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The New Note

Novel By: Sapphire Angel

A little girl whose only friend is a stuffed dog named Oreo, and mother works by traveling every 2-3 years to different cities, has many future adventures talking place in another city called New York. While trying to balance her life once again, she meet her new neighbor whose a perfection musician who does not like the diversities of the outside world and very opinionated, Anna shares with him, how to live through her eyes. View table of contents...



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New Yorkie

On a breezy summer morning, a girl named Anna looked outside her tree house window for the last time. "Come on Annabelle, it's time to go!" said her Mom. "It will be fun!" Yeah right! I finally have friends here and now we need to move again. Anna's mother was a business woman with many talents, which led her jobs to trips across the U.S. I make the wish, the same wish as before, is to stay in a house to call home forever and evermore. "Anna!" Her mom said urgently. "We'll be late for our plane!" Anna climbed quickly down the ladder, across the yard and to the taxi which her mom was already going in. "Come on, in the cab, in the cab." Anna jumped into the taxi with her backpack on her and her stuffed puppy called Oreo.

The taxi pulled away from their house until it just became an unknown speck behind them. A new home, a new bed… Why can't we just say it's a new life. Anna's mom looked at her daughter. "Please speak to me.. just a few word would be nice." Anna looked at her mother. Anna could speak, but hadn't spoken since her father died in a horrible accident two years ago when she was three years old. But all Anna did was look down and hug her stuffed puppy very close to her chest. Her father had given Anna the stuffed puppy for her birthday, just before the fatal accident that ended his life.

"Oh, here we are! And right on time too." said Anna's mom smiling. Paying taxi driver and opening the cab door at the same time. She stumbled with her Prada shoes into the street gutter. While struggling Anna just watched her mother stumble on her way. Anna rolled her eyes from left to right and jumped out of the cab onto the pavement. Anna wobbled to her mother's side, where she began checking the bags into the Continental airline of first class. Anna fiddled around with the bags that were on the scale. Then a huge hand carried one of the bags Anna was on and flung it to the moving band. It took Anna time to realize that she was moving into another room and started running to the other side of the conveyor belt where the open door was. She saw her mom and ran to her side again. Did she even know that I was gone? Anna thought for a while daydreaming in the middle of the hall of an airport.

Then finally jumping out of the trance trying to find her mom. Now where did she go. She doesn't even care about me just her work. "Anna! Come on!" Anna saw her mom already going through security. Anna started running to her mother's side again, holding Oreo by one paw. Going through security the alarm sounded. The man with the badge came. "Could you step to the side Ma'am." While Anna's mother struggled with the security man, Anna went through the door shaped hole in swift time. It only took the seventh time for Anna's mom to go through security alarm free. Anna held onto the brief case that her mom was carrying while wobbling to the gate. Looking everywhere around her, people going straight, left, right, some talking on the phone and others sitting on their computers. There was nobody in this airport without a cell phone. Anna added to herself.

"Here's our flight and right on time too!" Anna's mom gave the tickets to the flight attendant and then we started walking down the narrow, small path that somehow led to the airplane. Anna thought it was magic tunnel and started singing a tune for herself. "Anna please quiet down." That is the only thing that keeps me sane, when I'm with you. And other times nobody knows but me. But I still love you. We seated ourselves in 2A and 2B. I got the window seat!

This was it. I was leaving another life again. Never to see the old one anymore. "Isn't this exciting Anna! You are going to meet new friends and you get redecorate your room! Cheer up. At least give me a smile. Can you smile for me?" She frowned at me just like those clowns with their painted faces. I smiled a fake smile just to show her that I cared. "That's a good girl!" Then she turned to the flight attendant and asked for some white wine. As if she really needed it from taking care of her daughter so much. I looked around the plane. The plane was a bit crowded at first but then everyone settle into their seats. Then I heard a small "Bing" the safety sign was turned on. I watched as the flight attendants did their procedure. I know this because I have been in a plane before because sometimes my mom could not find a babysitter in time since I am still six years old.

The plane had begun to move and I felt really excited because I love the part where the plane goes straight up in the air. The plane jolted and took off in a rush. I felt my body be taken back. It felt like so much fun I giggled a bit. It was actually more like a lot because everyone was looking at us with irritating eyes. Except for the flight attendants they smiled, I even heard one of them says "She is such a cutie!" and another added "She could be a doll!" I did not know how long the flight was, but it felt like days passed on. Then it later got dark. I wasn't very tired and I got very bored with the games on the panel.

I got out of the big seat with my stuffed puppy Oreo and went to the bathroom. It was a bit hard washing my hands. I had to put down the seat to stand and reach the sink. "Eeewww!" I said with a dirty look. Then there came some banging on the door. It was actually a knock, but to a seven year old. Everything is louder and bigger like an ant to the world. "Is anyone in there?" I opened the door and looked up to the obese guy who also looked at me. "Can't you hear?" He said with a gruff voice like he was my papa. I answered back to him. "Can't you read?" I yelled and pointed to the sign that switches from green to red. Then I walked quietly to my seat with my stuffed puppy Oreo. I did not turn back to see him, but if I did I would have seen the guy be embarrassed and have returned back to his seat in such a quiet manner.

I looked at my mom. She was asleep with a nigh mask and snoring like a hound dog. I stepped over her and grabbed my Oreo and went to watch other people in their seats asleep. The first person was another man. He was reading a book of some guy named Poe. It had a skull and a crow that gave me goose bumps. I went to the next person who was a woman, very old and slept sideways with her mouth open, I had to cup my hands to my mouth to keep from laughing. No one really interesting so I went to business class. It was a bit small. I saw one guy drool on his wife. Another murmuring in his sleep. Then I went to coach, I have never been there before but it was really, really small. Everyone was crammed to their shoulders or joints. I shivered off to my seat and stayed there till morning.

I woke up with the lights going through my blanket. The attendants were giving out orange juice. The plane landed 30 minutes later. "Good morning ladies and gentlemen. We have just arrived to the Big Apple. We hope you enjoy your days in New York City and come back and fly with us on Universal Airlines. I looked out of the window. We started walking out of the plane and to the baggage area to pick up our bags. I found my bag before my mom took off without me. The big electrical doors opened and we steeped out into the new city home.

The stench of the sewers, the waddling of footsteps, honking of taxi horns. Breathing the filled polluted air around me. I gasped for breathe. Falling to me knees and raising my hand to my mom. I can't go on any longer. Go on without me! Just to see my mom in line for the taxi. " Come on Anna!" I got up, pushing through the bundles of people in my way. Some women saying "Oh" while jumping up and trying to look down at someone as if they were being touched offensively. One man was slapped when tying his shoes while looking up to the lady right in front of him. He was actually slapped with her purse and them pushed with her luggage and the people around him. I ran to my mother's side again and went into the taxi.

The taxi smelling like pine trees and unkept of cleaning. I later heard."Where to lady" and started driving away. Looking out the window, there were buildings upon buildings. Boring, dirty, gray looking old buildings. There were much taxi's going past us, some going faster than others. My mother looks at me. "You' re going to like it here… you will get to meet new friends and a bigger room! She looked out the window and sighed. She started taking about how life would be like, living here, I on the other hand had a different idea. Giving names to everyplace we move to …."I think I will call you New Yorkie. like the cute puppy mom would not buy me" I frowned from the memory.


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