emily Perk we need you to stay still." A loud voice came over a loudspeaker.

I blinked and raised my head up, "Well, that's rude." I looked down at my feet, they seemed farther away than usual.

"Emily Perk we need you to stay still." The voice said again, this time more demanding.

"Gosh." I moaned, "Where am I!?"

"Emily Perk we need you to-"

"I know! Emily Perk we need you to stay sti-" Then an electric shock pulsed through my veins, I screamed.

Ouch, that hurt. I closed my eyes. What was I doing here? All I remember before this was being sick, very sick. My mother had just put me down for a nap...

Oh no.

It can't be.

"I'm dead!" I screamed, I felt a little silly, but I was only seven.

"Emily Perk you are not dead. You are in The Facility. When we are finished you will go to The Simulator. We will test you there. We will test your agility, speed, and all six senses."

What? Six senses? I know we only have five.

"Emily Perk, your sixth sense is your mind. We will test your mind power. Not with I.Q. tests, but with Telepathy Tests."

How did they know what I was thinking?

"We know what you are thinking because the past nine patients thought the exact same things. You will meet them soon."


"Yes, the other people in The Simulator. We had nine, but only Pale and Beast remain. The others were... unfit."

Unfit? Where was I? Was I in some kind of loony house? For crazy people!

"Emily Perk, the tests are finished. We will release you into the training facility where you will be given a weapon baised on your abilities."

The clamps that were holding my arms and legs down released and I sat up. I rubbed my head and looked around. A white door opened and two men came in. One was holding up a small mirror, he had red hair and a short beard. He handed me the mirror saying, "You might as well take a last look at yourself."

I raised the mirror to my face, I gasped. Who am I? I looked sixteen! I was seven! How long was I in here?

I had long wavy ice blue hair that fell to just below my shoulders. I had blue eyes that stared back at me with a twinkle. I had soft features and a nice playful smile. I had to admit, I looked good.

"Emily Perk, while on this facility you will be known as 910 or Butterfly. I and Dr. Mimble will take you to the training facility." The red haired guy helped me off the table. I was wearing a white dress that had 910 and Butterfly stitched into it.

They lead me out the door and into a white hallway. We walked down the hallway and went into a large concrete room. There were weapons of every kind on the walls and on racks on the floor. There were swords, knives, arrows, axes, guns, and long metal sticks.

The red haired guy gave me a sword, "Good luck." They both ran out of the room.

I stood with the metal sword in my hands, I didn't know what was going to happen. But I had a feeling that it was going to be bad.

There was a loud clang of a metal door sliding open. I turned to face the sound. There, held back by a rusty chain, was a huge grey dog. It had slobber running down the sides of it's face, it even had it near it's eyes. It looked like a great dane, but had the face of a pitbull. The eyes were glazed over. The teeth were long and yellow. This one scary looking dog.

Suddenly the chain was let go by whoever was holding it back and the dog charged at me. It lept six feet high into the air and came down on me with full force. I held back it's large head with my hands, I had dropped the sword. Not a good idea on my part. I hit the dog between the eyes, using full force. It yelped and backed away, giving me just enough time to grab the sword.

I jumped back up off the ground and took off to the other side of the room. The dog gave chase.

I had reached the wall, "Dang it!" I turned and pointed the sword to the dog.

Turns out angry dogs aren't smart dogs.

The dog ran full force into the sword, impailing himself. The sword cut through his throat and came out the other side. Blood rushed down from the dog's side. I heard one last whimper and the dog grew silent and limp.


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