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Prince of Shadows

Novel By: Seiiki Akuma

Adopted at the age of twelve, Saden Ash Deidrick has lived with his guardian, Andria. Andria never did understand Saden's strange ways but she she had no idea about his past nor what he does in the present. Saden has a darker occupation other than high school. He plays the roll of an anti-hero named Prince. Prince is know throughout the city. Not out of joy but out of fear is his name mentioned. Prince is a cold hearted killer who seeks vengeance against those who have taken the life of another. Prince believes in the eye-for-an-eye principle. Little did Prince know that man would soon be the least of his worries when a new mutation inflicting virus comes into play. View table of contents...


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There is always a darkness. Wherever light may dwell, darkness is just a corner away. Darkness will always be there. People believe that a person can become freed from darkness but even gods have their dents. There is no such thing as a Saint. No one person is pure. To believe in such things is to believe that life itself is immortal. Immortality is just a dream, an illusion. Light and dark are two sides of one simple coin. One cannot exist without the other and so they must coexist in the same dimension in order to be existent.

Everything that has a heart has experienced some depth of darkness. Either it have been a silent thought or the taking of one's life. Those are acts of darkness. It's darkness that creates that small urge to cause or inflict pain on something else and cause lips to curl in pleasure once the pain is achieved. What if all this darkness was drawn out from people and manifested into a single body? How evil would this one individual be? I used to think I was innocent, free from darkness, but that was also an illusion. I learned, through time, I am nothing but a vessel for all the hatred in the world and this in return makes me a prince of darkness, the Shadow Prince.

A line of dark red dripped through the air. I parted my lips with my tongue as the warm blood dripped against my face. I licked up the blood and a wicked grin cracked upon my face. "What a beautiful taste," I hissed with apathy as I looked up at the mangled body suspended above me. "I taste fear in your blood. Do you perhaps feel like I am a danger to you?" I asked as I stared at the man whom was suspended above me. He gulped as he stared back into my glowing, purplish blue eyes. My face was well hidden underneath a blood red hoodie. "Pain, it feels good doesn't it? The dark truly is something strange isn't it?" I hissed as a light flickered on for a moment revealing the shadows stabbed into his body. "Answer me this; how afraid of the dark are you?"

"You're a monster," he said before his eyes rolled back and he bled from his mouth. I let his body go, the shadows vanishing, and he collided against the ground with a bone cracking smack.

"I was going to let you live," I muttered as I walked up to the mangled body, the shadows slowly shrinking down and lights returning to the area. "But you just had to go and die," I said as I crouched down next to the body and grabbed the face of the man. I forced it to look at me then stared at it for a long moment before I let it go then my shadows wrapped around the body and began to cut it open in slow, long gashes before the cuts became quick and small. "I'll leave you in a puddle," I hissed until the body was nothing but a chunky jello against the concrete sidewalk. "Ha," I laughed softly before turning away from the body and letting out a sadistic wave of laughter. "That was fun. Oh, I want another like you. One who will fight until they can move no more, one that will not plea to me for life," I howled as I walked along the path. "One that will call me a monster," I grinned as I passed by a small group of people.

These people cowered in my presence even though they knew I wouldn't attack them. They were innocent and I can't, well, I won't attack the innocent. "F-freeze!" gutted an officer as he ran up to me, his gun pointed directly at me. I continued moving so he shot one bullet.

A flash of black struck and the bullet tumbled to pieces against the ground. "If you want to shoot me, you'll have to do it without telling me to freeze. I can't guard if I don't know something is coming," I hissed as I continued forward.

"We're going to catch you one day Prince," the officer muttered in fear as he shrank to his knees.

"You will catch me when I want you to catch me," I grinned as I stopped walking then my shadow formed a large circle and I slowly shrank down into it. "I'll be back if I find someone else worth killing," I laughed as I slowly disappeared.

I stood in a vast black emptiness and stared forward. This place, it is the only place I can go to that nobody else knows about. It is a realm within me. A realm where I choose what goes in and out. I closed my eyes for a moment to listen to the silence. "It's been a long time since someone has called me Monster," I muttered, my voice echoing all around me. "A monster. I truly am one aren't I?" I laughed as I lifted up my sleeve. "I'm not even a vampire and I love blood," I said as I whipped the blood on my face away then I slowly shed off my jacket revealing my blood red hair and paper white skin. I dropped the jacket down then held out my hand.

