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My life (Completed)

Novel By: Rose Kuran

This is the first book to the demons house series
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Submitted:Jan 19, 2012    Reads: 207    Comments: 30    Likes: 5   

"Yuki-Hime?" I turned around my long wight hair dancing in the wind.

"Yes Sonya?" The brown haired human child stopped in front of me.

"Can you play with us before you leave?" I smiled "Sure why not." Sonya smiled real wide then grabbed my right hand, carefully because of my sharp nails.

Then slowly dragged me across the open fields. I was smiling but when we reached the village I got very protective, I had been protecting these people my whole life from other demons, bandits, and the Orphanage.

The Orphanage is a large society clamming the world is going to end and with it humanity, they take new born baby's and mix their DNA with other DNA's, such as bird DNA. A lot of the kids there don't survive. But the Orphanage always asked for the children before they take them and then if they don't get the child, the child disappears.

I sat in a circle of small human children, all laughing. I began to tickle each 1 at a time. The grass tumbled by their small bodies. I froze as hands touched my head. The air began to smell like flowers.

My hands twitched as I lifted them to touch the object covering my head, and sure enough it was a lily crown. I smiled

"Lilly you really shouldn't do that its not safe."

She giggled. Lilly was a special human child she had the strength of the strongest human, and could match a demon's run. I turned her over and began to tickle her. She flared her arms helpless to the master tickler."Demon!"

I spun up and around to look at Jack but by then he was running. I followed him up the winding paths out of the village. We were out of the village in seconds, and going toward the outer fields were I practiced fighting.

Right in the middle of the field, the demon stood. The demon was defiantly a guy and by the looks of his clothes he was a lord of some kind. Jack yelled at the demon. Couldn't blame him because there in front of who ever this person was, lay a crippled body.

He almost charged when I put a hand on his shoulder.He saw what I was thinking and backed off. I knew that demon wouldn't think twice about killing him, me on the other hand would have a fighting chance.

I recognized the guy standing in front of us but I could tell he didn't recognize me. His hair was short and black. His eye's shifting out of grey."I'm lord Mike"he said holding out a hand. I growled in response.

He smiled but didn't say a word. I turned and began to walk away and he tried to follow, how ever the demon barrier made him stop "Welcome me in." I sighed this wasn't asking but demanding so I touched his crescent moon and spoke the words of peace.

After I was done he thanked me. I nodded Jack and Gideon began to turn, Jack looked worried as hell. Mike whispered in my ear a word colder than ice "Mine." His hands were fast, one grabbed my hands and held them to the tree as the other pushed me by the waist. He kissed my neck, then pushed his body as close to mine as possible.

Before Jack or Gideon could turn Mike had bit me. Both Gideon and Jack had anger for Mike in there eyes but Jack had love and fear even now for me. All I could think about was the pain. The loud sound of my blood being sucked didn't make things better either.

He lifted his fangs out of my neck but by then my eyes where red and I needed blood, Mike knew that as he licked and kissed my wound.

Mike stood in front of me like an idiot for just a split second which gave me a shot and I ran forward. Mike didn't expect me to throw him at all so with anger and adrenaline I threw him, he really couldn't have avoid this even if he tried.He flew far and hit a tree. I hoped it hurt him. "I shouldn't have let you in but the small part of me kept yelling he's good, some shit right well now you've just earned a kick ass pass!" I ran and jumped around the tree he had just went through and landed on top of him. He snapped at me and I slapped him across the face. "You shit!" he spit in my face, and I picked my arm to throw a punch at him but Midway to his face my hand stopped and I pulled it away. "You should have hit me." Mike started to laugh. Then turned in to his demon dog form.For a second I felt a little scared but then I to turned into my demon dog form and didn't feel at all scared.


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