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Love & War

Novel By: RubyRose81196

Tags: Sword, War, Love, Friends

Basically Sam is a massive tom boy and she falls in love with her bestie or something like that...

If anyone can think of a title, please tell. This is just some rnadom story I started...It never really got finished. Might finish it one day...It started off with one idea, and ends with another...oop.. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 1, 2011    Reads: 45    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   

Sam stormed forward from the front line. As she saw the approaching enemy, she didn't shrink away, as she saw several people do out of the corner of her eye, but instead Sam became more focused. She focused her attention on a particularly large male. His huge fangs which would soon be dripping with blood unless Sam killed him. She surged forward. Her sword clashed with the vampire's axe and she quickly deflected a fast succession of blows which would have been fatal, had Sam not been a seasoned fighter. Finally she surpassed the massive axe and stabbed him in the heart. She pulled her sword out of his heart and moved on to find her next opponent. Now she focused her attention on not just one vampire, but the whole battle. Her exceptional peripheral vision enabled her to see a large portion of the fighting. Around her soldiers fell by the dozen. Was she the only one who could actually fight here? Where the others just toys used to hold up the invading army? They were losing by a long shot! Why wasn't the general calling a retreat? Oh, he was lying dead over there. That explained a lot. Where was Nath? He must've been injured… but where? Sam looked around frantically, slashing down several vampires as she spun on the spot. She couldn't see him. Suddenly Sam felt a sharp pain on her shoulder and she fell forward on her face as she blacked out.


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