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A Night I Shall Never Forget

Novel By: Shinjutsu Kage

This is the best story of all time, and so should be treated as such. Enjoy... View table of contents...


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"And this years homecoming king and queen is..."

The gym was in a hush. One of the most exciting weeks in my life having just finished. The bleachers full of teens waiting to see if their votes counted. I was hidden away, stowed away. Nobody saw me peak out of the sound room. Nobody cared. The only person who seem to notice was one of the canidates, running for king, looking over in my direction and winks, as he knows a secret and is holding the truth to it.

By the way, I'm Chuck. I have known him for as long as I can remember, which was back in kindergartan. We have all grown since those days and are all here in high school now. And he is Roger, the man who survived hell and came back out of it with me in tow.

Well, it started last Wednsday when we found out who was running for king and queen. Roger and I were in gym class, and it was dodgeball that day. We looked at each other when we heared the news, shocked.

Then again, he was the class runner, in both cross country and track. Also pole-vaults and has been offered a full ride to Michigan. How about that for a future?

Anyways, the teacher began to bark at us, and warm-ups bagan. The kids started to whine, aiming it at me. They didn't like all that much. The warm-ups continued, and we began to talk to each other.

"So, what should we do?"

"What do you mean exactly?" I retorted. "You are the one running afterall."

"Yeah, but I need my campaign manager, you."

"Oh." That was all I could say. I didn't know how to react to this statement.

"Time to run, ten minutes. Go!" The gym teacher began to yell at the class, all to their dismay.

We began to run, I could keep up with him and all. We were about the same speed, except I was always slower then him by a minute in cross and track. So we ran circles around the class at a jog while they all truffle shuffled along.

"That's all you can say, 'Oh', what the fuck?"

"Sorry, I just thought that you would pick someone else for it."

"Why would I do that? You are my best friend, of course I want you to be my campaign manager. Also, that means you need to make a speech for the pep assembly. Think you can handle that?"

"Sure, I guess. I don't know though."

"About what?"

"Well, we need to make you more desirable. The star basketball player is also running, and some random kid who is in sports that not many care about is going to be the challenge. Most will never beat the star basketball player as long as we are in America. You need to stand out, a mark or something that makes everyone want to vote for you."

"Brib people and buy my votes?"

"No! What I mean is, do something that makes you cool, kid of the moment. The senior of the week."

"Party? We all love a good party."

"Sure, but what kind of party. And besides, if we are being honest with ourselves, we need booze, and lots of it."

"Which I am not too keen on, but you are right. What other idea can you think of?"

"Donno, but it needs to be epic, I talking your DJ, your booze and alchol, your girls, hot girls. The teens that go, the feed on twitter being about it, Facebook shutting down from the raw awesomeness that oozes out from the guests of our party. College students too, for the beer support. My older brother could hook us up, since he knows a guy. My folks wouldn't care as long as it isn't at our house, for he has thrown parties for my brother."

"Yeah, I remember those parties, had it all and a sick little DJ."

"That was a friend of his." I had forgotten that bit. His best friend had died in a drunk driving accident on the last week of school in their senior year. They had all wanted to blow off the steam that their parents were giving them, and it ended with two dead, one in a coma that the parents finally said to turn the machine off on, and my brother who made it our by some weird miracle intact. This might complicate things.

"Well, we can try to contact him, right?"

"It was Mark, the one in the car when the accident occured."

"Damn, he had a future too."

"It's fine. We can always find someone else to do it. It wouldn't be too hard. I hope we can my brother to help us, but it might be a struggle. In the end, if we can make him a profit, then he may go along with it."

"As long as it isn't at my house."

"Dude, do you watchCopsever?"


"Because, they always have the big party were the cops will show up and give so many fines to the kid who owns the house. However, if nobody owns the house, it would be harder to find out who had the party started."

"Well, I know of a place that my brother always wanted to use for a party like this, but never had a good reason for it."

"Fine, when can we get started with it?"

"How about after school today."


"Yeah, we can do this."

And so the journey began into hell itself.


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