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Aubrey and Kylee

Novel By: Ryoka

Tags: Ryoka

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Kylee plugged in her electric guitar, waiting for Aubrey. Her left hand strummed the strings softly, the right knowingly pressed down on the frets. She played with an ease and finesse only capable with years of practice.

That was Kylee's outlet, now that they took her knives away. She itched her scars idly, leaning the neck on her shoulder.

"Kylee," Aubrey warned, looking at the pearly pink slashes lighter than her caramel skin. His blue eyes were lit with worry.

"Relax, Aubrey," Kylee sighed. Shaking back her jet black locks her fingers tapped on the black pick guard of her wine-red guitar. "Nothing sharp here."

"Okay," Aubrey said doubtfully. "I hope so."

"So how long is it until we have to leave?"

Aubrey laughed. "You're looking to go already? We just got here."

Tying back her long, silken waves of hair, Kylee laid back on her bed. Again her fingers pressed the frets, coming up with a new complicated guitar riff.

"You're getting better, Ky," Aubrey said, pushing some unruly curls back from her face.

"I miss my blades."

"We had to take them away," Aubrey whispered. Kylee knew he really meant only him. He didn't like the cuts, the physical pain she put herself through.

Kylee laid her guitar bon the black comforter. Springing up, she looked into Aubrey's aquamarine eyes with her own jade ones. "You didn't have to."

"We found you passed out, bleeding on the bathroom floor!" Aubrey's fingers brushed the tattoo of Fayth's name on Kylee's hip, making her remember her sister, and the way they found her… "It wasn't your fault, and now you're a vampire! I didn't want you to be like me-"

Kylee silenced his rambling with a long, passionate kiss. "It's better off this way. You gave me a new life. You made me strong."

"But now we have to run."

Hugging him tightly, Kylee whispered, "Yeah, we have to run. Together."


Resting her head on the crook of Aubrey's neck, Kylee toyed with his black hair. She smiled and laughed. That's all that matters."

Kylee's P.O.V

"But you see it was my fault. Fayth died, and I know it was because of me. If we had both been in the car that day, I would have driven her to Nick's house and back. No stops at a bar. I would have held in my arms, let her cry on my shoulder.

But she's dead because I didn't go with her.

Yet, you can't live life only thinking about what- if's and would- have's. Fayth said that so many time so me before. She'd always say to live in the in the present and move on.

The amazing thing was that Fayth could move on. She never hated, never showed an ounce of hurt. Never dwelled on what made us so different from everyone else. Fayth's ability was to forget.

And she never hated the burn scars…


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