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The Medeum

Novel By: RLF

“The stars shine everlasting and in them last all that matters in the end.”
~Raya Sinclare View table of contents...


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The english paper was due next Friday and I had no clue as to what to wright it on. I wanted to write it on my boring life but then the teacher said that it had to be fiction. Now I had no clue.

I live in the small town of Clayton, California. I have lived with my mother and twin brother since we moved from San Francisco after my parents got a divorce. My mother is a workaholic and she has always gone to the city so it is usually only me and David. Me and my brother's relationship was always rocky and we could never get along. Our birthday is in less than a week away and we were in the middle of a fight. He always acted as if he was better that me and he was always trying to prove it. It didn't help that he was stubborn and says that I am too. When we usually fight mom would just leave both of us alone and say that she had work to do.

I have always wanted to get to know my father and has always been trying to contact him. It would help sometimes if he would email me back. My brother has always been saying that I am stupid for wanting to have a relationship with the man who walked away from his two children. I believe that their was more to the story then told to me and my brother. I have always wanted to talk to dad about it and have hoped that he will answer my emails that I keep sending him. I also plan on sending him a new email when I get home.

I wasn't paying attention and was sitting in the library when David came in looking mad. He stomped over to me and asked me what the hell my problem was. I wasn't listening which I can only imagine made him more mad. So he ripped out my headphones and broke them. Which set me off.

" Hey what the heck is your problem you broke my headphones!" I shouted at my brother.

" Ya, thats what I was wondering what the heck did you do to mom? She seemed really pissed when she left,"David said with a look of confusion. "She said to tell you that she was so disappointed in you for messing everything up. After that she said that she will be back tomorrow and that we were both in for some major adjustments in our life." David started to shout at me.

"Wait what do you mean mom was mad at me? I didn't do anything!" I was confused I didn't remember doing any thing, but I hated it when people blamed me for something that I didn't do


"If you two can't be quiet I suggest you go home." Said Mrs. File, the librarian.

"I think I will very gladly go home I don't like it here anyways it seems to have gotten very crowded in here." I said storming out of the library.

I wasn't paying much attention to the road as I was driving home. So I didn't see the boy that was walking in the middle of the road until I was about to crash into him. People say that time slows down when they having an adrenaline rush, they were right. I quickly put on the emergency break and turned the car to the side of the road. I saw the tree coming up slowly and their was nothing I could do. The thought of the boy and his face was the last thing that I remember before I blacked out.

☪ ☪ ☪ ☪

"Raya, I love you. I always have and I-I'm so sorry. Plea-se don't leave me." David's voice was the first and last voice that I heard. I didn't know why he was sorry and I didn't understand why he would be saying that when he is mad at me. Why Can't I open my eyes? Why can't I open my mouth and tell him that I love him too? I do love hime to don't I?

I can't remember what time it is anymore; I've been in this dark place for what seems like eternity. I can hardly remember what happened. Sometimes I can see shapes and I feel as if I'm going to be able to see, hear, feel and remember. Then the feeling fades and the only thought that I have is, Its over

********* ******** ******* *********

"We have a Code Blue! I repeat Code Blue! Room 323 Code Blue!"


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