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Don't Leave Me

By: shaz77

Chapter 1, It is a fiction story non of this is real

It was my mum and dad again. They were fighting again. They had a lovely life before i came to the world then when I was born dad always got drunk and violent . Only when I was two my dad smashed a bottle at my head and I am now scarred. My mum has been to hospital three times since I was born because of dad. I don't know why she has not dumped him yet I think she is scared. It was a horrible life but surprisingly i have never been taken to care.... Untill now. I am in care now it's great. Best place I have ever lived. Any way enough about that I'm J well my real name is Jodie but my friends call me J. I love school partly because I didn't see my mum or dad there. Ok I'll tell you the whole story from when i turned twelve.

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