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Novel By: rosalieemo

A boy and his bff are searching forr in her renecarnated life span. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 31, 2010    Reads: 13    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

Screaming girls tend to drag people from sleep, deep sleep. I sit up waking for the first time in what must be a week. I mentally check myself for injuries, I pop all of my joints with a satisfying crack. I shake my dark hair out, the strands falling just to my shoulders. Now, what could have woken me from a healing sleep. I remember the scream, and cock my head to the side, listening for the distant splash of a body hitting the hungry ocean below. Finally I hear it but, slightly altered, two bodies hit the water. Casually I walk out to the ledge to watch the show. I see the man, a boy swimming towards the girl desperatly trying to save her too, I asume. Something is nagging at my senses, the magical signature of another immortal. I study the pair in the water more closely, too identfy what the situation truly is. He struggles to get his mouth to her throat, no, the tatoo there. The mark of a mage. "Oh, the annoyance.." I take three steps back, run, and dive. i slice into the thrashing water like a knife through butter. a cloud of bubbles escapes her already blue lips as the power hungry warlock registers my presance. He tries to throw up a weak force field, I bat it away with my mind just as her body begins to glow, a fire element. The current picks up severly and the other warlock focusses in on me trying to sweep me away. I close my eyes and the water calms severely allowing me to walk smoothely upon the ocean floor. "Leave or I finish this!" my voice floods his mind and he cringes, my eyes narrow as he draws a sword and runs at me. With a flip of my wrist a current carries him away. I swim steadily to the girl, the glow has disappeared from her still form. I grab her around the watse and drag us both above the water, I sigh pulling her easily to the shore. I lie her on the beach and stare at her pale face, tenged with blue. Recognition triggers in my mind, "Tora." I gasp outloud only talking to myself. Well, not her litterally, but her re-encarnate, my sister. I place my right palm to her chest over her heart chakra, and my left hand on her throat chakra. The power of air flows through me and into her. Her cheeks grow pink and her lipps fade from blue to purple, and then red. She gasps taking in a deep breath as the water evaporates from her lungs. She falls into a deep sleep as I lift her into my arms and carry her to where my car is hidden. After laying her gently in the back seat, I search my pockets for my cell phone. Pulling it out I see that I have four missed calls from just the person I want to talk to. "Kain!" Callens voice is exhillerated and worried sounding as he answers the phone. "Hello to you as well old friend." I say into the mouth peice, I grin "Guess what?", I ask jokingly. I can feel his annoyance building, "No guessing." he whispers under his breath. "I found her." I say triumphantly, I can hear his gasp and the phone being slammed onto the hook. I call his cell phone. "Where are you?" he asks without a hello. "The cliffs near the ocean, I wouldn't have found her had she not been attacked. Shes not in the best shape nearly drowned." My voice is solemn. I turn looking at her still form as she stirs, "She's waking up." I whisper. I move to her slowly and slid into the drivers seat turning to face in her direction, "Tora?" I whisper as her eyes flutter open.


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