A black mass formed then took the shape of a hand mirror. I held up the mirror and studied my complexion before letting go of the mirror. "Blood free. I can make an appearance now," I said as I vanished through my shadow and appeared in a small room containing a twin sized bed, a dresser, and closet, along with shelves full of dust and nothing more. I sat down on the bed and waited for a brief moment before my alarm clock went off then a lady with long, straight, black hair and dark green eyes pushed open my door.

"Saden, it's," she began to say before noticing I was wide awake. "Did you sleep at all last night?" she asked me as I sat up.

"No," I answered her and she let out a worried sigh.

"That's a week now. Have you been taking the medicine the doctor gave you?" she asked and I nodded.

"Everyday at nine at night. I don't feel like it is working at all," I answered her as I stood up and took off my black shirt.

"I'll set up a new appointment later. Just get ready for school," she muttered as she shut my door so I could change. I slipped on a white shirt, a pair of jeans, and a white hoodie.

Exiting my room, I took a side trip to the bathroom where I brushed my teeth, washed my face, and combed my slightly messy hair only to give up when the comb lost the battle. "Andria," I shouted as I approached the front door. "Andria, I'm about to leave," I said then the lady, Andria, quickly ran out of her room wearing a blue bath robe.

"Wait, give me a hug before you leave," she shouted as she threw her arms around me.

"I'm going," I muttered as I let her hug me but I never thought about hugging her back as she let me go. I picked up my black bag and twisted the copper colored door knob until the latch left the wall allowing the door to be pulled open.

A boy with dark brown hair and blue eyes exited the house across the street. He was stopped in the doorway by his mother, a frail looking lady with long brown hair. She was in a wheelchair and missing both her legs. The boy bent down and embraced her lovingly causing me to look down then continue forward to the sidewalk. "I love you Mom," he shouted back to her as he too approached the sidewalk.

"Have a good day Zach," his mother smiled as she waved good bye to him. I wanted, deep inside, to cut this character up into fleshly ribbons. However, my calmer nature prevented me from even becoming aggressive and walking angrily forward. I remained calm and pure hearted on the outside as we walked at equal paces in alternate realities.

We were like two sides of the same coin. He walked in a path filled with vibrant colors and glorious light as I walked in a path dripping with gray and hardly any light at all. It was strange to think about how different the two of us were. This boy, Zach, is truly a specimen most peculiar to both sides of me. He is an arrogant type of existence. He looks past the evil in things and he pretends there is good in all. He even looks at me this way. Then again, almost everything does. There isn't a soul within my life that currently knows of my status as the sadistic killer called Shadow Prince.

A grin appeared on my face for a brief moment as I thought about what I would do if someone were to accidentally find out about my true nature. I quickly covered my grin as I glanced at Zach who was looking in the other direction. I glanced passed him to see he was looking down the street which was now closed off and being inspected by police and other investigators. "I'm telling you, it was Prince, that sadistic bastard's gone off and done it again. The man he killed last night was only supposed to spend six years in jail," the officer whom tried to shoot Prince, me, last night shouted.

"That's terrible isn't it?" Zach asked me as he crossed the street and joined my side.

"What is terrible?" I asked in my toneless voice.

"The way he kills people," Zach answered.

"Who are we talking about?" I asked him and he blinked a few times.

"Shadow Prince," he answered.

"I don't have an opinion about him. If I had to say anything, I'd agree with him. Those who kill should be killed and given no choice to live. Time can't be replaced easily but a life can never be replaced," I spoke and Zach was silent.

"So you think what Prince does is right?" Zach asked with worry.

"I'm not saying it is right or wrong. I'm just saying that it makes sense," I answered Zach.

"Well, I think that all lives deserve a second chance," Zach muttered as he pushed his hands into his front pockets.

"Would you think that if another were to take your mother's life?" I asked and Zach grabbed a fist full of my shirt.

