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The Young Child

By: RinBear

Chapter 1, This is a little girls story of how she lost her parents in a horrible car crash. Now shall we begin?

~She walked holding her sister's hand, as she kicked rocks around waiting for her parents to return home, as she said.~"I wonder when there gonna be home, i really hope they were not stupid.."~Then she picked her sister up barely, smileing faintly as she walked inside, it was around 10:00 p.m.~"Where are they...?"~She suddenly heard a loud noise outside but alittle to far away.~"What was that?.."~She ran outside, not paying attention to anything, running faster and faster towrds where she heard the loud noise, she ran to the stop sign, then she looks alittle to the side.~"Mama.. Papa?.."~She began to cry loudly as she saw the red truck smashed into another car, then smashed into the wall.~"W-W-What happen-d..?" ~She stuttered, as she ran towrds the car, not paying any attention to her safety, she then stopped at where she saw blood dripping from the car. As she did, she heard loud sirens flashing down the street, then suddenly she felt some body pick her up and push her back.~"W-a-it a MINUTE, PAPA~She tried forcing her way out, but the man wouldn't let her go, then she cried so much seeing her mother being pulled out, she noticed her face, and nose, as she screamed.~"MAMA!"~.pushing her way out from the grasp of then man, as she also heard him sniffling after she said that. Then she ran up to her mother, and saw she was not breathing.~"M-m-mama...? MAMA"~She put her hands on her stomache, as she cried out more and more, she looked back over, and saw her father looking the same way.~"Papaa.?''~She ran over as quickly as she could, wondering what was going on, she finally figured it out, that her parents where gone.~"They're not gone, no they're still alive, there fine,... there NOT GONE!'' ~She yelled as she grasped her papas shirt from the bottom, pulled on it, looking up at him, as a she did that, a man came up behind her, picking her up, and hugging her very tightly as she saw her parents being tooken away in the ambulance, she was crying so hard, she couldn't even breath.~"Mama, papa you're gunna be ok.."~She wispered, as she cried quietly, feeling like a big part of her heart and soul where being tooken from her.~~Then she was tooken to the hospital, with her sister holding her hand tightly, as she smiled at her sister like everything was ok, although she knew it was not, she hugged her sister, crying quietly so she wouldn't notice, she nuzzled deeper as she heard the doctor come out of the room.~Then he said "Two of them didn't survive, i believe there names were Jeffre, and the females name was Kristal."~The little girls eyes widen, as she turned around looking right into the doctors eyes, as she felt like she had no one there anymore, she began to cry harder, holding onto her little sisters hand.~"They're fine, they aren't dead, there  about to come out.. they can't be dead" ~As she turned and looked at her sister, she saw her crying, as she ran towrds the medical room.~"MAMA PAPA."~She looked around then she felt and heard her grandpa pick them both up, sniffleing all together, as she stuffed her face into his shoulder, and her sister just looked into the room.~"Sister, don't look into there.."

To be continued....

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