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The story is from 2 main characters perspective. Zoii a rich young lady, chosen only to gain her families power, not knowing well she must find her partner that matches the seal or "marking" on her right eye. And a man named Zero who lives an entirely different life from hers is chosen...and just what will happen to their now connected lives? View table of contents...


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In my world there only consists of two different classes: the rich,powerful,and wealthy. Those who are noble can control the lower-classes. For those who are poor they must obey those who they serve. They can not choose this fate, the nobles will not allow such disgrace. The poor will be punished for their wrong doings if their "masters" are not pleased by it. However, I do not know how the poor feel, I feel no sympathy to them for I am one of the nobles, the rich and powerful. But, Do not compare me to the nobles who are only using there wealth for useless things and to only satisfy their desires, using money as if it has no meaning. Spending it all on worthless objects.

When will things change in this world. When will both classes disburse from the differences. I only hope this will occur once I am no longer in this world, although I'm still young hoping for a better future is not such a terrible idea.

This world is different from others. As before the nobles control things in my world. But so few of them hold a power that is past down generation to generation, I was told right from when I was born into this world I hold that power. When I turned 9 I was told what power I have locked away inside me. This power has no name...they are unsure of the naming it was never founded. The only thing I have knowledge on this is that when I was born my right eye was a different color then the left. It was a strong violet color while my left is slightly honey colored. My pupil was shaped like a cats, around it looked as though it was surrounded by thorns pointing directly in the middle. My mother never thought it was strange only my father disagreed with this power that I inherited from my mothers side. This effect was called the Masters Marking, it means that I was the master, I was told when I reached the age of 11 that this Marking was a pair...meaning that someone out there in this miserable world had a similar marking pairing it's masters.

I am an only child, I have no siblings...such a tragic thing some people say to me though I do not think so, having siblings would only cause me stress. People say that I'm lonely because of this. But I do not feel loneliness. This month of May I have turned14 knowing that once I am this age I must find my partner...my other half which holds the pair marking on their body. The marking looks like the one on my eye, like thorns but no flowers bloom on them. Such an ugly marking to have thorny vines which hold no blooming flowers not even a bud.

"Madam are you ready"? My servant Tod was waiting for me at the door as I changed my clothes for the main meeting.

"Just need to find my eye patch". I feel stupid looking for such an ugly thing.

"Madam, I knew you would lose it so I took the liberty and put in in your dresser". I looked at Tod which I know he knows I do not know how to clean up after myself(which I feel unladylike for) I must look after myself. Walking down the narrow hallway I was getting nervous thinking who will be the one, my partner. I'm scared...what if I am unable to find him....I was told what would happen if I didn't find my shared marking partner...I wont grow old nor will my inner and outer appearance change at all.

Since, the first day I was born that was my fate. I don't exactly not like the idea of never aging but since I will never die, stay forever immortal the people around me will age slowly and someday die and I'll be their witness. I will also be stuck in this child-like body forever...that wont do, that wont do.

"Madam behind this door will be awaiting 4 young men that have been chosen to see if they bare the pair marking similar to the one on your eye".

"Alright". I slowly open the door, looking at each man, made me somehow sick to the stomach.

One was a little too short for my tastes one was hm....ugly heh. But walking into that room I felt nothing. Since the one that bares the mark I should react to it and the partner shall do the same, however I felt nothing. This was my only chance to find him...now that I let this chance slip I don't know anymore.


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