"Don't say things like that!" he shouted and I stared carelessly into his eyes.

"You're angry with me because my question has proven you do not believe all lives should have second chances," I said and he held fast to my shirt as he grit his teeth and tightened the muscles in his jaw with rage. "I'd much appreciate it if you'd loosen your hold upon my shirt," I said to him and he let me go.

"What is with you? You, you're just," Zach muttered with confusion and frustration as he continued to walk forward, I shortly following in his steps. "How can you be so calm all the time?" Zach asked me as he glanced over his shoulder and I looked away from him, giving him another look at my emotionless expression.

"Stop talking to me. Your voice is nauseating," I muttered and he frowned.

"That was rude. You're a real jerk you know," Zach hissed at me.

"I told you to stop talking to me," I muttered as I walked passed him when he stopped in his steps.

"Can't you at least pretend to care just a little bit about how others feel?" Zach asked me and I stopped walking. I then turned in a ninety degree step to glance at him.

"I am incapable of caring about people. I lost the emotions that allow people to care a very long time ago. I no longer feel nor have a desire to ever 'care' about another," I said to him.

"But caring is one of our most beautiful things. That is what makes us human," Zach said sadly.

"No, hate is what makes a human 'human'," I muttered. "Caring creates hate, hate creates revenge, revenge causes loss, loss causes loneliness; therefore, caring is loneliness," I said to him.

"And what does loneliness create?" Zach asked.

"Insanity," I answered him. "So my statement is wrong. Hate isn't what makes humans 'human'; insanity is what a human is," I said then I turned forward and continued walking. "To be a true human, you'd have to be insane," I grinned to myself.

"And what are you to a human then if humans are truly insane?" Zach asked.

"Then, I am human because I am insane," I answered and he was stripped of words at my answer. "You do not agree with me that a true human is insane. Think what you want. One day you will know that I am right," I said to him as he followed after me.

"I don't know much about you, Saden, but I don't want to believe that you have shut off all your emotions to care. If that were true, you wouldn't be able to tell me what a human is using your own visions," Zach said and I was silent for a moment.

"Believe what you want to. It is not my decision to force my ideas upon you," I said before our conversation finally ended with a long pause of silence then we entered the school grounds.

I headed towards my destination, an old, leafless, tree in the school yard. Zach stopped me before I could get too far away from him. "Saden, I really hope that you will find a way to care again someday," Zach muttered and I brushed his hand away.

"I'm sure that day will never come so your words are only being wasted. Please, don't bother me for a while. I've talked to you way too much already," I said as I continued towards the tree.

I sat down under the tree then looked up through its branches and out to the blue sky. I appeared to have been captivated by the scene as I sat staring up at the sky with an utterly blank face. I had managed to lose myself in the moment before I was drawn back into reality. "Excuse me," muttered a faint and shy voice to my left. I quickly looked to see who it may be that was now bothering me. I took in the girls peach skin, short light brown hair, and blue eyes before noticing I had never seen her before.

"Yes?" I asked her a little angry she had even bothered to approach me.

"I'm lost," she muttered as her face turned a slight red.

"So why have you bothered me?" I asked her and she seemed to pale slightly.

"I was hoping you could tell me where the high school office is," she muttered and I pointed towards the segmented school and at a specific building.

"It is there," I chose to answer and she nodded as she gave me a radiant smile.

"Thank you so much," she laughed before rushing away from me and towards the building. I watched her for a moment before I saw Zach run up to her and stop her. They spoke for a moment then he walked with her the rest of the way into the building. I snorted at his seemingly friendly attitude then turned my attention back up at the sky for a brief moment before looking at my bag. "Why do I even bother coming to school?" I asked myself before opening my bag and pulling out my books in order to make sure I really did have all my work finished.

A brief wind whirled over the landscape as the sound of laughter rounded the school grounds. I was not one with those who perceived the world as theirs. They bundle together in social groups based on their occupations and what they like. Refusing to let others in they always shun the ones who do not fit. To me, evil at its finest. Those kind of people are the ones who have karma in their future. They are the ones that believe they are the building blocks to a better life when in reality it is the ones who remain quiet. It is the shadows that are the building blocks.


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