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Novel By: RiotSkullkid

Everytime i enter into a writing contest im just going to post the result here to keep it organized =] View table of contents...


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Submitted:Oct 19, 2011    Reads: 33    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

Writing challenge: Me Myself and Them

Challenge by Artemis

Challenge Description: Write a one minute dialogue between you and one of your characters.

"Yo! Dude! What the hell!!" Marshal was yelling at me. He was unwontedly flustered.

"Hmm? Hey Marsh, whats up?" I replied back to him casually.

"Whats up?!?! What the hell is up with you?!"

"Ahh stop yelling.......tell me whats wrong."

"Lili! that's what the hell is wrong!!"

Marshal was being dead serious, but i couldn't help but chuckle at the unintended pun he just made.

"Ohh.......hahahaha. you don't even know her full name do you?"

"Wh-What? What's her full name?" Marshal looked at me confused.

"Her first name is Lilith! Lilith Morningstar!"

"Oh my god! Just why?!"

I couldnt help but laugh at the irony Marshal was oblivious to.

"Ahh, dont worry Marsh. Dating her isn't so horrible now is it?"

"No! but she's a Satanist! Do you know how awkward that is?!"

"Maybe, but what should you care? You weren't even religious til you found out about her! Being a Satanist shouldn't be a big deal, unless you let people's gossip get to you, ya?"

Marshal mumbled under his breath.

"Well? are you going to stick it through with her? or not"

".........of course im going to stay with her!"

"That's the spirit! Do right by her, Marsh. 'Those who fear the thorns cannot pick the roses', ya?" I put out my fist toward Marshal and he bumped his fist against mine in return.

"You're right......I'm going to go spend time with her right now!"

"Good. Just don't cheat on her........i wouldn't want to see you with lead on the brain, man." I chuckled as Marshal walked away, wondering if he heard me or not.


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