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Don't Leave Me

Novel By: shaz77

It is a fiction story non of this is real
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Submitted:Aug 12, 2010    Reads: 14    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

One Saturday night " I cant belive your drunk again," screams mum. " You bloody shutup or I'll beat you up again ," Dad shouts back. Mum runs upstairs and grabs my hand and pulls me into the bathroom. " Mum I'm scared ," I whispered while crying. "Honey its ok go and sleep in the bathtub," re- assures Mum. So I climb up into the bath tub and tryed to sleep. Ok I know I sound like a baby at that time but I was eleven at the time and trust me if you had seen my dad then yeah you would be scared .So lets get back to the story. Sunday Morning I woke up to see the door smashed down and mum lying on the floor with big red slashes on her arms and legs and a knife beside her. Then I looked at my arm and found out he had cut me aswell I grabbed the phone and called 999 and asked for an ambulance. The ambulance came and everyone crowded round our house to see what was going on. I rayn outside after mum and got in the ambulance. I asked the woman if she would be ok. She replied " Yes she just fainted from shock and pain but are you ok and did anything happen to you. I pulled up my sleeve ans showed her my cut. The woman gasped and came towards me and touched the cut. I screamed. She put a bandage over it and continued to look at mum. When we got to the hospital mum was taken away and i was taken off to a nurse where she treated my cut. Then I left to find my mum. I finally found her and I sat down on the seat next to the bed and cried. An hour later mum woke up stunned to see herself in a hospital. She saw me and seen my bandage " J how did you get that cut on you ?" asked my mum. "Mum look at yourself you are cut to all over you" I replied. Mum stared at her legs and arms and screamed. I calmed my mum down then me and my mum both cried. " I know who did this" I blurted out. "Dad," we both said. I went over and sat on the bed and cried. " Ok we will call the police," demanded my mum. But before my mum could pick up the phone two police men walked in. " Hi I'm Colin and this is Dave " said one of the police men , " We seam to see that somone has stabbed you both".But before the police men could say anymore my mum fainted.


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