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Haunting Blame

Novel By: Rash


The Hayes and Lanes family go to the lake every summer vacation. Declan Lane and Alyssa are current dating but not in public at school so going to the lake is a perfect opportunity to spend some time together. But they don’t get to do much because Declan sister starts to drown in the lake and a distrait Alyssa tries to save her but she is unsuccessful and Megan drowns and Alyssa ends up in the hospital. A while after Alyssa tries to contact Declan but she is answered with a door slammed shut in her face. Alyssa is mad at Declan for not answering her calls but also because he did nothing to save his drowning sister. So when school starts again Alyssa soon finds out why Declan is avoiding her. This year will be full of surprises and who is planning something behind the scenes? Will someone else end up dead? But the main question is, will Alyssa and Declan stay apart? Or will they give into their attraction towards each other?
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Chapter 14

Alyssa's P.O.V

A few months later.

"Ahhh, put me down Dec," I screamed at him.

Declan had me over his shoulder and was running towards the lake. I screamed some more as Joshua and Megan cacked themselves laughing as Declan eventually threw me in the lake and then jumped in himself. I felt the cold water churn around me and I remembered the time when I was once afraid of this lake. Yes we came back, both our families for the same vacation we always did. At first we were all hesitant about going back to a place that once had dead bodies but the police assured us that everything was cleared and safe so we decided to go back. Everything had changed and right now I couldn't imagine where I would be if I wasn't right here with these people. I've never been so happy in my life. Dec and I have been inseparable and I couldn't want it any other way.

Dec then started splashing me and I screamed again. I then as quickly as I could, I swam to the edge of the jetty and pulled myself up and stood next to Megan and Josh on the edge. Declan popped up out of the water and shook his head to get his wet hair out of his face and I could feel myself blush because he was just so gorgeous.

"Hey bro, can I have hand?" Dec asked Josh.

"Sure," Josh replied.

Joshua held out his hand for Dec and he took it but instead of Joshua pulling up Dec, Dec pulled Joshua in the lake. There was a huge splash as he went in face first and Megan and I burst out laughing.

"Don't laugh Megan, your next," I said.

Megan turned. "What," she said. But it was too late because I already had my hands on her back, I pushed her hard off the edge of the jetty and there was another massive splash as she hit the water. I helped Dec out of the water and we were in fits of laughter.

"Oh, how could you! What happen to the rule chicks before dicks?" Megan asked.

"Yeah that still applies but not to this situation, you forget Megan, your brother is my boyfriend, so what happens then, haha," I said.

"Argh damn, fine we will come up with another rule," she said.

"Alright, give me a whistle when you figure it out," I said as I hooked my arm in Dec's. We walked off the jetty and sat on the grass.

Dec and I sat in silence for a while, it was good in a way as it gave me room to think. When I look back at the start of the year everything looks so dull then I remember that I wouldn't be here with Declan if it weren't for everything we went through.

"What are you thinking about?" Declan asked.

"Just how we hated each other at the beginning of the year," I replied.

"Yeah, that was tense wasn't it?" he said, I just nodded. There was another few minutes of silence then Declan lifted my chin with his fingers, so that my eyes focused on his not the ground.

"You know that none of that matters right?" He said, again I just nodded.

"I love you Alyssa Hayes, nothing else matters," Dec said.

I nodded and smiled, "Promise?" I asked.

"I promise," he replied.

I jumped into his lap and he kissed me softly but with an urgent passion that I knew I would never forget. I then told him I loved him and a smile came to both our lips.

And in that moment I knew…

that this time he would keep his promise.

A/N: Well thats the end of one novel YAY! I hope you all enjoyed Alyssa and Declan's journey, would love some feedback on this last chapter.

Also if you enjoyed this novel then please have a read on my new novel His Game.

Thanks for reading everyone, i appreciate all the feedback:)


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